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but the tyranny of antworten
> WWw. QUAnBEn. cOM seven hundred and twelfth chapter Nelson is located in the west side of La Manche Channel Islands, also known as Norman Islands it was originally part of the Duchy of Normandy, nominally should be vested with the Duchy of Normandy in France, but until recently, it Britain is still the king's private domain, even now, it is still a small part of British soldiers unwilling to surrender dominated the wind whistling, tapping a boat riding the waves traveling to the north of the Channel Islands, Guernsey since the riots in London and Britain after they seek traces of Charles Island silencer? Fox head down Britain since the fall of the island in France, the number of naval officers will be reluctant to surrender led the fleet gathered in the Channel Islands Channel Islands and the original Governor's army stationed here gathered to Jersey, Guernsey will remain empty out to them, so, Guernsey has become the British Royal Navy at Europe's last stronghold Charles? Fox earlier this month after a failed uprising, taking advantage of the occasion of the French army would not fight back under the cover of friends escaped to London, but after taking a boat ride to his original bailing elsewhere in the British Isles, contact the local anti-French of disabilities, may,Coach Madison, for security reasons, he not dare to go back, so he hid in an ocean apart Flanders half a month's contact, visits, he was surprised to find local nobility actually no a people stand up, because the interests of these people are not considered and the choice of a "king" defected, is due to fear of France's military and dare not obey the end, he was forced to master a number of intelligence came to the Channel Islands, waves lapping on the beach Charles? Fox looked pale, nodding onto the shore, was surprised to find only one to greet old navy dress uniforms of the young officers like him to go just turned twenty, handsome face was like a London youth, however, in his face, has a twenty-year-old youth is different from ordinary perseverance of color, just by these, Charles? Fox will be able to see that this is a long time at sea, the old sailor, "You look uncomfortable, Fox MP," Youth and blandly said, "some big waves, your boat too much I admire your courage, even me, In this case, not a boat out to sea, "Charles? Fox struggling to come to the beach where the young rock, panting and asked: "Sir, you have come to meet me?" "Yes, sir," Charles? Fox slow slow breath, then said: "Sir, I want to see your commander Horatio? Nelson Colonel, please lead the way" "No, sir," youth smiled, slightly squinting visual of blue, enigmatic to say, "I'm the Horatio? Nelson." "What?" Charles? Fox hesitated and some do not believe he escaped only know from intelligence in the Channel Islands is the Royal Navy's flagship HMS Victory as a small-scale fleet, whose commander is the captain of HMS Victory Horatio? Nelson originally thought he could in that time led a group of men went to the point of no return must be a veteran, but did not think this person was only more than twenty years old, "I know you do not believe, but it's true," Nelson deep deep breath, deep voice said, "I am a former Secretary of the Navy before dying Baron Hawke was appointed captain of the Royal Navy's HMS Victory, Nelson Colonel, I also took the appointment issued by Baron Hawke shape, you need to verify it? "" No, "Charles? Fox has not yet fully convinced that it is also believed eighty percent of the people demonstrated in front of the bearing, so he felt he was to see the command of a fleet commander, "Colonel Nelson, Baron Hawke you how to be selected according to my knowledge, the Royal Navy battleship HMS Victory is a one, according to naval tradition, it is not should be left to an experienced old captain do? "Charles? Fox was surprised and asked him in front of young people need to determine whether and to create their own affairs, and therefore must first understand some Nelson colonel took a deep breath, your voice loud and said: "Last year, when I am contracted to perform tasks in the Caribbean the fever, the disease was forced to return home in Bath getting a good rest, I met the same in Bath to recuperate Baron Hawke, because it had the naval officer's identity, I would become his regulars last October, in week before his death, he personally would like an appointment given to me I thought just a normal battleships, can not think actually is the original flagship of the Royal Navy Mediterranean Fleet Victory "Charles? Fox smiled and said: "Colonel, if other people in front of me telling Zhefan experience, then I can only say to him 'lucky' although I do not understand your promotion rules Navy can also know the difficulty of naval officers must first upgrade has many years of sailing experience, served various positions at, and was promoted to captain, but only after the initial vessel that can only be obtained by dhow or six ships and other small vessels, then need to go through a long days, it may be promoted to captain of the battleship captain general can only reach