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> My main France four hundred and ninetieth chapter four hundred and ninetieth chapter Poland Poland messenger messenger Duke and Duchess of Parma's departure did not form any effect, one is the Duke of Parma to leave under the pretext of domestic imperatives and not gone and secondly as the Duchess of Parma said, does not care about such a Vienna court by Italian small duchy duke. Www, quanBEn, cOM Louis and Marie? Antoinette to stay, not accompanied by Joseph II visited the army, is invited to go hunting, or else to Vienna opera, dance. But in addition, he also taking the time to tour around the famous Vienna and on the outskirts of the rural landscape. Austria have Süddeutsche region in recent centuries have been perennial war devastated. First, expansion of the late 16th century the Ottoman Empire, and then the mid-17th century Thirty Years War, and finally the 18th century Austrian throne succession wars and the Seven Years War. This many wars, not only the strength of lower Austria, no longer reflect the title represents the authority of the emperor, but the entire regional economy SÜD destruction occurred in rural areas as well as serfs. Louis had seen the French countryside, thought there were already enough withered, and I did not expect poorer rural areas of Austria. Now, however, a decade ago the Austrian countryside nor rural. Rumors of serfdom has been canceled, though the days of poor farmers,Oakley Sunglasses Sport, but also stability. And all of this are undoubtedly Maria? Theresa credit. Austria and France are different. Austria is not a mono-ethnic composition of the vast country, but a composite of different nation states. Individually European countries not only within the religion, the nobility problems Geng Shibi other countries more of an ethnic conflict. Louis saw and heard these days in Austria, has made him one of this country have a rough idea, he can be more admired Maria? Theresa. Austria's problem is not able to handle twelve reform measures, on the contrary, if the reforms are too radical, but will form a domestic centrifugal forces of the parties, and finally may lead to falling instead of rising national strength. Thus, Austria need is time to slow conservative reform policies to promote social change, and ultimately makes prosperity of the country. This policy best suited Austria this internal complicated country, but it also requires the implementation of the rulers have plenty of patience. Reform is divided into two kinds of radical and conservative. Some countries apply flurry of radical reforms in some countries only apply drizzle with conservative reforms. The former is needed is a unique powerful rulers,Coach New Arrivals Bags, while the latter does not need to seek a credit for those mild popularity. Louis is already clear, Austria needed is Maria? Theresa such a person, rather than trying to build the immortal feats of Joseph II. Time to enter in May, countries have kings sent envoys arrived in Vienna. In peacetime, even Maria? Theresa enemy Frederick II was also represented - Prince Henry. Welcome envoys prom was held at the Schonbrunn Palace, Louis and Marie? Antoinette also invited to attend. Prom halfway through, the representative of Poland Carlo? Louis Bonaparte appeared in front of you. "Hello, Your Majesty." Carlo? Bonaparte very respectfully saluted. "Long time no see, Bonaparte prime minister." Louis and Wyatt said. "Your Majesty, I was able to speak with you alone do?" Carlo? Bonaparte half bent, asked. "Of course." Louis suspicious mind would agree, the Polish Prime Minister, he would like to hear what happened. Then they both went out of the dance hall, came to the empty corridor. "What happened to you? Bonaparte Prime Minister." Louis asked. "Your Majesty, you have heard of the North American representative of Franklin's happened?" Carlo? Bonaparte asked. "Franklin?" Louis Leng Liaoleng, then nodded his head and said, "I know, he only recently to Paris." Franklin arrived in Paris in March, he will request an audience to Paris. At that time, Louis take into consideration the relationship with Britain did not agree, but after the departure came Austria. But even far away in Vienna, he was also the matter of Franklin in Paris have heard. "I heard Sharon Franklin in Paris became the Reds, and by the opportunity to participate in Sharon aired in North America **." Louis did not mind to say the sentence, the bewildered and asked, "how he was?" Carlo? Tombola Pakistan replied: "Your Majesty, there are many young people in the Paris Poland, they met with Franklin to agitate, preparing to form the Polish mercenaries to North America, and North America, together against the invasion of the British Crown." Poland now, although still maintaining ** but also in the presence of the King of France Prince, but this country from Russia too close, too far away from France, geopolitical decided it was Russia's influence is bound. When the partition of Poland,Oakley Store, the Polish nobility got a lot of resistance, and thus they offend Russia. Louis's brother Stanislaw