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28.05.2013 02:33
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> Then in return the church on the road, because I was too shocked, so to say a word. wWw, quaNBen, COm pregnancy, this is one thing I never thought about. This means I'm going to a father, but I am now, but only fifteen years old age, when his father did not do, but I also have a little unprepared. This child was born, he would not have too high position, unless I become the future King Louis XIV did, otherwise I could not have children this sī carried too high position. sī children born in the Christian doctrine will be inferior position than even the most ordinary civilians not as good. Even the king's sī children, it is impossible because of the blood in his body and has a special treat. Perhaps sī children can get great wealth, where as Princess Pang Diye Fu family, but the family's status Diye Fu Peng, totally dependent on wealth to maintain, if they do not have the wealth of now, I am afraid there will not be "Duke" the title. I suddenly found that he had made a huge mistake, because at that time the momentary pleasure and forget the protection measures, which is really great misfortune, misfortune on Princess, but also on the child misfortune. The worst is not here, after the birth of a child, do not have to worry about his future what will happen, if I could change history, or you can give the child a good life, and Princess Pang Diye Fu as heir to the family, the same will not make children affected by how much pain. But, in my case unmarried, actually first with sī children, but had already engaged the Austrian Archduke nv, this thing if spread out, Austria will be Huihun? This is a problem. Although because of historical reasons, I nv for the Archduke of Austria, the future queen of France and no favor, however, the fact that since it has been formed, I have only to accept, as a member of the royal family, this political marriage is the only choice. Of course, I am afraid it will put Marie Antoinette as a political rather than a wife jiāo Yi, more non-'re lovers. The problem now is that Marie Antoinette should also have a year to be able to play France, this period of time, any accident is possible. If my exposure to the Austrian thing, and then provoke nv strongman Maria Theresa angry, she would just angrily unilaterally cancel this engagement it? Although it may xìng not, after all, need to continue to maintain Austria's alliance with France, but, after that the impact on me can not be overlooked. From then on the Austrian royal family could not trust my husband nv, immediately affect the alliance between France and Austria relations. Princess's room already packed, she probably because the boat was too tired because of pregnancy may also be the reason that they entered the room asleep, I took the opportunity to Anna La to in the hallway and asked: "Anna , in the end is how is it? "" What how is it? "" Princess pregnancy confirmed? "I'm still not sure, maybe she is really seasick. Anna, after all, age is still small, but also not really been pregnant, how could determine whether the pregnancy? I also do not believe they will be strangers in a strange Marseille casually looking for a physician to check. "Of course," Anna with a well-deserved breath said, "of course, confirm, otherwise how could we say to you?" "What are the symptoms?" By virtue of the knowledge acquired in a past life, I think I should know nv Bi Anna pregnancies is how it was. Anna lù out a helpless sè, finally sighed and said: "vomit, there ...... is that more than a month did not come. You understand me?" "Yes." I feel a complicated place nod. It seems that it is true. Vomiting or there are other explanations, but that thing nv people did not come, then, unless there are other fù Division disease is otherwise essentially impossible. Princess has always been healthy, and more than all the others love clean, less likely to get on old nv only older people would get the disease. Of course, there is a possibility that Princess is too small, immature, there are other reasons, the final effect of the cycle. Think of here, I asked again: "Give her to find a doctor?" "No," Anna shook her head and said, "Marseille city recently come to the people that should not be, we dare not throw head lù face, nor dare get medical attention in case the identity of HRH Princess storm lù, then there is trouble. "," people should not come? "" Yes, this is what we will come to Corsica reason. "" is a What people? "Anna playful smile, said:" The governor of Corsica, the mother of your child's father - Peng Diye Fu Duke. "" He? "" Yes. "Anna said with great certainty," he came to Marseilles, was admitted to our tall manor, but when I was just a ride away and Princess. extremely dangerous. "" how