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freedom and rule of law to establish a antworten
> WWw.QUanBEN.CoM seven hundred and twentieth chapters of the rod, spoil the evening 20:00 Prince, the King and Queen of the attention in the crowd into the ballroom, and hand in hand to get on the throne bench seat d Q & Then, they ushered in an orderly public dignitaries Meet Prince Condé first, followed by the Prince of Conti, then the Duke of Bourbon royal family called human after all, is Verges Nabo MG, Watt Carolina Cabinet minister Marshal Finally, it is the Austrian ambassador Meier Xi Earl, Spain and other foreign diplomats, Ambassador Aranda Earl After receiving a call on these people after Louis temporarily come up idle, they look askance look to the side of Mary? Antoinette, but do not want her in his sights after a deliberately turned his head and laughing on the other side of Adriana "angry yet?" Louis can not help but smile, thought to himself, "Theresa and Franz marriage should only excuse was rejected because of this angry, though a bit vexatious, but also the real you "idle very short, a few minutes later, the army has lost, Archduke Leopold territory led the family on Louis met with him before greeting a while after, focusing his eldest son Franz saw it indeed, as rumors said, face is not handsome, tall and thin abnormalities can steady pace, decent conversation, can be considered a healthy, Prince Louis of qualified and not because this time we met but changed his mind between Franz and Theresa does not have any relationship, because they really do not fit in the countenances, Theresa although only 49, but she then blonde hair, pretty face and both reveal the beauty of the potential; Franz has fourteen years of age, looks, although not unsightly, may have some distance with the handsome, even under the critical eye of Louis, Kansas referred to as "wretched" in regard to the status, Princess Theresa expensive for France, although no right to inherit the throne of France, can be a single with "Princess" in the title would be sufficient to make the whole of Europe have their attention royal salute; Franz although in the theoretically under the next king of Austria, but in the law has lost its right of inheritance, as at any time may be lost in the case of political victims, almost can be regarded as "noble beggar" in wealth, Theresa due to France Princess, and therefore able to get behind the royal family members Prince, slightly higher than the other prince and princess of annuities, her annual income can be opened in the Seine River three textile factories and employs one hundred workers; Franz I did what extra money, but his father Leopold was owed a large sum of large sums of money bankers in Paris, this huge sum of principal and interest is worth ten Princess Theresa's annual income is not a Xianpinaifu Louis person can be such a huge gap, he will not be framed in any case even if the daughter is not his daughter Theresa, nor on the year-old Theresa Franz totally do not look a, perhaps upright adolescence, He also became interested in starting a woman, and thus always haunt Mary Annuoluyi afar, I saw Marianne several times to escape, to flee, but he still followed pressed hard, indeed, seen angry. " seems to have suitors Marianna "Mary? Antoinette then suddenly full of sarcastic softly say "yes" Louis nodded, cold tone to say, "Franz has fourteen years old, I think he should go to establish their own feats of the "" how do I feel that your ill-wishers "" No Leopold is my friend, but also your brother, and his son is our nephew, how could I not ill-wishers? "Louis cheeky regular color channel," Gibraltar require military buildup defense, I think we can recommend him to go there without Europe has peace, he went to Gibraltar will not learn anything altogether sent to the East East India Company Boyce? Tulum is planning to significantly expand India perhaps far East , it can also be short to North America, some place to send him to experience "Mary? Antoinette looking sank, said gravely: "Louis, after all he is my nephew, Anthony, or object of worship, or please let him" Louis looked at Mary? Antoinette's eyes, smiled and said: "Since you spoke up, I'll let him go,Purses Coach, but ......" face an abrupt turn, he said darkly, "your brother and his family members can no longer live in the Fontainebleau Palace, the royal residence there after all, so long as such a sensitive person living is unsafe "" Then let them go? "Mary? Antoinette shook his head, "If you drive them away, and they homeless," "can go Turin, the capital of Sardinia, Tuscany, Florence can also be back" "Florence is being Joseph The army occupied the "" almost over "Louis deep breath, eloquently said," I have sent a diplomat, decided to intervene as mediator in negotiations or use, or the use of force, the war also should end "" Really? "" When I opened in this matter joke? "a dance complete, the central dance floor surrounded by the crowd began to disperse, then, Prince of Condé hand holding a cane in one hand Juzhaojiubei went to the central,Coach Bags Sale, shouted: "Ladies and gentlemen, in order to celebrate a great victory over defending King Louis XVI of France's old enemy Britain, in order to celebrate our