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> Vast fertile banks of the Rhine, in May of the spring has been blowing on it. Flood, or on the green lawn, or the white sand, or full of various colors of wildflowers Garden ...... at first glance, seems to be a quiet and full of natural flavor of the pastoral style paintings. However, the painting style of the overall quiet but was a neat row, wearing a light blue uniforms of the army destroyed. Zhezhi holding a white flag iris army is marching from the east coast to the west coast of the Rhine. They almost seismic goes marching footsteps neat, carrying guns, marched carrying bag, in a high state of momentum going eastbound. France was May 5 to Prussia, Poland declared war, is now ready to complete Rhine legions six million people in this river. Rhine stone bridge across the river at the soldiers beside a team riding a horse, wearing a blue uniform conspicuous about five hundred people Cavaliers stood on the river bank next to the beach. Their dress so special, anyone can skim curious glances, a little knowledge of the people, which is the king, dressed in close pro-SS, they also come to mean the king has come. Blue Knight team, one wearing a black and white velvet inserted cocked hat, wearing gold-rimmed white uniforms, wearing blue iris pattern inlaid with gold cloak, a white horse knight Cui Ma slowly approached , has set foot on the sand flood came rippling Rhine before it stopped before. Louis looked at the vast expanse of wilderness across the river, can not help but sigh of relief. After that day, he finally decided to send troops to help Austria. One reason is because they are aware of the Austrian counter-measures have, therefore you want to rely on their own strength to get rid of Austria before the crisis to earn this favor. Secondly also saw an attempt to fish in troubled waters due to Poland, and anxiety Eastern Poland, Russia attempted to learn the way, took the opportunity to expand on the West, breaking the balance of power in the East. "Your Majesty, you are concerned about it?" Do not jump word. Girls cry sounded, then the sound of his master rode to stand out from the Blue Knight team, walked to the King side of the trunk. Although she's female models wearing fake knight mounted men, but because the body was ponchos, shawls wrapped and can not show off valiant graceful posture. However, her natural sheer dress, so that was golden hair dancing in the wind,air jordan sale, but even more charming and deceptive. A handsome knight, a beautiful lady, in Malaysia on the Rhine. Let anyone see the painting will be considered romantic, knight and lady will be considered a pair of perfect match, very Gordon on the couple. However, the paintings of knights already have wives, as well as several mistresses, paintings lady and it is not the knight's wife, mistress, lover. Louis looked at Jeanne eyebrows once again look to the East, said the river is the enemy of Frederick II and Prussian army, they would probably hit me on the battlefield most dangerous enemy. "Jeanne Road Frederick II was reputed in Europe, but he is old, do not you?" Do not jump word. Louis smiled and said maybe I'm younger than he is the only one advantage. "Jeanne asked, you have the confidence to beat him yet?" Do not jump word. Louis shook his head and said even if the enemy side of the river is a nobody, I did not win the war before the end of the grasp. Battlefield is a risky place,Nike Air Jordan 12, but only in the long adventure in the battle for a minute or even a second, in addition to this minute, a second aside, I need is calm and pay attention to every enemy. "Jeanne if the Wu nodded. Silence later, Louis suddenly opening said wait a minute I'll cross the river, you go back to Paris," Jeanne heart hesitated and asked to? "Louis replied battlefield is not the place to go on the battlefield no one can protect you, you do not have the ability to protect, so you go back to Paris," Jeanne heart a tight, trance channel if it is under the faint words of Her Majesty Queen You will not let her go "Louis frowned, unhappy, said if it is her, I would not even allow her to leave Paris." Jeanne looked around, inadvertently transport near the vehicle at a distance of Susan. She smiled proudly, asked you to speak to Louis battlefield is not the place to go, that she does? Susan. "Louis did not make things difficult, without hesitation, said Susan and you are different, her superb horsemanship, but also know how to survive in the wild, and you do not like her." In the eyes of Louis, Jeanne is a small monastery was in imprison children who grow up riding is not high, the meat of your body Jiao, and even harder to a person living in the wild. Jeanne could not say right, can only turn the horse around, ready to leave. Before leaving the occasion of her pocket and pulled out a folded up that have been unsealed letters, awkward tone and said Paris had just received a letter from the Austrian Marshal Laudon Artois has defeated the commander of the Polish Prince army. "Louis suddenly startled, quickly took the letter, fruit such as Jeanne said he was filled with emotion, could not help but sigh worthy of even the name of Frederick are difficult to win, will actually use such a risky way to victory. "In