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Years War Prussian further antworten

> Five hundredth chapter impermanence Bavaria events began to ferment in mid-January, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Munich, Dresden and other cities, as the various interests of the country's diplomats to move around the place. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm as Western European country, France's attitude in this matter is essential. Louis within three days, has met with Austria, Prussia, Saxony three foreign ambassadors. These three, respectively, deal with him. The Austrian envoy, he did not send troops to help guarantee a certain, but ask the other party regarding Flanders. Prussian envoy, he places a tough attitude warning each other not to intervene, the formation of the war. For Saxony messenger, and he is good to be, suggest that the person understand the situation, not to get involved big battle. As Austria, Prussia, Saxony and other countries have not any substantive action, therefore, including France, including many countries have maintained a wait state. Therefore, within the past month, the event only limited to the negotiating table **,Coach Hotsale Online, Ogata did not have an indirect troops. However, this is only superficial. Louis at the end of January, within one day of receipt of Dieng three letters. The first letter is written on the movements of Austria, Austria has assembled a thousand people in the Bavarian border, the meaning seems to have crossed the border; second letter written by the Prussian country began to mobilize, have been assembled from Frederick II located Silesia's border guards; third letter is written in Saxony and Prussia in close contact with both sides and from the Prussian diplomats often and Dresden Room. Face tensions heat up, Louis began wary. He added exposure in Paris, often attended dances, and an increase in the number of opera to watch opera. Meanwhile, he also against their out Miss Yu Guifu between them, with their imaginary to Weiyi, although every point to the last, but completely manifest in a ** prodigal performance. All this is to cover up. Louis through the flowers on the occasion of the King's ** anecdotes spread throughout Paris and the European countries, the Rhine legions six million people, the Alps and the Loire Army Corps forty thousand four million people, a total of 140,000 people have been secret army dense knot in Lorraine and Alsace, etc., just gave the order, they will be able to jump across the border, in one fell swoop hit the west coast sweep Rhine Rhineland. Paris is now a hot day is almost beside the king for a woman, no slightest pre-war tensions, it is no concern Germany by storm, by contrast, the Austrian capital Vienna, from the emperor to the courtiers, can be said to all in scheming to take over Bavaria. February 1st night of Joseph II the night from the center of Vienna Hofburg palace rushed to his mother Maria? Theresa live Schönbrunn Palace, accompanied by Prime Minister Kaunitz. They came to Schonbrunn Palace was already late at night, can Maria? Theresa did not sleep, she is waiting for two. Decades ago Austrian throne succession fuse of war was "pragmatic sanction," was with Maria? Theresa compete noble Roman Empire before the previous generation of the Bavarian rulers, and later the noble Roman Emperor Charles VII. Charles VII in addition to the Elector of Bavaria, there is an identity - Maria? Theresa cousin's husband, is the penultimate male Habsburg rulers - Maria? Theresa uncle Joseph I's son. Back in Maria? Theresa's father, Charles VI issued the "pragmatic sanction" before her uncle Joseph I promulgated the a similar edict, edict says: "I am dead, my brother Joseph, my daughter and Joseph's daughter, will have the right of inheritance, in which he will be given priority right of succession. "according to Joseph I share edict, his eldest daughter, that is,Coach Online Outlet, the wife of Charles VII after the death of Charles VI obtained in Kazakhstan Habsburg family territory. If successful this matter, Maria? Theresa and Franz I, Charles VII couple will be replaced, Austria will also fall into the hands of the family of Bavaria. Later, however, Charles VI revised the "pragmatic sanction" will be his brother's daughter's inheritance rights deprivation, only recognize his daughter's inheritance rights. Thus, the reason why Charles VII against Maria? Theresa, not just to have their name an imaginary noble Roman Emperor title, but also to get through the son's identity Austria. Unfortunately, at that time, as he did not get opportunities like Frederick II, who was recognized as emperor at the same time, Austria, Hungary also acknowledged Maria? Theresa dominance. History is strikingly similar. Decades later today, the son of Charles VII no heirs, his family has since died out. The cousin of the Bavarian Palatinate by the Elector Carl? Théodore inheritance, but Charles VII's daughter married the Emperor Joseph II now, and thus, Joseph II of Bavaria also exist ambitions. However, history once again coincide, Joseph II and his father also, like missed opportunities. Bavaria, three days after the death of the previous optional Kurfürstliche, they confirmed the Palatinate Elector Carl? Théodore successor. As misjudged the speed of Bavaria, Joseph II of Bavaria difficult inheritance through lawful means, and thus, he changed his strategy in an attempt to use the Flanders and the hands of the Elector Palatinate of Bavaria in exchange. Elector