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thought parliament would pass antworten
v> Charges chapter point six hundred and forty first chapter lost a good opportunity to the next day, and the Spanish Ambassador Luis Aranda Earl had met. wWW, QUANben, cOM Arlanda Count of Paris has always been to deliver extensive, well-informed known, therefore, he also knew the King of France yesterday with Charlie? Edward? Stuart contents of the conversation. However, if not someone intentionally, even if he re-magical wand, what can they do that? Yesterday with Charlie? Stuart after meeting Louis Dion will face when they make part of the contents revealed out, coupled with Charlie? Stuart subsequently in the salon gatherings drunken nonsense, but the night time,Air Jordan 6, most interested parties are aware of the "Your Majesty wish to assist Stuart restoration" of the matter, which few people even know the landing operations strategy - starting from the Flanders, across the North Sea, landing northeast coast of Scotland, the British Isles capital Edinburgh. Now that the French Count Aranda its next strategy, and therefore know what to do. When the European continent into three World War, Spain and Britain are also simultaneously launched a war overseas. Spain took advantage of the beginning of the war effort against the British in North America on the occasion of the rebels, captured the British stronghold in the Mediterranean, since the War of Spanish Succession after ceded its Minorca. But on the contrary, Spain has been unable to capture the same as the British occupied the strategic importance of Gibraltar. Lost Menorca, the British Crown immediately adjust deployment to dispatch reinforcements enhance the Gibraltar side of the guards, one side in the Spanish coastal cruising fleet mobilization, sniper Spanish merchant ships and fleets. Spain 177 years to 170 years launched three siege of Gibraltar, you can always make due to inability to control the sea and the British garrison able to calmly get supplies from the sea. At the same time, since long hard fall of Gibraltar, British naval warships can easily exchange between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and to attack defense lax eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula. Eventually, due to worries Spain eastern landing in Britain, and will be able to mobilize the army was forced to disperse several guarded the eastern coastal city and fortress, can this way, the siege of Gibraltar can only reduce the strength. Before winter in 170 years, the Spanish army five people actually take only fifteen thousand people guarded Gibraltar little recourse but to withdraw. Land lost only attack thwarted, so Spain more severely hit the sea. Spanish navy in the first year war with Britain in the North American coast navy, local coastal clash no less than ten times, can eventually be lost more wins less. Sea battle, battleship, although the proportion of personnel losses less severe, even with the loss of Britain's close, however, the Spanish themselves no better than Britain's shipbuilding capacity, the number of outstanding domestic sailors not as Britain, therefore, not simply the loss of both in terms of number. The war resulted in adverse sea sea lost. 170 years ago, British naval cruise ship is approaching the Spanish guerrilla shipped from the South American gold vessels, although Spain's financial affected, many can still slip through the net barely able to rely, in 170 years after the failure of the siege of Gibraltar the Spanish coast are several major ports in British vessels blocked. Yunjin ship can not dock, not the return is attacked by British ships. Compared to claim France sent troops to support directly in North America, Arlanda Earl also know repulse should require France to send naval blockade of the Spanish port of British war ships and give some loans, so that the already bad in Spain can get rid of the financial crisis. Louis met Arlanda Earl's intention is to create kind of public opinion, however, succumb to the London area - active war, so he does not directly cause the French army support Spain, but it will give Spain some material support. Finally, Louis promised to grant worth five hundred thousand Riffle cheap guns, and to borrow a few coastal ports for Spain Yunjin boat docked, unloaded. However, the corresponding, Spain must also pay a commission - each Yunjin boat fifteenth gold vest France. Aranda did not expect France to count once the troops, war materials and transportation to get gold ship port of call was his most promising results, and now the results reached, he naturally was readily accepted. Although each Yunjin ship docked fee fifteenth somewhat expensive, can in time of war, if these can not be shipped into the territory of the British golden boat was attacked in the offshore, and that the loss will be greater. However, do not think Earl Aranda, who transported the gold golden boat is not Louis want. Meeting on the second day, Arlanda Earl was very surprised yesterday with the King of France are talking about things actually has over the city, is well known. Louis Dion will once again be revealed confidential court out, man-made public so that everyone upcoming issue of the war convinced. However, his intention is not simply to the public for France, but also to make the London side was convinced. But one week in Paris, across the ocean to London on rumors, London's Parliament has thus entered a state of tension. However, lawmakers in London even more surprised not only these rumors, but the essence of France's military mobilization. January 10, the French Navy's five 75 artillery base class warships raised by the Flanders coast of Brest, on the same day, two regiments raised Normandy Legion Flanders. Day later, Gibraltar found hanging ten naval ensign of three French warships sailed out of the Mediterranean pole. All of the information collection to London, the entire parliament like boiling water in general. "France has clearly made a gesture of war, do not want to wait for Louis XVI came to Westminster Abbey Sunday again when you respond?." A Whig Party members would not hesitate to question the parliamentary session from a former Tory Prime Minister Lord North. Then, they got a Whig to speak and said: "There are Charlie? Edward? Stuart, he was in Paris directly using the 'Prince of Wales' in the title, this is an open provocation to China, but also does not recognize the legitimacy of the current King George III. "Then again, a partisan Mingtuo Li stood back and said:" Ladies and gentlemen, France's arrogance really arrogant, but now America is about to win the war, but the country is also very disturbed Catholics, the reality and not allow us to go to war with France. "Later, it was a partisan up Mingtuo Li said:" France's aim is to provoke us, to divert our attention from the North America to Europe and we can not when North American thing Far more important than Europe. "Whigs and Tories is not organized political parties, and their origins are in glorious times, when people would oppose James II who called Whigs, who supported James II called ADS Lee Party. Factions in parliament criticize one another, over time they evolved from the throne of the dispute in order to battle their own interests, but because more or less the same among Members factions