recaptured lost in the Seven Years' War in all the colonies, to celebrate we Britain seized the hands of an additional thirteen states in North America, Cheers "in the hands of the aristocracy have a toast with wine glasses shouting, no wine glasses or from the side of the attendants there to fetch wine toast again shouting, chanting or simply have a show of hands America has always advocated independence Verges Nabo Jazz at this time will be plunged into a very awkward position, because so far he has not agreed to merge North America thirteen states France now only nominally owns North America, in fact it did not effective control, the local is still the British colonial government in the Kingdom of local control of the Louis this often is not worried, after all, America is too far from Europe, traffic inconvenience, if they belonged to Britain's colonial rebellion together, the consequences would be disastrous, however, military victory, the nobles carried away, many people fail to think of it, hence the call with the Prince Condé celebrate Subsequently, nobles shouting slogans from "Cheers" to "long live" and then then becomes the "king Long live "this, Louis will not bother to pour cold water, I am pleased to accept their cheering cries slowly crescendos, it can leave this time, a young crowd figure was drilled, all will come to the throne the audience to focus on immediately the Throne sets the direction, because the young figure is none other than Prince Louis? Anthony, a matter between the Crown Prince and King, everyone want to miss Anthony Prince respectfully salute, got up and said: "Father, I have heard that you intend to merge the thirteen states in North America France?" "Yes," Louis solemnly Anthony nodded Prince Louis King may have been imposing deterrent, and therefore some flinching back a few steps then, Mary? Antoinette was encouraged: "The brave few will say the words out," Anthony Prince nodded to his mother, and then to face his father Louis, courage and said: "Father, you give up the thirteen states in North America ownership, gave them the right to independence, "" Do you drink it? "Louis looked around in disbelief, and then its eye Anthony asked," Do you know what you're saying? "Anthony Place the two heavy nod, sound weak to say: "Those who do not belong to France this land, and may even have no one will speak French, France, Canada will be enough to recover, why does it have to grab someone else's land?" "someone else's? hum ......" Louis Cold hum, "the original thirteen states belong to the British Crown, and now the defeat of the British Crown, they will be thirteen states ceded to me, I was thirteen states masters" "But, back in France and Britain before the war, of the thirteen states Residents have already started armed independence, they have established an independent, free country - United States of "" United never exist,Oakley Radar Cheap, because its owner Britain never admitted to me that they are nothing but a bunch of rebels, in addition to Beyond this nothing, "" Father, you do, and what is the difference robbers? "" Of course there are differences, "Louis strongly suppress the hearts of anger, calmly replied," robber robbery only and will not give them stability , freedom and rule of law to establish a group of people holding a rifle country, I do not think that this country will get real peace weapons will spread, will continue to break the law, even more than the majority appear to grasp the gun easily control of the country's situation g Lun Weier is a good precedent for the use of the army to establish a national, and ultimately only likely to occur than the orthodox king of autocratic tyrant "," Cromwell is no crown tyrant, but this does not mean that United will be such a tyrant may become a United States of judicial, administrative, legislative separation of powers, the perfect country, where will be like the Garden of Eden, full of joy and peace, "" You're too naive, humans are eating the fruit of the Garden of Eden, Adam and wisdom, Eve's offspring, so there would not be the Garden of Eden where mankind I do not know what you really saw Proton, but it is clear that you are not mature you how to dispose of North America, please wait until I'm sitting in this position and then speak "voice down, Louis something more to say, and said," Of course, the premise is that you can sit in my place "Everyone was silent, Mary? Antoinette was the renowned Louis Anthony chatter very happy, but now also stunned Anthony scared, but he was not because of his father's words, but by his father momentum adults may not be able to stay in front of angry Louis past , not to mention a few seconds after the child is his, the first to react to Mary? Antoinette quickly told Anthony Adriana will Chuangxia catastrophe brought down, then she put all the attention on the Louis body, you want to get an actual situation result, she only heard Louis laments: "Why He is nothing like me? he was too naive, too-for-nothing, and is not suitable for sitting on this throne "third Louis have today ah actually be reversed but only son foreshadowing the future, the story is that after the mediation! # Baidu Search Read most complete fiction / / / <
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