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II nv king will be able antworten
> Five hundred and ninetieth chapter Vienna News June 1, the Bavarian army 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl led into the ground Eisbach duchy's capital, however, the city in the 1st would have been surrendered by the north to attack the French army. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM starting 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl and Marquis de Lafayette Eisbach horse walking in the streets and roads are being left in the Bavarian army into the city, on the right is being out of the city of the French army. Equipped with a new look, style Treemass the French army, and then look at the Bavarian army discipline relaxed, 因戈尔斯塔特 count that is the envy of the French army, but also to themselves Fangjun Shi dissatisfied. Marquis de Lafayette said, "the French army would leave the city before noon, within three days of withdrawal Eisbach duchy, then it can be Eisbach Bavarian duchy within the territory reverted." 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl asked Road, "These are the arrangements for His Majesty the King of France do?" Marquis de Lafayette Road, "the latest letter from His Majesty the King said, Prince Henry of Prussia Eisbach has been accepted into the Bavarian duchy normalized proposal, and now only a thin Prussian King Philip Frederick II's signature. "因戈尔斯塔特 Earl suspect huò road" Frederick II would agree with me? Besides, I heard Prince Henry has been idle, and his words have effect you? "As Bavaria Elector heir, 因戈尔斯塔特 although unlike his brother Earl Elector of Bavaria, as only concerned about their own interests, but also not entirely without sī help France. He just wanted to help right Eisbach military forces to increase the Duchy of Bavaria's territory, take the opportunity to get France's support to strengthen the relationship Bavarian ally with France. If the interests of Yinfalanxi Bavarian compromised, or France and other countries defeated in Prussia, he would like his brother as Elector of Bavaria, abandoned the vehicle and baoshuai make the move. Marquis de Lafayette serious road "Sir, you can not believe that Prince Henry, but can not help but believe that the King of France. Frederick II probably does not really sign, but now the situation, beyond that he did not sign." Yin Geer Stater Earl knowing nod, although the hearts of anxiety, but do not dare hair. Lafayette Marquis is only a colonel in the French army, in 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl's eyes, he symbolizes the French king. Control: no ads, full text, and more would be incurred due to offend his dissatisfaction with the King of France, 因戈尔斯塔特 count in this way is a favor to him, adding that he almost Elector of Bavaria as a general respect. Marquis de Lafayette family of nobility, though small palace familiar social jiāo, but then little dabble ways of the world, coupled with lack of discipline less, resulting in xìng grid rebellious, stubborn, so they inadvertently because of "wife" thing offended France Queen Mary? Antoinette. This time, although he finished in Bavaria King's task, but also unaware of their own identity and role at this time, it is not the attitude of the 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl excessive thought. If the change to do deep effort Noel Earl, is bound to take the opportunity to do some good articles, or for yourself, or France, but the results will not be like the Marquis de Lafayette so "mediocrity." Louis on the Marquis de Lafayette was treated in Bavaria did not expect, but he will be sent to the purpose of the Marquis de Lafayette is also not simply "contact."因戈尔斯塔特 Earl dòng very accurate observation, he saw through the Marquis de Lafayette is the King of France sent Bavaria eyeliner, to see whether there is worth the Bavarian utilization figures, therefore, he will deliberately approached with Marquis de Lafayette. In this matter, the Marquis de Lafayette is the most crucial figure, but he has gradually played a 因戈尔斯塔特 Earl trust. Two future June 3, led by the Marquis de Lafayette arrived already moved several personal attendants law Bayreuth barracks. Compared Bamberg Bayreuth,Oakley Active Online, Nuremberg more by the East, and more threats are bō Xi Miya Prussian army. Louis deliberately put on the offensive, one is bī Frederick II forced into submission, and second to be able to Frederick II refused to react immediately when the treaty. Although today's situation is unfavorable for Prussia, but Prussia after all, is a militarized country, tens of thousands of soldiers and the loss is not a big loss, coupled with Frederick II in the Seven Years War showed superhuman willpower, this lesson, Louis did not dare to conclude that Prussia would yield at the moment, for which he must be prepared for the worst. On the other hand, Eastern Russia yù stupid stupid move, which is put on the offensive jī sent him a big reason. Previously, both the Austro-Prussian balance of power, or general, Austrian, Bavarian Three Kingdoms, its purpose is to ensure the stability of Germany, and in