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> Starting the third king of the road rolled into] four hundred and seventy seventh chapter conflicts within the family four hundred and seventy seventh chapter conflicts within the family do not know they are being Louis Schoenbrunn palace in mother watching in his place under the guidance of Joseph II, dismounted car, walked to the Schonbrunn Palace Schonbrunn Palace is a baroque building, which is mén outside the square, was a vertical, wide gravel road a sub- for the two, making the gravel of the right and left sides, became the typical baroque symmetrical layout. wwW, QUanbEN, coM Louis walking on the pavement, sometimes left, and sometimes right hope. Left and right sides of a saw overall altar lawn area equal to two oval, and each elliptical, has been divided into three separate gravel four separate small lawn, this symmetrical, that is, eight small lawn. That eight small lawn, either a load of flowers, flowers are placed in a layout, or have reached a symmetrical effect. Turf or the symmetry, or the left and right symmetrical lawn, and the innermost or outermost symmetric, or the middle two pairwise symmetry. Almost without exception, through 1ù a similar style of geometric symmetry of Versailles. Louis Joseph II started going along with palaces, they saw an approximately three-year-old dressed in age, body, face emaciated man. At this time, I saw Joseph II did not hesitate to come in front of him and listen to his mouth shout loudly: "Leo bo Germany" Leo bo Germany Grand Duke of Tuscany, Maria? Theresa of times son, Joseph II's successor. Louis This reaction over their man was. Leo bo Germany in 1765 succeeded his father Franz I, Grand Duke of Tuscany, but after the way to enlightened management of state domination. He abolished the death penalty in Tuscany and bī for torture, balance taxes and weaken the church and establish a system of representative democracy. These practices, so he became the Grand Duke of Tuscany many thinkers described Kai méng ideal image of the monarch, and thus it is known in the whole of Europe. Even occupying Paris court of Louis, also often hear the world for his comments. Louis carefully looked over. First glance, Leo bo de body weight loss, Lianpan tip straight, did not look like a carefree life of the aristocracy, but more like a day of hunger and poor bowel. However, if carefully minutely, was able from his "pale and thin" on the face now, his eyes always have a focal point, their eyes never loose a result, Louis but dare not underestimate him, even more than his brother in mind that he Joseph II, ruler of a country is more momentum and ability. "My brother," Joseph II sideways to open, hand pointing to the back of Louis, introduced to Leo bo Germany, "He is Antonia's husband, King Louis XVI of France." Leo smiled bo Germany, the Louis nodded and said: "Welcome to you, Your Majesty. very pleased to meet you." Louis also nod, and said: "I am also very pleased to see His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Tuscany known for a long time." "You flatter me." Leo bo Germany smiled, then immediately suspend a smile on his face changed to solemn and yet gentle expression. The ability to look at any changes easy to say, actually it is difficult to grasp. Louis's memory, but also has this ability five, Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour,Nike Jordan SC 1, grandmother, British King George III and Anna, even Mary? Antoinette and Joseph II, it is only is mastered into mén feat. In less than a minute, the Austrian court of Louis suddenly now actually have to pay attention also hidden a character - Leo bo Germany Grand Duke of Tuscany. If Leo just bo Germany Grand Duke of Tuscany, this has not anything, because Joseph II no heirs, nor his wife, so he is still the second heir to the Austrian throne. Louis worries place is this. Joseph II and there is nothing superior to others, can only be regarded as "a good monarch," while Leo bo Germany, but it has to become the "great monarch" one of the important qualities - joy, anger, without form sè. Then, led by Joseph Louis II, Archduke Ferdinand, Maximilian Anda Gong, became by Leo bo Germany led them four. Louis and Leo bo Germany, Joseph II walked side by side, the other two followed. He walked just listen to Leo bo Germany, said: "Your Majesty is the last one to have, the Duke of Parma, King of Naples have been to before. Nv His Majesty held a dinner party, she thought, and all the people at the dinner meeting." Maria? Teresa nv children a lot, but only four of them married, except Mary? Antoinette, there are three Theis Chen is Duchess, Duchess of Parma, Naples queen. Among these, Parma and Theis Chen Although nominally all principality, but starker. Parma and Napoli, is an independent administrative system and has the right to an independent state outside jiao, Theis Chen is just one of the Habsburg territory under the region, by the Austrian moderation. Therefore, although nominally Theis Chen Duke respected position, but the Duke of Parma, in essence, with the King of Naples is quite different. More importantly, Theis Theis Chen Chen is not the Duke family-owned, but Theis Chen Duchess dowry. Therefore, Maria? Theresa's other sub-nv who often regard sisters Theis Chen Duchess of heterogeneous, depending on the Duke is nothing Theis Chen pauper, even based on the eyes of contempt, condescending manner, as they are temporary.