have common interests or blood contact, and thus two parties has retained the name. However, as time goes on, these two parties have emerged in a number of small internal factions, so every event, they will appear in the internal disagreement. Some fiery debate, the Whig Party, Charles? Fox Members stood up, rightly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been very much opposed to repressive North American traitor, but now, I strongly support the continued repression in North America for I these outsiders that we can not completely destroyed native North American traitor, obviously, I'm wrong at this point, so I make a mistake in a person's identity here that we must not forget that 'America is about to win, absolutely not be wasted '. "Whigs and Tories everyone looked at each other. Their consciousness has set up "The Prime Minister opposed the war with France," "Fox and France opposed the war against the Prime Minister's advocate" of such a thinking inertia, so when they heard Charles? Fox publicly opposed the war with France after the speeches , almost all difficult to understand. Charles? Fox continued: "Maybe a lot of people can not stand the French people support the Stuart family, but we must bear it. France may be just what they want us to agree to come up with a free trade agreement, we may wish to these benefits give them, I believe, these losses would be comparable to the loss of a large loss in North America, we can benefit from North America to restore the body. "" You mean you want to watch France landed in England to prepare you best?. " One can not help but speak Whig members split road, "I'm going to remind you that the French warships already assembled in Flanders, an army of about four million people on board over the sea." "Yes ...... "The Whigs have to tiptoe, Paizhuo should and. Charles? Fox impassive look perseverance, said: "French people crossing impossible, because Louis XVI was not stupid, he could not fully exposed in the strategic case to act in accordance with the original strategy and now knows that even a London street urchin France fleet will visit Edinburgh, he is an excellent strategist, can no longer act in accordance with the original plan. "Only after this sentence, Zhongjie silent. Charles? Fox continued: "Now, we Shilling diplomatic envoys to lobby, meanwhile, carried out in the local conscription England only fifteen thousand people, which simply can not resist the enemy, I remind you that war is not a slogan, must be based on the strength of If the war now, we are sure to meet the enemy do? our navy in the Atlantic, our Army in North America, we have nothing, so enhancing the defense forces Edinburgh and London, will be docked at the naval dockyard in the spare warships out deployed in the Strait, which is enough to make France one stop temporarily closed and we are relying on the hands and feet this time in North America to accelerate, first determine the rebellion. "Charles? Fox never think we should declare war against France, but he is not an emotional person, reality does not allow the war with France, he would try to stop. As he said, the lack of British warships and soldiers now, even France directly from the south of England for landing, no one can resist. Charles? Mr Fox took office for many years, known as an eloquent speaker. After he put the point, and then another against a number of Members of the challenges, and finally actually be able to refute the crowd, and even the concept of life and life will change Congressman over. Ultimately, this parliamentary session fruitless, neither through a declaration of war resolution, but not completely blocked, "declaration of war" that path. This council meeting occurred in January 30,Air Jordan Outlet, the next day, the Prime Minister Lord North in accordance with results of parliament issued a diplomatic warning to France, the content is nothing more than France these days verbally provocative questions, and asked France expelled Charlie? Edwards special? Stuart. February 1, Lord North had called to the council elections being prepared William? Pitt. William? Pitt just entered the prime minister's office, they listen to the Prime Minister said with regret: "Everything is Charles? Fox destroyed." William? Pitt smiled and said: "This is no way of things, who knows Charles? Fox went to a trip to Paris would suddenly change their position. "" change position? "Lord North shook his head and said," He has not changed, but in Paris saw something. "" See something? "William? Pitt curious road. Lord North asked: "Are you in Paris saw what?" William? Pitt unknown so speechless. Lord North smiled meaningfully, and inscrutable, said: "Pete, this time is the last time I summoned the civilian status of you and I hope to meet with you next time when you are already a Member. While waiting for you When Members, I hope you have to understand one thing. His Majesty the King of England is not England, nor is His Majesty's Honourable Members You should have between the people and the king a clear station. "William? Pitt if the Wu , but do not quite understand, but he never forget these words in my mind. William? Pitt left, Lord North heaved a sigh, said to himself: "missed a great opportunity, thought parliament would pass a declaration of war decisions. Fox resourcefulness than I would like to have, at this point than William? Pitt even better, fortunately only a Fox in England, but it was just, but also gave me time to prepare, otherwise too hasty. "After Downing Street released several consecutive road command - Army enlistment in England , transfer three thousand soldiers went to Edinburgh North, conscripted sailors, armed on the dock of the various types of warships and more. After a few days, this one was sent up to the French court intelligence. Listen Dion's statement, Louis just lukewarm to say the sentence: "Fox than I thought a lot and was able to pass a few words to make lawmakers shut up, but there is no loss, I had he wanted give them a grace period of time. "Dieng puzzled and said:" Your Majesty, you are going to let the British Crown have time to prepare? Why is this? "Louis leisurely replied," Those who can certainly still be for them partisan James The old prince desperately do? If you win too easily, is nothing more than a change to the king of England, which does not give any change in France has long afterwards, to the interests of this country will still rise again. let them release all the war potential, Then, as long as the successful landing, the war over the British Isles in isolation, then even the last in military defeat, the real winner is me. Conversely, no matter how much the sea victory, no matter how easy it is to win, not regarded as a decisive victory. because This is not a battle or a war, but decided over the next few centuries dominant world fight to the death, we must fundamentally destroy opponents - the destruction of their city, smashing their machines, to snatch their nationality, have the wisdom to kill all but unwilling to submit to the people, so as to make it no longer resist nothing. ": 4000 words, the recent poor performance subscription, monthly,Air Jordan 9 Sale, recommended votes thank you. To the point of force six hundred and forty first chapter lost a good opportunity to www. <
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