although eventually became king of Poland, the Russian identity as exchange, anti-Russian nobles were all expelled. Those who left Poland after the most to Paris. Louis listen to understand what had happened, they Stern said: "Excellency the Prime Minister, even if it is true, I have no way to do anything, they are free men, who could stop them." "Your Majesty, if only they Nothing touches it to North America, the problem is, some of them who secretly returned to Poland in Poland recruit soldiers, it would greatly influence the formation of Poland. "Carlo? Bonaparte said with worry," Polish The economy has yet to recover to the levels of the early century, a huge loss if the young adults, or so it offended the British Crown, the situation will be very detrimental to Poland. "" You're right, but I'm not the king of Poland. "Louis said coldly," If my brother is still king of Poland, he should make a choice. "" Your Majesty, the King of Poland is your brother, he said, all listen to you. "Carlo? Bonaparte humble road. "Listen to me?" Louis could not help but secretly smile. He felt very funny, even a king can say such a thing. However, he also did not believe this. Louis asked: "Now that batch of mercenaries many people? '" About three thousand people. "Carlo? Bonaparte replied. Louis hear, in the dark hearts of thinking: "The Polish Army in World War trashed several times, the reason why it has not completely annexed by Russia, all because of the balance of power in Eastern Europe, if three divided again, then Poland will surely fail protect themselves if this incident to restore Polish Army combat power, then ...... "He switched to want and said:" North America ** for the British Crown would be a tremendous blow, but France is not yet come forward, Spain, the Netherlands has also nothing happened. In this case, people in North America on their own is certainly impossible to beat Britons. for North Americans, the most important thing is being able to par with the British Army who, instead of the Navy. Polish troops destined for North America, the North American war changed if so, it is possible to promote Britain declared war on Spain and the Netherlands, to the time, France will be a boon. "figured out one of the joints, Louis Pianxiang Carlo? Bonaparte asked said: "My brother, what is the attitude?" Carlo? Bonaparte thinking about it, said: "His Majesty the King is not concerned in North America, but is strongly urged the Polish troops Majesty the Queen, and is deployed regular army, and, indirectly, to the British Crown declaration of war. "" declaration of war "Louis was taken aback, but once they figured out the reasons for such a radical Polish queen. Poland is located in Central and Eastern Europe, far from the British Crown, but also non-commercial maritime nation, do not fear Britain truncated trade route. This is one of the reasons. Poland four weeks powers everywhere, these powers to maintain the balance of power. Britain now concentrate on North America, it is impossible to deal with them distracted. So, no matter how Poland in the east, are safe. This is the second reason. Poland was divided up to around three large tracts of land, this situation as being oppressive British Crown in North America, North America, Poland, supported by the opportunity to put myself in the side of justice, then the surface but also to support the North American criticism Prussia, Russia, Austria, the three countries' acts of banditry. " This is the third reason. First unbeaten, and then take advantage of stability, which is recognized by Louis Polish Queen Mary? Yuesefeina style. Think clearly, he also decided to support Poland. "Declaration of war overdone." Louis said, "but, indeed able to send regular army as mercenaries, like Hesse - Kassel Duchy of doing so." "Yes, Your Majesty, I will immediately write rule Her Majesty's. "Carlo? Bonaparte bow said. Louis looked at him puzzled, mind is always a kind of feeling that Poland has been controlled by him and the queen, the king is just a decoration. "Your Majesty, I have a good news to tell you." Carlo? Bonaparte raised his head, smiled and said, "Her Majesty the Queen was pregnant, will birth a few months." "Pregnant?" Louis Heart doubt, can not determine whether the child is his brother. "Your Majesty, Her Majesty asked me to request that you want your Majesty Queen with France as the child's godparents." Carlo? Bonaparte said. "Godparents?" Louis frowned, but also understand why. Elected king of Poland has always been so very easy to be manipulated power. If the incumbent Polish kings kids godparents are King and Queen of France, then it is tantamount to the child wearing the crown of the head of the Polish Prince. "Being able." Louis solemn nod. He does not matter whether the child's father was Stanislaw, but he hoped that children can secure Poland's political, so that it is no longer because the king easily manipulated by the Russian elections. "Thank you, Your Majesty." Carlo? Bonaparte relieved, he constantly blunt face also revealed a hint of smile. . . <

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