the meantime, his heart is also dark for Maria? Theresa's employment was properly impressed. Easy way hearts are secretly admire, and carefully read the battlefield when, Jeanne then quietly rode away. He only said Jeanne finally willing to listen back to Paris, however, he does not mind the idea at this time Jeanne. A month ago was still the enemy north line of South Bohemia Prussian Marshal Laudon in Vienna received a transfer order, the victory will begin. Marshal Laudon transfer order in the distance where the destination Zilina have two and a half away, but if the two and a half away from the one hundred thousand soldiers to march, but needs at least ten days. In this case, Marshal Laudon knowledge in the normal way is not possible in time for the march reached before Zilina Poles, however, if forced to make one hundred thousand soldiers forced march, and that the march of no less bound to non-combat attrition . To do this, put the army by Marshal Laudon lieutenant commander, personally led 100,000 people under the command of the most elite one million people, using a rapid march ways starry night on our way. Eventually, he and people with minimal losses which arrived Zilina 70 000 Polish troops in five people by Carlo? Bonaparte founded, these 50 000 army officers are mostly based in the lower former as against Russia, Prussia, Austria Three partition of Poland's Baltic alliance established grassroots members, so the army will have a wealth of combat experience. However, it is precisely because of this reason, replacing Carlo? Artois Prince Bonaparte came to power not that five million people. Poland seventy thousand troops on the other two people, all in Carlow? Bonaparte died recruitment, for the sake of Prince Artois mastered this force, but will exile Orleans faction, Rohan family survivors and follow Stan Nice Oaf III of the French people to go to Poland placed inside. When the Duke of Orleans mutiny also implicated even with a lot of support Orleans aristocratic family, these people or everyday family is extensive with Orleans, or is there some political Orléans family, conflicting interests, the result was still a full-regent Louis implicated together, the results will lead to dozens of prestigious aristocratic family was middle-scale confiscation of property, hundreds of aristocrats in exile. With the same hand framed by Louis died tribe Rohan family although no survivors still in Europe, but has a relationship with the Rohan family nobility, clergy and a lot. Some of them who were disposed of together with the Rohan family, but more people have timely access to information, to exile in Europe. Orleans faction most people Yinshateer Duke's relationship away to Italy, after the death of the Duke of Chartres, people will rely on their part was being Turin Artois Prince breath of life. As for that logon remnants, as most of these people are not relations with the church, and therefore after the exile to Rome where the Pope, who is also part of them through the Italian aristocracy was ready to broaden understanding of the social network of Artois Italian nobleman Prince. Prince Artois power in Poland after the master, but not the Poles,oakley eyeglasses sale, it is composed by the Polish army mistrust, he would seek refuge in himself thus part Orleans faction, Rohan residual recruitment to the armed forces. That twenty thousand Polish army, in fact, as soldiers by the Poles, the French officers at all levels who play a mixed army. Prince dreamed Artois created in this way has been a loyal army, and rely on the army attack on France to win the French throne. He's ambitious, but ignored the question - why Louis would let Orleans faction, Rohan residual survivors continue to live? Louis was not relent from the people, and not because of the people involved too many mercy, on the contrary, whether it is the family of Orleans, or the Rohan family, whether it is meritorious, position, status, influence, tall person, then were executed. Louis will leave part of the reason why the person's life, not because they fled to other countries, but because they are not enough to kill. These survivors neither ambition nor scholarship, the biggest is the ability to seduce women, the greatest interest is to hang around the flowers. They can get close to the Prince and Artois, because also here. Some of them only know how French people, a few people who know some Italian, but very few people will be Polish. Soldiers are born Polish civilians, only know how to Polish. Officers from the Prince to the platoon leader Artois are the French people do not know Polish, how the army's combat power without a fight known. However, the most incredible officers and soldiers is not a language barrier, but from the Prince to the lowest level Artois officers are no military career, or even illogical military dissolute, coupled with the soldiers also no combat experience and inadequate training of the recruits, the army's combat capability simply not enough with the regular army of any country in Europe at war. Five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters French military expedition five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters French military expedition <
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