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28.05.2013 03:31
advancing the army has antworten
> Six hundred and ninetieth chapters fall farm at 12 noon, the sky overcast,Coach Bags Online, no ray of sunshine, wearing Red Army uniforms of British Army began drumming ahead. wWW. quANBen. coM "finally lost, and attacked!" From the telescope to see the changes in this one can not help but smile Louis, but this hint of a smile, the existing "finally do not have to wait for the" easy meaning, and "a the upcoming battle, "the sense of caution. Red Army artillery positions in the beginning salvo of shells in the middle of a battlefield farm area falls mostly shells landed outside the farm, occasionally fired several fall in farm within the farm can be no right cause too much of the French army affected. In two kilometers in depth, regardless of which side of the gun can not have a direct impact on the other side, the battlefield that two farms, not just the two temporary positions on the battlefield, but also artillery range of a line. 12:15, the Red Army began on the battlefield start attacking those two farms, farms within the French army also launched a revolt. In a kilometer away, Louis, I saw the Red Shirts are densely clustered around the farm, or to shoot the building, or to the door collision. Seeing his condition, unhurried manner on the side of Hubert Thierry said: "The aim artillery combat command, be careful not to hit the farm, even if the deviation from the target can not hit, the need is to intimidate." "Yes, Your Majesty . "Hubert Thierry crashed after commanded to go beside herald herald. 12:20, stand-awaited French army artillery finally issued a noise. About two artillery positions, each forty guns, suddenly opened fire simultaneously. Smoke and around the artillery positions, as if one of the white smoke emerge from the earth, elevated to the air. Solid bomb paddled low arc fall into the red shirts among many direct attack by the Red Shirts, and some were falling from the roof shells hit in the head, and immediately brains burst; some were rolled to the ground shells struck; whole leg was broken, and some shells were landing from rubble after the strike hit, bleeding injuries. However, after all, is a solid solid bomb bomb, psychological deterrent effect is greater than the actual damage, the Red Shirts have a large number of deaths has not, within the farm against the defensive in the French army counterattack, making them lack of progress before. 12:25, the Red Army's first attack failed, bounding away, the soldiers who have retreated to the front direction. "Repulsed, Your Majesty." Hubert Thierry look carefully, there is no joy. Louis also just nodded his head, not the sound bite. Even the soldiers guarding the farm had repulsed the enemy three times, but he knows that this is the beginning, the enemy will have more people in a more violent way to start attacking. "Why retreat?" George III did not understand about. Cornwallis urgent: "Your Majesty, please rest assured that they will soon re-formation, start attacking again." Fruit as said, retreating a few hundred meters later, the Red Army to the French army artillery and rifle can not play to the Department will calm down. The whole army officer began, soldiers began to obey officers commands. Only one minute, two-way around the Red Shirts will once again discharged neat row formation. Drums sounded, two red army launched a renewed attack on the farm, then, is a fierce battle, the result is still the same as before, the French army launched artillery, the Red Army back. Half an hour, the Red Shirts launched three attacks on the farm, you can each time because of the French army shelling and heroic resistance and declared offensive failed. French Louis still looked grim one, did not dare to slack. Britain's George III was furious, instruction Cornwallis sent more soldiers. 13:00 the whole, there are two thousand troops began advancing towards two farms. Seeing the situation from the telescope, Louis leisurely opening: "I probably should be glad not experiencing Prussians, if the Prussians, I am afraid there will not be an attack, retreat once again, they will have no fear of gunfire , launched an attack on the melee, the last or death, or victory for half an hour, they have done has exceeded my expectations, sending messenger, so that they withdraw to. "" Your Majesty, you want to give up the stronghold ? "Hubert Thierry asked, puzzled. That two farms is very important to control the battlefield there is equal control center, should discard there, the Red Army artillery can be pushed to be able to fight against the French position. "There is nothing stronghold, and allow them to leave the ignition, the farm burned." Louis will know the importance of the farm, or in the beginning of the war he would not have arranged a battalion of troops to defend, however, the situation on the battlefield changing, the former stronghold of importance, this will become the killing fields, he could not look brave soldier guards there have died in vain, not to discard them as sacrifices. Command just reached when the farm just inside the French army repulsed an attack, the Red Army was not backing away. Upon receipt of the king's command, two fire battalion staff immediately organized, and then led his army to retreat. Farm is a composite construction, to live in the house is stone, used to store goods warehouse is wooden. The stone building