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Britain in the Seven antworten
> Six hundred and eleventh chapter Little Pete's deadly trap Louis pretended to be evoked curiosity look and said, "I said to you that are interested in an interesting program that you please specify talk. WwW, QUanbEN, coMTXT eBook Download ** "William? Pitt Road" Your Majesty, although the Spaniards first discovered the New World, but it has always been, the Spanish, the Portuguese only place in the Caribbean Sea south of activities, it is the land north of the Caribbean your country and enjoy our common and common development, there are also residents of French people, England, however, the situation now is that occupy the Mississippi River Valley, the Spanish region of Louisiana, is supporting the attempt by force ** country on the Atlantic coast of North American colonies. If they succeed, not only our country will suffer huge losses, I'm afraid of your country can not reap the benefits. "Louis away a smile, serious road" Mr. Pitt, you should know that Spain and France have a family agreement,oakley for cheap, although France out of its own interests, not involved in the war with Spain in your country, but that does not mean that we will abandon agreements in favor of union with your country, attack our allies. "He was just a bluff, intended only do not want to seem too contrived. Because William? Pitt discourse latent meaning is very clear, that is part of a joint France, Spain, preventing expansion in North America. If in this case is still filled with ignorant, it seems rather unlikely to normal, to make the other suspicious. William? Pitt had thought out a strategy different from Lord North, just shortly before the scruples of the "three-year war" in order to show the outside jiāo King of France, only a few words in the original language used for temptation. Even now, when the strategy is about to speak, his heart is also wary of. At this time the King of France renowned for the solemn expression, listening to the language of that righteous, William? Pitt little peace of mind. He can not help but proudly in the heart argot road "but also that of Louis XVI, although the three-year war outside jiāo talent show, so there may be a lack of change in foreign jiāo strategies and policies outside jiāo courage. Lack of this, even though he was very Some foreign jiāo talent, the future is unlikely to pose a threat to Britain. "He always thought that only the English Channel to continue to exist,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, Britain would never be strong ground against the French army. In this context, if you really want to be able to cause harm to Britain, the only through economic, foreign jiāo means. And if the King of France to continue to maintain this full of medieval knights jīng God's moral foreign jiāo strategy, it can never be defeated outside jiāo uphold practical strategies Britain. His smug in their hearts, and looked into it a little more self-confidence of the book known as the domain name please, "he said," Your Majesty, it seems that you should understand that if the North American colonies ** successful, then support them in the back of the Spanish, they will become a colony of these ** after the master behind the scenes, and subsequently became the New World's most powerful overlord. "** Louis naturally see in North America after New World Strategic Posture, but he is aware, whether it is Spain, Or is the North American militia, can not overcome the strong Britain. Even if the immediate cessation of the war in North America, it is difficult to change a lose-lose outcome, either Britain or Spain, both in the war consumed a lot of resources. Britain that the already strained financial situation even worse, the Spanish war and thus deplete the treasury. Louis laughed dismissively at the heart of William? Pitt, ostensibly still put a serious look, asked, "Who owns the New World, and France has a relationship that really do? Country had already lost the New World." "What if your country the opportunity to return to the New World it? "William? Pete rapid tone asked, his voice filled with anticipation. Louis laughed dark hearts "finally comes to the topic of." Can at the same time, he was solemnly to William? Pitt said, "If I said no ambition France for the New World, you would not believe, however, France has France's interests, Now France and reluctant to intervene in the 2000 kilometers away war occurred in the New World. "Lian? Pete shook his head and said," does not need to go to the New World, His Majesty only in Europe, will be able to get on a colony of the New World . "" You want me to declare war on Spain, from the land attack? "Louis asked. William? Pete nodded, blurted Road "Spanish difficult to simultaneously deal with two wars. Britain won at sea, on land and France to win in the final armistice negotiations, France will be able to get Louisiana from Spain, if successfully You can also win some of Spain in the European territory. "Louisiana is in central North America, the vast Mississippi River collectively. After the Seven Years' War, the Mississippi coast is Britain cut away, the West Bank is because of the pre-war agreement with Spain, as the Spanish troops were war against Britain remuneration ceded to Spain. As France's colonies in history, the vast Louisiana population, though small, is completely dominated by the French people, but it is in plain terrain, also means that the place has a great agricultural potential. Now, France local overpopulation, food demand, although not yet developed into the