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and Guernsey staying in a fleet of antworten
> Six hundred and forty seventh chapter of George III's defense deployment Britain King George III While listening to Lord North's plan, funded Prussian war, both to go out diplomats to Russia, Poland lobbying in an attempt to enable them to participate in the war against France medium, but in the same time, he did not relax arms of the British Isles defense program is still expanded. Www, quanBEn, cOM time to May, the British Army of the island of Ireland has a total of four people, including Scotland's capital Edinburgh defenders have seven thousand people, capital of London around 15,000 people, the southern coastal port Southampton Templeton, Portsmouth, Plymouth thousand people stationed at each of the three Irish, three thousand troops. The British Crown is not a traditional country Army, the Army before the rebellion in North America, but the total number of thirty thousand, of which only ten thousand native. Rebellion in North America, especially in Poland and the Spanish mercenaries landed in North America after the war,Coach Outlet Sale, the Army has expanded the British Crown, but does not include the case of German mercenaries, but its total strength of fifty thousand, of which two million people in North America, Only 15,Cheap Oakley Squared,000 people in the local community. From George III did not recall a single soldier in North America, but also no longer drawn from Hannover, Germany or hire new mercenary army to give support, which can only be from the local conscription. Expanded from 15,000 people four people, which is an increase of 25,000 in the half year enlistment, although weapons can guarantee fully equipped, can be trained is difficult in such a short period of time effective, not to mention British Army will be as good as the quality of the original Prussia, France and other European countries Lujun Jiang. So, this new 25,000 but a group of militiamen dressed, or just lined up shot of peasants, workers, gangsters, alcoholic. Similarity with the Army, the Royal Navy's situation is not much better. British Royal Navy warships total number of war in North America is about 60, in 1781 before increasing to 90. This figure only highlights the powerful vessels in British manufacturing capacity, and do not reflect Britain's naval forces. 90 warships of the Royal Navy, a battleship with 10, which will be served before the war, only four, and the remaining six are in the dock in 1781 years ago in standby. There are six two warships were served in the Caribbean, North America and the Indian Ocean Fleet as flagship of the fleet overseas. In addition to the 74 warships are three warships, including 64 gun ship with 28, 74 artillery ship with 20, 80 gun ship has 26. Three warships of the two-thirds have been serving in the Navy,Outlet Coach, most of them are available in the overseas, local storage in addition to more than 20 ships dock ship outside vacant, only 10 have been in service for three warships. George III as a safeguard against the other side of the French people, in addition ordered the fleet back overseas aid, but also broad strokes sailor, armed from those stored in the dock vacant warships. Now, the local garrison of British fleet had three one battleship, 35 three warships, in addition, Gibraltar is also a two Mediterranean Fleet warships and 10 three warships. So, the British Royal Navy in Europe there were three a battleship, a two warships, 45 three warships. Others, such as cruise ships, small ships, including the frigate is incalculable. However, since there is a world of one half of the three warships warships and are reflected in the new, and therefore its combat capability is not strong. This being both sailors, gunners reason, more factors commander, after all, a battleship commander's training period is very long, even if there is talent, Destructive Enthusiasm like leapfrog promotion is detrimental. May 20 evening, London's St. James's palace lit, lawmakers gathered in the palace that the spacious ballroom, they come here is not intended to go to prom, but waiting for the king summoned, because the king has a message To notify, as this news is, no one knows. Lord North alone was called the King's Office, alone with King George III alone. George III sitting at a desk inside, leaned over to read the letters on the table spread. "Governor of Gibraltar in April 20 letter written." He looked at a letter, and read road, "on the 19th, the French fleet in the East coast of Gibraltar, not the Atlantic, but also no hostile provocation, in the offshore stay ten hours after leaving. "He read the letter the Governor of Gibraltar put aside, took out one, read:" May 4, Bay of Biscay contingents fleet commander letter, '3 evening, France Navy a 10 various types of warships in the fleet left Brest naval base. first westward, then northward exhumation at the 4th dawn turned east, into the English Channel. '"he saw Lord North, like holding the letter, and then Crude catch his breath, and then the letter down. He had taken out a letter read: "The evening of May 4, the Bay of Biscay fleet commander contingents letter '4 at noon, at Brest waters on the way back and found one has seven different types of warships and 5 merchant fleet mix coming from the south to Brest naval base before the exit from that branch of the French fleet sailed driving track, do not know if it is pulled out from Brest, or from La Rochelle or the Mediterranean exit north. '"he pulls a letter, read:" May 5 pm, Jersey and Guernsey defense commander letter' at dawn today, found that 10 French Navy battleship passing near the sea. French fleet sent