is difficult to burn, can bigwigs like to use wallpaper, furniture but are all flammable, therefore,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, on the occasion of the warehouse was wrapped in flames, stone buildings began to burn from the inside. Retreating French army orderly, arranged in square retreat. On the occasion of the retreat, just reforming the formation of the Red Shirts has launched an assault, and an assault, this is not a solid formation also becomes loose it. French army faces behind enemy assault calm and collected, they stopped, still lined with square arrangement, but had turned back the enemy's rear facing the enemy. "Fire!" Neat gunfire sounded, the pursuit of the red shirts too fast, at 20 m distance suffered under gunfire, a time line of all fell. Subsequently, the Red Army tried to square surrounded by one to be near, they will encounter a continuous array of military law, violent shootings. Ultimately, this fought running battles lasted only five or six minutes to the end of the red shirts to retreat. Red Army began burning in two farms are between the array, the French army is slow, cautious position toward the side retreat. Louis see that they have some distance apart, so they Thierry Bell said softly: "You can command to stop shelling." Shelling command has not been discharged, the red shirts chase, just because the two sides are too close, only to artillery fire. Hubert Thierry did not hesitate to go under the command, and after he ordered the artillery commander, as are puzzled to this command. Guns stop firing, which gave the Red Army time. Cornwallis moment unknown circumstances, he was afraid of the French army's artillery, and therefore remained in the rear position observing the situation, did not dare to send troops pressed on. "General, what are you waiting, hurry to push up the gun, even I know that now is a great opportunity." George III anxious cry, but he then forced Cornwallis beside a congregation adjutant are cited that it does. At this moment, in addition to Cornwallis for careful and hesitant, almost all agree that British officers should be pushed to the front line where two farm array, where he arranged artillery. French troops have returned to the main front, and immediately taken refuge in the rear, until now, there has not been the Red Shirts trends. "It seems England wise than I imagined." Louis said a leisurely, he was riding on a horse, but can become extremely loose lazy posture. Lefebvre then suggested: "Your Majesty, you only need an artillery salvo, occupying farms will defeat the enemy front line." "Of course, of course I know it." Louis tone easily said, "but the shelling was not Now. "Lefebvre eyes nervously glanced at him, then would not dare say anything. Chief of Staff Hubert Thierry also puzzled, but his campaign in last year's Wiesenthal when they learned to shut up beside the king, and therefore it did not ask anything. 13:35, in front of the Red Shirts occupied the farm tier Fifteen minutes later, the main force behind the Red Army began to keep pace. Cornwallis finally difficult to prevent King George III, was forced to release the forward command. "Coming!" Louis took a deep breath, and looked into seriously by the laid-back, got up and just sit still. Lefebvre, Hubert Thierry affected, both Stern to right. Louis raised his binoculars, looking distant enemies. Telescope slow moving, and finally focused on advancing the army has a complicated pattern banner. That flag has a coat of arms, shield divided into four parts by crosshairs. Aliquot of the upper left corner and then about two, left for England on behalf of "Three Lions walking" pattern, the right to represent Scotland "jump Lizhong lion," the group; upper right corner is representative of France's blue golden iris pattern; left angle is representative of Ireland's blue golden harp pattern; right corner is representative of the Elector of Hanover, lions, horses complex patterns. These details Louis is invisible, you can not even see the specific patterns, but such a cumbersome structure, you can easily make people aware of what it is, and that is the King of Kings British flag. "George III did indeed come up, really brave king." Louis chuckled to himself. Suddenly, his mind flashes, like if they wish, but if unintentionally left and right, said: "ancient king of England, including the current King of the United Kingdom, they all claim to be 'King of France', and even the royal family of France were they mark set in the banner, and you say, if you can so that the King of France himself in England, and even includes England and Scotland, including the United Kingdom, the throne? "Hubert Thierry and Lefebvre a moment, they are not political home, you can still hear the words of His Majesty King abroad mystery. However, such a major event they did not dare say anything, and therefore all remained silent. Although Louis casually said that after the finish, but deep in the hearts of its meaning. He originally intended to make Stuart restoration, then let my sister and her husband to become heirs Clotilde, and then use a little sister and her husband no children,Coach Sunglasses Online, so the children of the French royal family took over to London. Now, he felt the original plan slightly lengthy legal seems there faster shortcut. ps: a schematic diagram of the battle has already done the work-related Lane. ...... Www. <
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