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She at Fontainebleau antworten
> Five hundred and fortieth eight chapters carrying Jeanne night visitors Louis real estate broker, in many shì woman followed vacant for a long time to enter a queen bedroom. wwW, QUanbEN, coM queen bedroom and king bedroom points on both sides of the palace, but there are underground passage connected to each other. Louis since returned to the Tuileries, then it is the first to enter the King's bedroom, and then go by the underground passage to the queen bedroom Anqin. In order to prepare for him to do so is likely to occur from the enemy's assassination, but it is only a group of cronies shì women and their immediate supervisor Anna known. Empty queen bedroom maintain minimum light, none even a fireplace fire ignited. Louis in order to protect themselves, they would rather endure the cold cold every night, and would not make a fireplace shì ignite this from the official should not have to live in a room fireplace. Louis had just entered this room, he saw beside Jeanne subconsciously raised his hands crossed in front, so to rebuke his tone on shì woman who said: "how is it? Why did not the fireplace lit? "He unequal shì woman who answered, they put away anger, and Yan Yue sè to be Jeanne in his arms,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, gentle voice said:" I know very cold here, but Tuileries All rooms in the palace is only at this most worthy of you, my sweetheart "As the King of France, who grew up in the fireworks of the land of France Versailles, Prince Louis is no shortage of rhetoric skills, but he was more time like really pay, so women fall in love with yourself, so rarely used that deception. This time different, he always felt the arms of Jeanne somewhat absent-minded, as if with other purposes, or even like a contrived acting in Xuyuweishe. In order to set out the truth, he can only use this trick he considered extremely dirty tricks. Jeanne looked around a dimly lit room which then hurried on Louis shook his head: "No, this room belongs to Her Majesty the Queen, is the most noble part of France, all of Europe's most beautiful princess, how can I ...... how can this room in ...... "Louis driven to distraction to see her look extremely real, the hearts of her suspicions increasingly large. He can not help but dark strange: "Jeanne is not just arrived in Paris and the Tuileries do? How recognize the queen's bedroom?" Under the curious, he simply xìng tentatively asked: "how do you know this is the queen bedroom? "Jeanne calm smile, spoke slowly and said:" My sister told me before, Her Majesty the Queen's room looks like, what His Majesty the King's room, and, if it is impossible not to furnace room of His Majesty fire. "she answered clearly and logically, can be regarded as perfect, but Louis to listen to, but more and more suspicious. King and Queen of the room although the decoration is very different, but the layout was roughly the same, especially this Tuileries, at the time moved too hasty, so just simple maintenance for a moment, most of the decoration materials are the same, decorations are broadly similar, the only difference is in bed patterns and frescoes on the ceiling, however, these things are impossible to distinguish them light. Text} How can a first palace, just heard mentioned before two rooms a different woman, how could look in the dim light of a king bedroom and abroad will be able to tell the queen bedroom. Louis's mind has been answered, Jeanne should not be the first time in Paris, but not the first time to the Tuileries, and even should ever visited Queen's bedroom. If you just so, Louis can go beyond that, in the event of Nannvzhishi Jeanne lost here before, himself went to the other room shelter. Do not love a woman, he has not willingly harm. To Mary? Antoinette, he has a loyal commitment. However, things than that. Louis can understand Anna's hide, she is simply worried about themselves unwilling woman with queen a relationship. He can also be understood Jeanne concealment, which may be a newcomer to the words of her sister toe results. However, remember that moment fiercely, and he can not believe the arms of the so-called Anna's sister, is an inexperienced deep ignorance and teenage sister toe. "You're smart, Jeanne." Louis as a sink ** field playboy evil smile, while his left hand index finger, from Jeanne eyebrows, pretty nose and lips slide down the line. Then, he would Jeanne in his arms, blowing into her earlobe and said: "comfortable? My sweetheart." Jeanne mood jī move and said, "comfortable." This moment, Louis remained rational . Answer tone from Jeanne, he was able to hear this woman is not filled with love, only to be provoked **, and this also affected my ** extremely depressed. Louis has always been tough not like, do not like no love, plus he never had a relationship with the person in front of the idea, therefore, decided enough is enough. However, to play a scene full Playboy, he simply wěn Jeanne on wet lips. If a burst-like soft gentle rain to pick him