the stable under preparedness Eastern Russia. Louis's original strategy, with Sweden and bō orchid is the first line of defense of Russia, Germany is Russia's second line of defense. Now bō Lan does not guarantee, would be taking advantage of Germany's húnluàn further Russian expansion, Germany must first stabilize. In this context, even if the balance of power can not be restored Austro-Prussian, even if only able to save a strength of Austria, also fully consistent with the interests of France. In the first Marquis de Lafayette, visited Vienna Noel Earl has come early step. Noel Earl King into a tent, it would be for Louis said, "Your Majesty, I brought back from Vienna Austria the latest news." Louis are viewing Bayreuth east of the map, hear the words of Earl Noe, immediately put down Map stood up, looked solemn and asked, "Maria? Theresa nv king is dead?" He saw Noel Earl so dusty, can only think of this. Noel Earl shook his head, biting mouth chún,air jordan outlet, a word a word to say, "she fell into a faint mí, the doctor said she has lived less than Christmas." Noel Earl Louis hurried sideways to the front and asked, "Who is in power now Austria? Joseph do?" Noel Earl shook his head "is the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leo bō Germany, Maria? Theresa appointed before the faint mí Archduke Leo bō Germany regent, in dealing with government. "Louis frowned at Noel walked a few steps left before the count, walking and asked," So, now Joseph, I said how about His Majesty the Emperor? "Noel Earl sighed shaking his head." His Majesty the Emperor had locked himself in a room, you can Wiesenthal news reached the victory in the Battle of Vienna, he came out again, and also because of the Lord's battle stood Maria? Theresa King and Leo nv bō Germany antithesis of the Grand Duke. "He suddenly lowered the volume, carefully said," This time, Maria? Theresa nv king again faint mí, is due to His Majesty the Emperor. "Louis turned to face Noe Earl asked Road "You mean nv Wang and Leo bō Germany Archduke all owners, and only His Majesty the Emperor battle? those parties which side dominant?" Noel Earl sè dull face, thought again and said, "Austrian officials are afraid of His Majesty King nv and, therefore, did not dare oppose the sole disposal of Archduke Leo bō Germany Chief of things, however, has been the king and Leo bō as nv supporters of the Austrian Archduke German Prime Minister Prince Kaunitz but because of war and peace issues and begin to set their eyes on His Majesty the Emperor. Vienna now, both sides can be said to be evenly matched. "Luyi Si consider road" Kaunitz has been a war party, now dominant in all aspects of Austria, he naturally will not miss this good opportunity and now the actual power of people in Austria or Maria? Theresa nv king, and she supported Archduke Leo bō Germany. Leo bō Germany or temporary heir Archduke, Vienna's elite afraid not completely backward any party, but once Maria ? Theresa nv king is dead, as the heir to Joseph II nv king will be able to easily cancel Archduke Leo bō Germany intake regime seems treaties as soon as possible in order to have enough time to rest. "Joseph II is nominal The Holy Roman Emperor, not the Habsburg territories ruler. Leo bō Germany Archduke "Regent" only for Austria, bō Xi Miya, Hungary and other Habsburg territories, therefore, Maria? Theresa's death, Joseph II became the Habsburg territories real ruler, with different political views Archduke Leo bō Germany will also lose Regent power. For Louis, the power struggle is not the focus of Vienna, in Maria? Theresa, whether it is who has mastered the power will not change the state of the Austro-Prussian hostility. More importantly,Oakley Sunglasses UK, he did not think Joseph II's so-called "battle" really want to fight. Louis calmly said, "Joseph II probably just fear Leo bō Germany Archduke threat and attempt to restore the prestige of wartime damage, will vigorously battle, as long as his position secure, and should also strive for peace After all, the agreement is signed, Austria never loses anything. "Noel Earl nodded and said," Your analysis should be no mistake, His Majesty is now in Vienna, Archduke Leo bō Germany suffered due to public support for primary, he His Majesty the Emperor of threats, anyone can see, but because of His Majesty the Emperor vigorously battle the threat of brothers, will then battle in the end, but a wealthy Prince Kaunitz outside counsel jiāo home, he might bring victory to His Majesty the Emperor, at that time, the authority of His Majesty the Emperor will be solid. "Louis nodded, then said," I'm going home recently, but the army will leave you in dealing with the peace talks. "he whispered suddenly serious road "only need to maintain the interests of France and Bavaria, Austria aside when necessary." Noel Earl leng. He did not know before Louis conception of the "three pillars plan," but now it is somewhat unpredictable. He quickly said, "Your Majesty, you do want to use to replace the Bavarian Austria? I have to say, this will cause great losses of France." Www. <
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