them a few weeks after the cruise ship around, leaving the waters first move drove at noon, and a large scale since the French fleet sailed west, in sending a few weeks after the merchant surround , leaving the entire fleet eastward again. "letter of the table there is a fight, but George III did not go on to read. He picked up a stack of unopened letters knocked on the desktop, on Lord North said: "Here are all nearly two months, from the Governor of Gibraltar, the Bay of Biscay contingents fleet commander and Jersey, Guernsey two islands defense commander's report, all the French naval fleet somehow mobilize. "George III's tone is very calm, but the sound is heavy, the heart obviously has doubts. Lord North had always followed George III side, respectfully as their servant. As a servant, he also figured out the owner's natural disposition. He took a deep breath, calmly said: "These reports also have my place, France is clearly not hostile to us, and that their warships and merchant east mobilize all unless they want to concentrate forces from crossing the Strait of Dover Otherwise, the only offensive or Edinburgh east coast of England, but that is impossible, Louis XVI could not have been defeated risking a dangerous landing, forced landing on the east side. "" You mean France would not go to war against Britain ? "George III puzzled," but the French fleet in Gibraltar, appeared in Guernsey and Jersey, also made a stop and surround suspicious behavior, I am afraid they are doing to prepare for an attack. "Lord North smiled and shook his head and said: "Your Majesty, you are much concern. French fleet appeared in Gibraltar, probably in order to train the Mediterranean Toulon and Corsica, the French sailors and naval officers training academy location, where the French warships have to be mobilized than elsewhere frequently they also often in order to train the usual passing Gibraltar into the Atlantic Ocean, before returning. now may be modified training courses, it may be to save military, so I did not enter the Atlantic As for Jersey and Guernsey surround events, you know, that two islands are geographically closer to France, the French people have been sniffing around them. been made after the provocative behavior of the demonstrations, which is probably in order vent anger Moreover, not all through the French army fleet are doing, only three cases only. "" That France will focus on the English Channel east battleship is for what? "George three troubled world," If you believe all these read, you should know the French army in the eastern lowlands assembled and how many ships, many of which should be used as transport ship merchant. "Lord North calmly smiled and said:" Your Majesty, according to statistics, the French army in lowland areas build-up of 15 three warships, 25 merchant ships, more than the total number of cruise ships and 20 frigates, but our fleet of 18 warships garrison in the North Sea, the English Channel eight warships in the east, the rest of the cruise ships and frigates but there is a 32 as much as the total strength of the French navy on top. Louis XVI, although not admirals, but he also knows how to fight, can not commit such a big strategic mistake - from the most rigorous military defense Local landing. "George III wistfully thought, effort, after a moment, he was worried when he said:" I still do not worry, I intend to Bay of Biscay contingents eight warships transferred in three East Channel contingents fleet, will the Jersey and Guernsey staying in a fleet of warships, three frigates, two frigates to mobilize to the North Sea, and from the dock at Portsmouth Dockyard in two warships, 5 cruiser, three frigates compiled Nan Bisi open bay contingents fleet, responsible for monitoring the Bay of Biscay in La Rochelle harbor. "" wonderful deployment, sire. "Lord North Like a cry, but questioned "But, Jersey and Guernsey is the only one left behind Fleet warships, three cruise ships whom a frigate, strength is not too thin? while monitoring the Bay of Biscay Brest fleet even more contingents is only a mere five warships, which is not too lacking? case of French people from the west of offensive words ...... "George III, shook his head and said confidently:" Absolutely not, France where they come from so many Battleship? even if there are so many warships, Louis XVI and where they come from so many sailors, gunners and officers? "If a year ago, he definitely will not sailors, gunners and officers as a factor affecting the Navy, but in the present, After the personal experience, he will understand that for the Navy, the ship is not possible, the number must be nationally owned the same number of sailors and officers. He stood up comfortably on Noel Earl said: "Come on! Tell them damn Swedish guys we have been defeated, Spain also decided to surrender a truce." "Yes, Your Majesty." Lord North respectfully leaned salute, smiled and said, "In Spain and Sweden have been after the defeat of France is more impossible landed even Louis XVI wants forced landing, he did not have the strength, however, lead the country from three games simultaneously win the final victory in the war, this is because your credit. bound and your name, like Elizabeth I, along with engraved column in England's glory, for the admiration of later generations. "" flattering, my friend. " George III laughed, "I have not so great." ps: has entered the landing chapter, and this chapter is very important, is the grand strategy of a ring. Seeking recommendations ticket! Pass! Subscription. Please support genuine, z have to eat, after all, a good agreement did not pass a job interview. Hey! * Www. <
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