路易因玛丽? Antoinette's sake, but also how much know the secrets behind some of the Habsburgs,Oakley Squared Sale, especially their husband the Duke with Theis Chen fù there was a contradiction, but he did not know between them contradiction to the extent hardly mentioned, so he bo Germany after the finish in Leo, talkative and asked: "Theis Chen duke to do?" This one just export, Leo bo Germany and Joseph II and Other people will stood together to strange eyes looked Louis, not words. Louis felt the atmosphere change, which came to realize the reason, however, he simply the wrong, Guzuobuzhi said: "I remember he was my mother's brother, my uncle." Theis Chen from Saxon royal duke, Louis a mother's youngest brother. But Louis from birth to now, have not seen this in distant lands, strange uncle. "Yes, he went to." Leo bo Germany faces sè displeasure answered one, but after continued forward. Louis followed, now that he fully understands his own uncle who's position in this court it. People across the promenade, is preparing to enter the banquet hall, then, Mary? Antoinette suddenly from the large ballroom mén walked quickly down the stairs beside. Everyone saw her, so they stopped. Mary? Antoinette playing with his brothers simply say hello, they pulled Louis went to the side. Joseph II and Leo bo Germany Suijue accidents, but only relative smile only. The Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Anda Gong and then look lost, it is very disappointing. Far away later, Louis was puzzled and asked softly: "how? Mary" "is not Mary." Marie? Antoinette shook his head, "Here, please call me or Antonia Antoinette, Here you can have several dozens of Mary. "" I understand. "Louis nodded his head, but his heart he understands," Antoinette "and" Antonia "can not appear in the next occasion, as King of France's own rituals and solemn manifestation, he should use the "my wife" to refer to the French queen. "Louis, I just want to say one thing." Marie? Antoinette sè dignified face said, "My sisters and brothers, you have them, and anyone can Yan Yue sè ;, only for her husband the Duke Theis Chen fù No. If you invest on them smile, then my other sister and brother, you would not have to invest smile. "" I understand. "Louis solemn nod. The situation was much more serious than he imagined, and he had to give serious consideration to the next meeting. They walked back to the ballroom again Joseph II and Leo bo Germany long awaited, others they had waited impatiently. Large open from them. This is not Paris, so mén open at the same time, and did not specifically mén of people shouting, "His Majesty the Emperor drive to" kind of thing. In mén opened, also see mén within a respectful salute the crowd scene. Ballroom spacious, bright, rectangular dining table is placed vertically in the middle. Ballroom left is a staircase leading to the upstairs White sè both handrails or stairs, are white sè. Right banquet hall, decorated with thirty-two small round table and several chairs, many men are surrounded by small round table nv casual sitting, which also has Maria? Elizabeth, Princess of Modena human figure. Louis Joseph II, who entered with, those people sitting on the chair and stood up, meet up, but they did not salute, but showed a close look. "They're your brothers and sisters?" Louis whispered in Mali? Antoinette ear asked. "Yes,Outlet Coach Bags, yes they are." Marie? Antoinette smiled and said, "among them also have your cousin." Joseph II and his brothers and sisters simply say hello, they returned to Louis side, briefed him up. Louis was the first to see Maria? Theresa sub nv, is now long nv, Marianne Monastery in Prague, then saw was already seen Maria? Elizabeth repair nv, then later see is the cousin to the Duke and Duchess of Parma Maria? Amalia, King of Naples and Wang Houmaliya? Carlo Katarina. Archduke Ferdinand's wife Modena princess has come to her husband, Leo bo Germany's wife about to give birth, so Louis is impossible, and they both say hello. However, except for two of them, there is no one there with Louis marked greeting. He is not alibi, but was Joseph II introduced directly around in the past. This person is the uncle of Louis Chen Theis Duke. <., Reading is a pleasure, we recommend that you collection. <

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