Jeanne was face to face with the case, filled with a rogue when discarding Playboy appearance, said grimly: "You are very charming, you are also very tasty, but I have enjoyed over. "then one off the mouth, Louis strode to the bedroom went deep, Jeanne deliberately opened before passage, and then they pass through the underground passage, entered his bedroom. King bedroom always burning fire, that although a woman, but has a lot of guards outside. Although Louis moved for their own safety and queen bedroom,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, but still need to set down here enough guards to prevent people came to route through familiar with the roads. Louis off his coat, but did not sleep in the bed. When the pillows under the quilt after he had taken out from the lockers of other quilt, away from the nearest underground passage of the bed asleep on the carpet. Fortunately, here is the Tuileries, not that of Versailles, or really possible chilled. Louis intentionally disclose underground passage before the entrance, is to confirm Jeanne purposes. Of course, he also had foolproof grasp, because they do not think there will be assassinated Jeanne power will be so adventurous. But just in case, he produced a fake beds and ambush on the bed. One hour, two hours, three hours past. Louis was already tired yawn, but how can not wait trapdoor opens. He says that he lived a life of people who grew up wealthy, even marching outside, also has full logistical king should maintain daily lives. In the never eaten bitter, rarely stay up late in the case, and his willpower is weak, it is difficult in the dark to endure exhaustion attacks. I do not know how long, Louis ears suddenly introduced to a shrill scream, then in a daze we heard Anna shouted: "Enough, obediently, and I left." Then, there is a female voice sounded, it was Jeanne's voice: "No, Anna, and I was about to succeed, you do not stop me." two women seems to struggle, Louis finally woke up. He quickly got up and saw the man wearing a military uniform xìng Anna, is the naked Jeanne in his arms, dragged out of bed to go. "This is how the case? You how in my bed?" Louis amazed, also guessed the reason, must be at the time when asleep, Jeanne slipped in by a secret door, and roll on the bed. However, he is unknown Bai Anna came involved. Louis watching indecent scene subconsciously put aside her eyes, but it is so, he saw the floor littered with himself and Jeanne clothes, some clothes and was even torn. "This is how the case? Anna." Louis could not resist high bellowed. "Some softly, Louis." Anna will Xinyi Heng, a hand knife fight in her sister's neck,oakley sunglasses, then Jeanne also quiet. She dragged Jeanne is turned into a trapdoor, while Louis said: "You quickly tidy up, Her Majesty the Queen has been a palace." "What?" Louis can not believe it when he said, "how is this possible, She at Fontainebleau. "Anna's first ** Jeanne lost in the trapdoor, immediately rushed back to the king bedroom, without subdivision to have packed up their clothes to the ground catechesis, and said:" the road The snow has been loyal to your people to clean up, and now the carriage can travel on all roads of France, I have sent shì Wei in each intersection delay, the queen will not come until now. "Louis still feel fantasy, but the road was cleaned of snow but it is really the issue. In order to ensure smooth trade route, Louis specially recruited a group can not be started due to heavy snow to snow workers, most of the roads around Paris have been cleared. As Fontainebleau, since the relationship between the forest area, so snow on the ground is not too deep, but leave the forest after he went straight into the main road has been no snow. Louis remained skeptical, however, silence suddenly heard the sound has forced the closure of the door he had believed. Voice from outside the door, apparently someone enters the king suites, and is passing through another bedroom room before an ancillary rooms. "Really her?" Louis panic, because the sound of the door and off with the arrival of high-heeled shoes and crisp sound. Although he did not know whether the person is really outside Marie? Antoinette, but these sounds, he could hear this person is very angry. Anna also pick up finished, he was holding a clothing trot into the secret door, ran, said: "What happened tomorrow, I'll explain." Then she put the dark door closed. Louis Leng Liaoleng, but also to react in a timely manner, and immediately ran up the bed, but when he was preparing pretended to sleep when covered with blankets, quilts in what they think should be very diaphragm. He quickly reached up, grabbed a hard object, these pieces of hard objects when he came out, almost scared off the heart and soul, it was a woman's bra. "How to do?" Has begun to turn the doorknob, Louis impatient put under the bra thrown into the opposite of the fireplace and let it be fire burning. While he himself immediately hid under the covers and start pretending to be asleep. <
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