this step, two warships and a battleship are all with rich experience and qualifications in order to have a few old you are so young officer was able to become a Victory Captain, this may be 'lucky', but probably also because of your magnanimity, "" tolerance? "Nelson inexplicably hesitated and then he had felt puzzled about their promotion, is now somehow Charles? Fox smiled and said: "Colonel Baron Hawke on the battlefield is a bold captain, in politics is a cautious bureaucrat he served as Secretary of the Navy for the past few years is always cautious,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, for the Royal Navy has done much useful things he will fancy you, which shows you are with excels Now, I also saw your excels, "he slow breath,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, continued:" You stand in front of me, without any affectation able it is my sincere admiration, like maybe saw a hero General Baron Hawke saw that it will enhance your exception to the current situation, he did not choose the wrong person, "" Yes, he did choose the wrong person, "Nelson smile he is a real person, do not think that tolerance can explain everything, he would rather believe their own knowledge to convince dying sea Baron Hawke, however, if he was not a compliment love listening After that, he also did some drifted Charles? Fox Whisperwind an abrupt turn, seriously asked: "Colonel, can you tell me why you do not surrender to France, but to revolted against it?" Nelson smile shaking his head, said: "As a soldier, a gun and hold it to surrender This is shame Unfortunately, most of my colleagues who became the Royal Navy's disgrace "Royal Navy warships are remaining in Europe chose to surrender, when the people heard the news of Nelson in Portsmouth boat is still a bit even people With boat became France's captive, he weighed anchor overnight departures, this was relieved to escape the danger of military power, although he escaped on their own feel lucky, may surrender his colleagues, but also feel hate and shame, and therefore often reluctant to talk about "very good" Charles? Fox nodded with satisfaction, he felt in front of the people can be trusted is a loyal officer He then said: "Do not worry, sir, I wrote a letter sent before coming to America, I believe that after six months, the fleet in North America and the Caribbean and the army will return, then everything will be different, "" What a coincidence, "Nelson," I have written the letter sent to the West, but I can only give the Caribbean Sea Fleet Commander wrote one, did not give other I write "" You did well, sir, "Nelson Hu puzzled and said:" I've always had a problem, how can we ensure America's military officers were able to listen to us, and immediately led his army back again? King of France may also be in the first a time to capitulate letter sent to them, they can choose to follow, after all, even the British Isles have been occupied by the French people, "" This is one thing I am most worried about, "Charles? Fox long, Yi Tan, said, "However, what worries me most is not this, but the tyranny of the French people in Britain died in battle too many people in London, in the future even if we regained Britain, it may just regained a ruin" Nelson took a deep cry, helpless authentic: "I was under the command of Captain Although most young people like me, but they have a wealth of sailing experience, but unfortunately they are also some of warships sloop or six ships and other small vessels they Kingdom are very loyal, but unfortunately no warships, so I have to wait here until they are in preparation for the main rendezvous with North America, "" In fact, not without a solution, "Charles? Fox down the volume, said softly, "I came here before that the King of France would return to France in recent days, if we let him sunk in the North Sea, and that all questions shall cease to exist," Nelson move him inside a What kind gentleman from not so long as to get the victory, he did not care adventure, losing your life, it does not matter what fate to kill a king so he quickly asked: "Time, place, the enemy's military" Charles? Fox seriously: "The week after the Jan. 31, from London directly back to Calais, France reportedly only sent a little fleet, can no one knows exactly how many," Nelson eyes closed, slow breath and said: "week enough time to prepare, from London to Calais, there can be a long distance attack, a little fleet ...... "He suddenly opened his eyes, Charles? Fox said: "This is an excellent opportunity for you I have thought of a brilliant strategy, enough to blow win" Charles? Fox was secretly delighted, to kill the King of France, and that everything will be all better just that, he also worried about the intelligence, because his intelligence is mostly bought from intelligence vendors, most intelligence are more or less true originals There are also thinking about modifying Nelson just intelligence, because he thought this move will be of great consideration ps: seeking collection, subscriptions, recommended reading most votes Baidu search entire novel / / / <
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