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will never allow Charles antworten
> Six hundred and sixty first chapter reward on merit on July 10, Glaser Count Fleet in the Mediterranean sea near Menorca British Royal Navy fleet at war with the matter reached the Paris and the Tuileries. Candles burning faint light, but dozens of branch faint light candles burning together they become a shining place chandeliers. Louis bedroom bed sitting on a chair, he stood in front of the night just to get it to come to the frontline battlefield reports Dion. After listening to Dion's report, he quietly thinking about it, and then slowly said: "Notice Secretary of the Navy, will be identified as the Battle of Minorca 'victory', also in accordance with the count for the victors Glaser treatment to treat. "" Your Majesty, I am afraid there is something wrong. "Dion frowned," Glaser Earl blockade of Gibraltar is to perform the task, and now he neither saw, even the coast of Gibraltar without success, how can Victory? way, I'm afraid will appreciate against the Navy. "" satisfied? hum hum ...... "Louis smiled and said," naval battle in Menorca, we did not damage a ship, silent three enemy ships, was captured two ships, almost lost half of this record, do you want me to defeat punished? "" But ...... Gibraltar ...... "Dion would like to say something, but he was interrupted by Louis. Louis said: "the blockade of Gibraltar was originally Ouessant Island naval victory, Glaser Earl to take the opportunity to occupy the entire Mediterranean and recommendations carried out. Moreover, in his plan, the first round of attack is not blocked, but the combat docked In the bay of Gibraltar British Mediterranean Fleet. now lost five British Mediterranean Fleet warships, which is almost half of their troops, so the first round of attack can be considered a success. "Dieng this nodded. Louis continued: "Of course, from the results, our warships in this battle does not account for much cheaper, Glaser Earl's flagship Paris number is crippled, three consort lost the ability to act, almost was towed back to Toulon, but at least they are still floating on the water, alone,Outlet Coach Bags, this is also our victory, of course, I will not forget in a decisive factor in this battle is Suffren general and his cruising frigates, of course I will reward on merit, however, as the commander of the Mediterranean fleet, Glaser count must be not much in this relationship with his victory to be sure, otherwise no one will again in the future thinking on the battlefield. "Louis knew that is not always possible on the battlefield, and therefore on whether the Navy or Army under the command of generals will require their Universities. He Glaser Earl recognition decision after the battle, because in that case, if dilapidated fleet reluctantly went to Gibraltar, it would not be useful, but also may cause more casualties. He decided to recognize Glaser Earl, the purpose is not to recognize the emptiness of its achievements on the battlefield, but to set a precedent in the army, allowing generals after the battle has certain limits autonomy, especially in such a high consumption of naval military services . France Mediterranean Fleet blockade of Gibraltar first plan can be described as nothing came, but Louis was not disappointed by this, in fact, negotiated joint offensive Gibraltar with Spain, his first time he wanted to abolish the blockade of Gibraltar plans to At that time it was too late. Now blockade program can not expand, he can be considered relieved. Gibraltar needs to take, may not be possible to rely on the Navy, the Spanish Army is also crucial. Noel Earl Earl has been negotiated with the Spanish Ambassador Aranda, the Spanish side will be out in September, the Army attack Gibraltar, when summer is over, the temperature dropped, is suitable for the Army dispatched. Consider the British fleet in North America and the Caribbean in November, the earliest to back, Louis also agreed to this plan, and he also takes time to train a dive in the sea, swimming, while on land to complete a variety of fighting techniques of the "Marine Corps." A few days later, the French Minister of the Navy made a right Glaser Gen. Earl and Suffren victory in the Battle of Menorca reward - grasset get a Navy medal count, Suffren enhance a general, promotion of the Navy will. Menorca battle after battle between France and Britain is gradually cooling, although the occasional friction at sea, then there can be neither has massive military mobilization. At the same time, Ireland's army also expanded to a million people, the people in even five hundred cavalry. However, the Irish military expansion, although fast, training and weapons has not kept pace, even if by sea filled with enough weapons shortfall can not be avoided, but a shortage of gunners. Therefore, the Irish army in a period of time can not be compared with the European countries Lujun Jiang, can only play a role in homeland defense. July 12, Charlie? Stuart's brother Ireland Archbishop Henry? Stuart warships to take France to Ireland. After that, he has refused to