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> "Boom, boom," the two, long diameter of the top of the British army launched artillery again, this time, the French striker is only separated by less than three hundred meters more than they, and they have to use a shotgun clever. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm "Damn, is grapeshot." Far away in the rear of Louis anxious to put down the binoculars, could not bear to witness the soldiers fallen into pieces due shotgun sight. "Striker stopped." Austrian Geraud Road, "is not just skirmish suffer back grenadier company has also been damaged." Even the forefront skirmish and subsequent grenadiers are even lying down on the on the ground that they are directly affected by a shotgun blow. However, the number of outposts even though one hundred and twenty people, you can separate them walking, formation is not dense, more just because subconsciously fear creeping, Grenadiers number even though only 90 persons, but they are arranged in three rows of lines out walking, formation density, and therefore many of the people are fallen shot up. "Only three hundred meters, this distance can not expand assault." Louis look solemn, in his vision, hand Debo Meng rifle skirmish even before the march to the enemy at one hundred and eighty meters, this distance has been more than the ordinary rifle range, but just in the De Bomeng rifle shooting range, therefore, can be no danger even skirmishers to the front of the enemy fire. Debo Meng rifle rate of fire alarming, skirmish only need to open on consecutive shots, the enemy will be able to form a fire suppression, and even cause the enemy formation loose. After hiding in the skirmish even grenadiers even after they could easily expand the assault, and then after the ordinary privates to keep up, the use of quantitative advantage occupation door. Order Louis Fortunately, in the case of frustrated infantry, artillery riding has reached the specified location. Although only six pounds guns, and only so each one can contain if the sole purpose of enemy fire, and that is enough. "One minute." Louis silent in the heart and counting, he knew, lies within the next minute, their artillery guns in place and will be able to fight back. Louis has not at this time the front line skirmishers and grenadiers responded with hope. Because they prostrate on the ground for too long, at least ten seconds or more. If they really have the courage. That should be endured rounds stood up immediately after the assault; if they have the guts, at least he should stand up and lined up. However, they did not do anything, just lying on the floor. Now, Louis can only think that they are dead. Otherwise, it can only admit that their soldiers timid. However, being on the front line soldiers of Louis despair when they actually stood up. First up is the grenadier company, regardless of their formation sloppy, too, but being on the ground struggling wounded companions. In the distance behind are marching together when about twenty meters Pvt even stood up, walking up toward the front. Then they even close to a skirmish, skirmish who perhaps was encouraged. It has also stood up to more loose, messy called skirmish line forward. "It was a miracle." Louis emotion at the same time reach the telescope, can not help but exclaimed, "I saw what? A grenadier drummer actually walk in the front! How is this going?" Olympic Geraud also end in the telescope sights, he heard Louis question, immediately replied: "Because grenadier is your most loyal, most sharp sword, even if only a drummer, you can also pay for your victory lives." surprised accompanied joy. Be delighted but only temporarily. After listening to the words of the Austrian Geraud, Louis was transferred hi to worry. Laments: "A brave grenadiers, his bravery should have let him get more honor and reputation can be if he died here, but can only obscure the battlefield only brave,Oakley Radar Cheap, not afraid of death of people living with , but this does not mean that death will not be merciful, not to take away their lives. "" War is always accompanied by sacrifice, and if I were the drummer, and I will risk everything to assault. "Austrian Geraud road. Lu Yimo Then, without a word, quietly looked at the front of the war. All step by step manner. First artillery bombardment, blocking the enemy artillery loading speed; followed skirmish "super range" shooting, the enemy infantry panic; Finally, grenadiers crossing skirmish in the 150 meters distance run up, expand the assault. Running at full speed, less than twenty seconds, quickly grenadiers thirty meters in front of the enemy Pvt rows arranged in three rows. "Bang Bang," the third row of guns after the grenadiers who shouted bulging bayonets they rushed up. Only one assault, the enemy's privates and artillery would have fled, the door was successful occupation. "Rushed to go, I want to capture Britain's royal family." While the royal family is still extremely low probability of Windsor, may Louis still hoping to seize twelve too late to go. The discourse, he also rode horses, pulled out the sword, ready to charge ahead. Early ten seconds before the Austrian heat can not wait to ride ROBINSON rushed forward, and now, around the infantry are on, Louis mounted his horse, but was to be like. However, it is