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thousand French troops antworten
&gt; Five hundred and twentieth chapters five hundred twenty chapters Dir Arnhem Arnhem city under the city after the Battle of the river Maas, Netherlands Army remnants fled to the north bank of about 7,000, and in the second, that is, March 18 morning retreat to the battlefield, but fifty kilometers from the eastern city of Arnhem, the Netherlands. WWw. qUanBen. COm However, these remnants have not been real security Arnhem Oriental will appear numerous French army. Rhine rises in the Alps,<A title="Oakley Lifestyle" href="">Oakley Lifestyle</A>, from south to north through Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands into the North Sea. Before entering the Netherlands, the Rhine, almost a river, not a branch, but after entering the Netherlands, they ceded several tributaries moment, and then one by one and then subdivided these tributaries, and ultimately constitute the entire Dutch plain large, complex the water system. Rhine at Arnhem through when a split in two. A northward flow to the north into the North Sea, this one is called "IJssel river." Another diverted westbound, with the Rhine shunt had gathered after the other into the North Sea, this one is called "Under the Rhine." It stands in the city of Arnhem and the lower Rhine river diversion Overijssel north shore of the mouth. Arnhem was hundreds of years ago against the Spanish rule of the Dutch provinces of Gelderland in the league, the capital, and because it has city status and enjoy full independent administrative and judicial powers. Like all cities with the Netherlands, Arnhem shipbuilding, commerce and handicrafts are very developed, not only that, its location is also very important. Eastern Arnhem in the Netherlands, is sixty kilometers west central city of Utrecht the Netherlands, sixty kilometers further west is the location of the Hague. Arnhem has a medieval fortress walls, and there Overijssel and Lower Rhine River two rivers as a natural moat, which to the west until Utrecht, it is no longer sufficient to block the army fort and river, so Arnhem also can be regarded as a barrier to the eastern Netherlands. France Kings Road Ease March 15 led his army from the eastern forests departure Munster to 18 to Arnhem city, marching speed is quite unpleasant. However, due to the way used to divide our forces march, therefore, to be good at Arnhem just long march of the Alpine Corps and Louis I, sixty thousand Rhine Army is still far behind. Upon arrival, the French army did not immediately siege, but five kilometers east bank of the river in Overijssel stationed. Evening, cool breeze, Louis held a military conference. Said military conference, but was a three personal discussions. This discussion will be three people were Louis, Hubert Thierry and Alpine corps commander Little Henry. Childhood playmates become a corps commander, rushed behind the promotion except for Little Henry I's capabilities, the relationship between him and the king is the most important factor. No matter which country's armed forces are focused qualifications, in addition to highly qualified persons able to make the rich young man into submission qualifications, the more important thing is the high qualifications of the people who are generally elderly, elderly person even capable impressive, but there is no momentum and ambition of the young, and thus will not happen rebellion thing. Conversely, if in accordance with the ability to pull Cho Young, that it would lead to these remarkable ability to touch the power of young people prematurely, resulting in the hearts of the qualitative change, and ultimately create their own guns, ambitious warlords. Louis before becoming king and army generals do not care about age, more naive enough to think the ability to rely on the selection generals perfectly justified, however, when he became king, began to think in perspective ruler,<A title="Coach Poppy Collection Clearance" href="">Coach Poppy Collection Clearance</A>, he will gradually attention from the qualifications non is capable. This aspect in his choice of cabinet ministers can be seen. As Prime Minister Verges Nabo MG highly qualified, but its ability to ordinary, diplomatic thinking is in conflict with Louis, compared to younger Rochelle? Ferney more in line with the requirements of Louis against the Prime Minister. However, Louis in this matter and there is no ability to select, but the choice of qualifications. One to Verges Nabo MG qualifications can increase the prestige of the royal family and political allies, and secondly, the youngest premature Rochelle? Ferney put on the table, but also easy to make this young man unexpected mutation occurred. Emphasis on seniority King Louis why choose small and young Henry as the Alpine Corps Army chief, is completely out of frustration. Before the war began, the original old Army chief to escape the war and declared that "sick" and it was not too late to find a loyal king's generals to serve as Army chief, so it can only be transferred to Little Henry Louis to act as a temporary army chief. Faint light candles to illuminate the entire tent, only emit a ray of light on the table. Louis at his desk with his hands folded one can march with a small round table, but said the northern Overijssel Arnhem has a stone bridge on the river, which is across the river to the fastest and most concise way, but scouts reported that the Netherlands people have been built across the bridge from the fortifications. "Although there have been four thousand French troops can go if you can not spend the river, can only hope the city heart sigh." Your Majesty, I am afraid Arnhem Netherlands defenders just some militia, to break their defense should not be difficult. "Little Henry calmly said," the use of artillery bombardment across the fortifications, those militias would fled. "Hubert Thierry immediately shook his head no, if it is possible to hurt the deck gun even able to keep the body under the bridge, if the enemy fails when it blew up, then, for we do not have any interest in, so I think should further north erection pontoon. "" erection pontoon too wasteful, we do not have so much. "Little Henry is the best understanding of the strategy of Louis, he also noted that the most important thing is the war. He went on to build pontoon half a day or a day, I think we should try to storm the bridge. In outnumber the enemy fire and the case is too absurd to renounce violence. "Louis listened to the recommendations of two hearts already had an idea in order to win, but also the confidence of the French army combat power, he ordered the stone road storm, we must separate their winning." "Yes,<A title="Coach Online Bags" href="">Coach Online Bags</A>, Your Majesty." Small Henry gravely should channel. Hubert Thierry official humble relationship with King Henry, also small, and thus did not dare to say it. Little Henry retire later, Louis suddenly whispered Hubert Thierry tonight you ordered, they led the engineering team to build pontoon, be sure to build it overnight. "Hubert Thierry Leng Liaoleng, then if the Wu nodded Louis consistently cautious military forces, and thus does not risk gamble. Hubert Thierry is therefore understood the king's intention. Frontal attack, after all, too risky, compared to under the full force can cause false positive Pang Dajun, alternates a hit squad behind enemy lines through the pontoon. pair Louis concerned, this is a surefire plan. five hundred and twentieth chapters Arnhem city under five hundred and twentieth sixteen chapters Arnhem city under * Forum Posts Links &lt; <ML></ML>
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