persuade the first coronation in Ireland for the Irish king's brother. July 17, Charlie? Stuart Hall in Dublin then crowned King of Ireland, and the Irish Parliament also passed Charlie throne vote. Charlie? Stuart officially known as the Irish King Charles III. This message is passed on July 20 in London, London, Parliament and the people angry. Parliament has been holding means of defense began to Prime Minister Lord North pressuring immediately ordered his troops landed Ireland, the Irish crusade. At the same time, people also began to march palace square in front of parliament and became their meeting place. Facing the tide of people head out of the window, under George III strong rage at Chennai, on the side of Lord North said: "I command you to remember already revealed in North America, the Caribbean, the reinforcements are back to the issue, and why people and Members seem not to know? "Lord North looked tired, excited a little spirit and said:" Your Majesty, this thing is a military secret, we were in the English Channel and the Mediterranean have been defeated, I feel the need to take the opportunity to prevent France transferred out of the North American and Caribbean military. "George III Listen rational, so it no longer held. Then he asked: "Now the public and parliamentarians are pressuring me, Charles? Fox parliaments and civil agitation, he tried to use the power of the people and the Parliament that I will dismiss you, he wants the Prime Minister." Lord North sigh, listlessness and said: "Your Majesty, if ...... I think you should obey public opinion in this case now, if you are re-Yili protected me, I'm afraid to lose more support." George III could not help visibly moved, you can immediately Stern said: "Absolutely not. You're my best friend, you and I grew up together, and I was the king, you are my prime minister, if I can not protect my Prime Minister, can not give you support, I considered what the king? "" Your Majesty, now is not the time to get emotional. "Lord North looked grim road," at least in North America and the Caribbean reinforcements in November,Outlet Oakley Oil Rig, when the question whether it is useful or now, the public and parliamentarians dissatisfaction is highest, even if the reinforcements information public, it is difficult to suppress their anger. "" But ...... "" Your Majesty! "Lord North earnestly," I'm eleven years he was prime minister, the results between countries in this ten year four wars broke out, the North American colonial rebellion, the war with Spain, and Sweden's wars, and now the war with France, as prime minister, I have great diplomatic fault, I should have resigned. "George III hesitated, no longer as before, is so full of momentum of the king. Lord North continued: "Your Majesty, until November, until reinforcements return, until defeated France, your prestige will gather again now, if you are to continue guarding me, I will hurt you." Whether George III Before then how morally, he cares about is the throne under the seat. "But I will never allow Charles? Fox to become prime minister." George III teeth, but he says that is has decided to give up the Lord North. Lord North immediately connected, said: "Your Majesty, I recommend a person." "Who!" George III, eyes flashing, his face looking color. Lord North slowly say: "William? Pitt." Louis hugged lying in the sun overlooking according to Jeanne bed, two with only a thin sheet. Can not remember the last time he had in bed with Jeanne when, but last night he is very hard to come to grasp this opportunity. Miss a post from Feier Xun Earl, he would no longer dare woman shot to conceal the relationship with Jeanne, he also increasingly careful. Louis slowly opened his eyes, he was still pondering on last night's thrilling. He is not only a long-lost and Jeanne bed, it is long-lost and woman together, and thus particularly remember last night. Jeanne also opened his eyes, but her expression is somewhat hidden bitterness. "Sorry, you left out this time, but I really was drawn up at the moment." Louis is very sincere apology. He was indeed drawn up at the moment, but the specific cause is not told. Jeanne sighed and turned our backs lying down, said: "I am not because of this, but ...... but ......" "how?" Louis asked, puzzled. Jeanne has turned to linen cover your chest, solemnly said: "You and Württemberg Princess 佛蕾泽丽卡 do ...... do not matter?" "Relationships?" Jeanne said: "I do not want you talking to me today, love words, tomorrow will hug 佛蕾泽丽卡 princess, although I was not voluntarily disclose the identity, but I do not want you to lie to me." "I do not understand what you mean, Jeanne. "Louis seemed guessed,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, I think every time I see the other side when the princess who shy attitude, he would be more determined. Jeanne biting her lips, firm voice asked: "You do not know that she was in love with you with something?" Ps: not spoilers spoilers. Remember the first few chapters very vague wrote about Pete and Elizabeth Little Princess thing? ...... Www. <
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