Palatinate almost all the territory of the northern Rhineland, and with the Flanders border, without any contact with the Bavarian. Eventually, the negotiations went very smoothly, Joseph II and Palatinate Elector Houda Cheng secret agreement to exchange Flanders Lower Bavaria, Bavaria's most affluent areas. However, he is also to take into consideration this sale has begun will not be accepted Frederick II troop movements, and thus, he intends to immediately open into the troop movements in Lower Bavaria, will come overnight Schönbrunn Palace, the mother's consent request . Prime Minister Kaunitz solely responsible for the negotiations, which is by him to Maria? Theresa explained the situation. Throughout Germany knows coveted Joseph II of Bavaria in the case, Maria? Theresa how could completely ignorant on the matter? She not only for Joseph II's plan gains,Outlet Oakley Polarized, but also on the whole negotiation process are all informed. Although she opposed the war, but she is not without interest for Bavaria, otherwise how could Joseph II so smoothly. Maria? Theresa listened Kaunitz's speech, slowly said: "Lower Bavaria only need one million people will be able to fully occupied, you need to prepare for the north, Saxony and Prussia." "Yes, Your Majesty, this I have already thought. "Joseph II said," If you allow it, the main place entirely on the Austrian Bohemia to Saxony and Prussia preparedness. "Maria? Theresa lengthy sigh and said, : "If you can, I do not want to order a sale triggered a war." "I hope so, my mother." Joseph II simply repeating replied. Bavarian events and had not inherited the throne of Austria, there are too many similarities. Early recognition of the Bavarian Elector Palatinate rule of Joseph II in order to prevent the opposition from Saxony and Prussia, nor opposition, instead of using a trading approach. However, even so, this event is still about the throne succession. Bavarian Elector of the place although the Palatinate Elector Carl? Théodore inheritance, but a lot of his illegitimate child, legitimate son still can not, therefore, after he passed away, he inherited all the territory will be his cousin - Zweibrücken Duke Charles II. The Duke of Zweibrücken Although all territory is small, weak forces itself, but because married the sister of the Elector of Saxony, which has an extensive diplomatic network. If you just worry about Austria Saxon forces expansion, you will not send troops. They did not as powerful Prussian army corps, nor as powerful Austrian national, sandwiched between the best way of life amongst the strongest teams are neutral. However, because the marriage relationship exists - Saxon princess married the future Duke of Zweibrücken Elector of Bavaria, Duke of Zweibrücken once got Bavaria, Saxony, which would mean that Germany will get an inside bit powerful ally. Kinship in this layer, coupled with the Austrians old enemy is bound to come out of Frederick II of Prussia, Saxony naturally happy to take the opportunity to take advantage of. Saxon allies can not sit next piece of land lost in vain, Prussia, Austria and more impossible to turn a blind forces expansion, and thus, peace has become impossible. Maria? Theresa knew all this, but helpless, powerless. Now, she can only hope the war will end soon. After all, the loss of Prussia in the Seven Years War bigger than Austria, strength also did not fully recover. British Crown in North America at this time is caught in a quagmire, it is impossible to as the Seven Years War Prussian further assistance. The most important thing is not too legitimate casus belli between the two countries is a fair exchange of territories, not Austria unilateral usurpations. Joseph won the Maria II in? Theresa's permission, the people are a lot easier, he totally did not expect to be so simple. He left the Queen's room, a long sigh of relief, but then, he reluctantly laments: "If we had Majesty able to care for Christina give some to Amalia, now I am afraid the situation better. "beside him Kaunitz silent sigh, is also merciful and recognition. Joseph II expression continued: "I remember now, when I get to Parma Amalia, she continued crying, and always in the direction towards Zweibrücken look back." Zweisimmen Bu Lvken wife of the Duke of Saxony princess though, Joseph II's sister Maria? Grand Duchess Amalia Although expensive for the Duchess of Parma, however, a decade ago, the two men were lovers, only Unfortunately, when Maria? Theresa despise Ciwei Bu Lv Kengong country has no great value, and thus has forced daughter married the Duke of Bourbon Parma background, which not only led to the break with the mother and child, but also indirectly lead the now hostile attitude of Saxony. At this point, no one knows Maria? Theresa mood. Then who was despised her small duchy duke, now has the most vast land is Xinan De successors, and then picked her son, but now it is still a small Italian duchy duke. In the Spanish royal family child Priliminary circumstances, he will never like his predecessors, to the Duke of Parma as the White Palace in Madrid. Bourbon relatively scattered in the case, he can not play a closer relationship between the two families Habsburg and Bourbon role. Narrow land in Parma duchy fewer people in the case, he could not have any assistance against Austria. Lifetime shrewd Maria? Theresa, I am afraid it is difficult to expect today's changing. It can only be said that things change. . . Forum Posts Links <

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