Louisiana coast scale of thirteen states, but it can develop in the future, in order to provide native France that the most critical food resources. Louis ascended the throne at the beginning of the colony will actively develop the purpose, in addition to expand the scope of the reconstruction colonial empire outside, or outside the home in order to find a barn to relieve pressure on local food. However, the Indian Ocean on the newly opened those colonies, completely unable to act as a "granary" role. Today, William? Pitt filed a Louisiana, Louis turn this heart of the most concern to the think up. However, Louis does not believe in a Britain lobbyists, not stupid enough to wedding dress for others. He maintained a serious expression, the brain but always kept thinking about. His mind illegal channels "It seems to me that the British people as a sighted person, that huā made some clever language to facilitate yòu, France can be dragged into the abyss of hell, it is too naive." Louisiana It is located in central North America, runs from south to north American continent. British Crown colony in North America although not encountered rebel luàn, can be put down after the rebel luàn not necessarily there will be no westward expansion strategy. And if westward, Louisiana, is bound to become the brunt of objectives and obstacles. Just by this point, Louis would not believe Britain would retain a kindness. On the other hand, the French do not go in North America, it is impossible to continue on the Louisiana real occupation. Until after the war, to prevent the British colonial **, you only need the armistice negotiations defection to the Spanish side, you can not charge a soldier to make France nothing. This move, Britain as early as seven years of war, an ally of Prussia at the time they used him, Louis, how will see? However, in the opinion of Louis William? Pitt most vicious purpose is not to use force in order France empty, and in the collapse of France and Spain bō next family alliances, and even make France into a long war with Spain. Spain and Britain have only overseas colonies jiāo territory bounded, Spain and France, but only one in Europe across the Pyrenees. The war in North America, Britain only need to make a colony of rebel luàn surrender, victory is won, but the war with Spain it is also only need to take advantage of the sea. Thus, Britain is fully capable in North America and maritime battlefield battlefield victory in the case of unilateral withdrawal from the war, and between Spain and France, but because the territory is connected, it may occur a protracted war. Louis took a deep breath, said lightly, "Mr. Pitt, as the King of France, I can not believe Ren Guiguo the same time, I hereby certify that the alliance between France and Spain, unbreakable, please do your country effort of more fees." William? Pitt has full confidence in this, you can hear the reply to the King of France, the heart of one frustration strikes hit, but he immediately stabilize the mind, being sè Road "Your Majesty, North America can not really * *, the Spaniards now so laborious, but in order to take Britain after the war and replaced. wait until after Spain won the North America, Britain is still Britain, France is still France, Spain will no longer be available in the original Spanish. "North American very important for Britain, but more reflected only on the face of British kingdom. But two million people in North America, a single agricultural economy. Britain in the Seven Years War,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, although North America has increased the tax, can get it from the tax revenue in North America is extremely limited, and that commodities such as tea and other commercial monopoly, but also just féi the British East India Company and other state-owned enterprises. Britain was not from a series of political fǔ monopoly get too many tax benefits, which is London's political arena, there have been advocating the voice of the North American colonies reason for the existence of tolerance. Even after the war, the political arena in London, has also advocated a negotiated solution to the dispute exists, if not the Atlantic barrier is 2000 km, the war might have two people who speak English in the end after some jiāo Tan. William? Pitt discourse "Britain is still Britain" is meant. Louis knew Britain even if the loss in North America, and will not damage their strength, and therefore it did not in the continental truce after fulfillment agreement with the Spanish family, the war against Britain. William? Pitt too young, there is no outside jiāo experience, and therefore is not the first time discovered the true king of France mind. Even now, he insisted that the King of France is just fulfill the earlier agreement with Spain, but rejected such huge interest. In fact, if France really have an interest in them, Louis and will not easily let go, but he also very clearly see the benefit of France. Now involved in the war is the most stupid things, watching Britain and Spain, and North America traitors kill time, is the most favorable behavior. Louis, although Britain and France being carried out simultaneously at the same time and even industry ** do not understand, you can also know that the rate of industrial ** is the status of the two countries in the future be really accurate breakdown of the fundamental indicators, and now, into war Britain, Seven Years' War was a result of poor financial deteriorate further, it will seriously affect the conduct of the industry **. www. <
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