could this be? "I was speechless, and most people should not have to actually come. "It seems that the previous plan only to him invalid. Hear people say Paris, almost everyone believes that the Princess had were killed, but only His Royal Highness the Duke insisted." "Now how do? Need to find a way." " Yes, but, "she tone of a turn, suggested," You need not come at Duke before try to shut the mouth of everyone, especially the civilian population. "" I know, I know. "Now this time, I did not care beyond the behavior of Anna, my mind is full of how to deal with the matter. As I have not mentally prepared to do his father, as I also did not mentally prepared to face the nobles of Versailles, whether family or Orleans Diye Fu Pang family, it does not want them to know, in particular, are now Princess pregnant. Babies, which has a huge asset for a family nv heirs, can be said to destroy the reputation of the blow, but Duke wanted Diye Fu Peng, will not easily Ganxiu. Hesitated between, I have returned to the room,nike jordan outlet, looking for someone to inform the doctor who is now my sī old Mirren to do finalized for the Princess, I do not even eat dinner, then rest. Lying on me, tossing and turning, long time is difficult to sleep. Among the flounder, I also realized one thing, that is hiding is not a permanent solution. Princess sooner or later come out to see people,OP Art Coach, so I do not want her to conceal their identity over a lifetime, but I do not want our children to only one secretly have children, even if the time is ripe, I do not mind to follow England's Henry VIII. Given the history of Napoleon able to defeat Austria, why can not I? Once Austria finished,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, why should I be stuck with Marie Antoinette's marriage? But, it all must start now contemplating. It needs to find a time to open a best time. Princess Pang Diye Fu Duke only such a nv children, presumably when he was grieved also less likely to make anything out of it. As for the Orleans family, the thing to now I have only braved the risk of a break with them. After this war, I gained tremendous fame and fortune, Orléans family has basically no cause for concern, unless they plan to play some tricks yīn. Duke of Chartres touches cause for concern, in addition to his deal with people outside nv, no director, but added the Duke of Orleans needs preparedness, he's an old fox. Diye Fu Peng, Duke had more than once to the fact that the marriage of the Duke of Orleans requests, but has not agreed to the Duke of Orleans, then sudden death if not Lang Baer Prince, Princess Pang Diye Fu became the sole heir of the family, I am afraid he will not change initial decision. I also decided to head-on, then on to try better. I'm rich and powerful, and even soldiers, I was not a mere Orleans family looked down, and if able to get the support of the Duke Diye Fu Peng, and then win a number of anti-Orleans family, nobles, they may not be able dominant. Consider has been set, I began to imagine how this thing Peng Diye Fu said the Duke. It was a difficult decision, especially Princess reaction makes me embarrassed. Princess If you want to see her father's words, early in Marseilles on it, do not specifically to Corsica. She came to Corsica, in the end it is unwilling to comment? Still worried about my situation, it can not bear to see? Tell Duke is yes, but in the end is the one on the island told the Duke, or wait until the child was born Princess it? Corsica is so big, to possession of a person is not difficult, and since that is the administrative center of Corsica Ajaccio, Bastia is not, I can totally do live in a big living Tibet . It makes me very embarrassed. At midnight, I do not know how the gooey asleep, but you have not seen for too long, I woke up right again. I slept very light, so the slightest sign of trouble woke up. Just now mén open. This era mén, pull the switch when there was still some sound, especially at night, the sound will be louder. "Who?" I woke up asked. "Yes I am!" Darkness, Princess of people and her body came together. "Mary! So late, why do not you take a break it?" I propped the body and said, "You know, you are not just a man." Princess sat my edge, and then they slowly lay my arms. "I am a man afraid!" Princess voice weak and said. "There is nothing to fear." I ask mō her hair, comforted, "This is very safe, no one will hurt you." "But, I'm afraid." She tightly hugged my waist, said, "I have dreamed of my father, I dreamed that our children did not, this is terrible." "Do not worry, nothing would happen." I hugged her tightly. I blame their slow, how the pregnancy nv forget the most insecure people about it. If you think of it earlier, it will not leave her alone. [..] .. <
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