difficult to predict is that someone took it seriously. "General, victory has arrived, but there is also many enemies do not know, you can still stay Come on!" Command of the King's Guards Lefebvre five hundred people arrived in time, single-handedly reined Louis bridle. Lefebvre in Wiesenthal's performance has made the battle he was promoted to Major General, but he refused to serve in the Rhine Army commander positions and instead put guards, as the new woven modeled Marines prepared by third Guards Infantry Brigade, Brigadier. The expedition, his third Guards Infantry Brigade forces used by Louis as Konoe, five hundred people nearly one hundred people have successfully Guard is also in accordance with the establishment grenadiers identity incorporated into the team by the third Guards Infantry Brigade, and therefore His greatest responsibility is to protect Louis from danger. "General, you just come." Come see Louis Lefebvre is loyal and reliable, so they loose the bridle. Fighting continued with, such as Louis expected, the royal family is not in Windsor, Windsor guard only a few hundred people. Half an hour later, and finally a red army surrendered, France Windsor complete control of the Army. Dusky sky, is the evening. Louis came to the long diameter of the top of the warm Suobao Nan door, to either side of the body,Coach Purses Outlet, there are French people, as well as England. However, the two are not the same treatment, though they are inanimate dead, can France's body was placed neatly Ann, and some were even white veiled woman, England's corpse was littered disorder, Some even piled up hill heap. "General, through inventory corpse, death figures have been figured out!" William pale, bloodless. Louis took his list handed out at the same time, it is recommended: "If it can not stand, it would first go back to the camp!" Louis has not yet asked his age, his appearance at a glance to see him but only sixteen seven. Such age on the battlefield, seeing so many dead bodies, how could not nausea nausea? Louis has not yet seen, you can be able to know from his face to his physical condition. "No, General!" William saying half, then leaned disgust, then bent over, vomiting up. "Poor William." Louis smiled, watching from the list. Even without a list, Louis also know French people in this battle casualties than the British casualties to be big. Red Shirts occupy the heights, the defensive to the offensive, again after the break and immediately surrendered casualties is not large. Louis put away the list, turned into Windsor, also this time, the Austrian Geraud with a sixteen-year-old grenadier drummer came before him. "General, he is our hero." Austrian Geraud said excitedly, "He was not killed in England, is still alive." "Oh, I do for you? Today is always a miracle!" Louis exclaimed loudly, asked drummer , "Our miracle boy, what is your name?" "Claude? Victor, General." "How old are you? enlisted how long? '" another week on the full seventeen years old. army before a half months. "" Seventeen-year-old grenadier drummer, I'll give you a birthday present that others do not. "Louis said sternly," I elevate you as a sergeant, then went to stay at my side as guards etc. After the war, I will beg Your Majesty to give you a letter of recommendation military academy. "" Thank you very much, General. "Victor looked flashing to say," But I must reject and I hope to be able to remain in front, however, I do not want a drummer, please officially appointed me as grenadiers. "" brave young man, can you tell me, why are you so persistent you? "Louis asked curiously. "For France, in order to His Majesty the King." Victor said proudly, "I dreamed to serve His Majesty the King, the heroic service of France." "French hero! Hum hum ......" Louis vanity surface, He was more like the front of this simple but brave kid up. "Well, I appointed you as the official grenadiers, but you will not be left in the original army of." Louis smiled and said, "I would write a letter of recommendation, you are now the king Grenadier Guards members of the military. "" The King Guard? "" Yes. "Louis," but because the King Guard is not here, so you can only fight before the inauguration. Prior to this, you first as trainee warrant officer, to remain in Colonel Otto Geraud staff around to do the king Guard officer members may all have a talent. "" General, I ...... "Victor a transfer order, still dissatisfied. "Gap Warrant Officer Claude? Victor." Louis high roared, "This is a command, not a suggestion. Army among the orders must be executed." "Yes, General." Victor convincing nod. Louis then rode through it, into the Windsor Castle. Austrian Geraud onto his shoulder, good words to appease said: "Do not worry! Ultimately fight at my side, but you need to know that death is not the whole battle, His Majesty the King not to let his soldiers had Early death was war. "Victor does not understand this, he does not think there is anything on the battlefield with Bisizhixin problem. For him,oakley sunglasses, only thus can have plenty of courage. ps: Claude - Victor, Marshal of Napoleon, but Lana is still small, otherwise ...... Now consider how to deal with Bernadotte. Finally, find recommended votes, subscriptions, thank you! Stick! Stick! Will continue. . Www. <
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