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27.05.2013 11:50
two men came crashing together antworten

The 181st chapter all the way northward (on) Yang Yi Lvjun South run, now no one time to see Kang Guochang princess is how to hold his husband, where the arrow for they rob to Hongzhou less than ten, we can see, now Hongzhou City Xia Jun must be rolling out, even if do not know who is Yang Yi, light is a Kang Guochang princess, have enough army to death after the summer. Ma Hanqing rode near Yang Yixie, shouted: "adult, from here to Hengshan and Barry,oakley sunglasses outlet, we two hundred people running all night, very tired, if further south to Hengshan will be back, Xia Jun to catch up, so I'm afraid I can't.." "Han Qing said well, Li Yizhong, what do you have in mind?" Li Yizhong thought for a while and said: "Sir, then south must escape Xia Jun chase, let's first diverted westward, to escape the Hongzhou defenders tracking, and looking for the opportunity to climb Hengshan." The words of Li Yizhong and Yang Yi's ideas agree without prior without previous consultation, he immediately ordered: "the army, to the west!" To the West are the salt, salt, and state guard to be beam Gefang, this period of time, from time to time to send more troops Gefang beam across Hengshan, and every time Yang Yi also send some armor equipment to give him back to desire; in Xixia repeatedly defeated cases, beam Gefang has been achieved "victory", although only a small victory, but also enough he warlords, can be said to him from Yang Yi here is enough political capital. Now to his place, as long as you don't let him know he is in the army and Kang Guochang princess, by when not difficult. In addition, the south side is a ring, salt, that area is ring, military scout and hard exploration activities are most frequent place, the eye in, even if the beam Gefang unreliable, oneself also not too passive. The idea is good, the reality is cruel. Hong EC states army he wave Luo heard Kang Guochang princess, immediately ordered the sally forth in full strength to thousands of Xia Jun, key catch to Hengshan direction, but two things did not relax, and sent dozens of messenger, signaling the parties, vowing to Yang Yi the two hundred horse in xixia. Yang Yi march westward soon behind, came from behind the clip-clop. "My Lord, not good, at least five hundred Xia Jun chase!" "To make,jordan online cheap, the U-turn, brothers, on the occasion of vital importance on the occasion, we only one will be pursuing a rout,Coach Handbags, but a long time, we have no life! Kill!" "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Yang Yi order, two hundred people a roundabout, turn the horse around after an intensive assault formation, Yi without hesitation to chase after the summer army to kill. Ma Hanqing and Xie Dongsheng take the initiative to rush to the front, guard Yang Yi and Kang Guochang princess, when Yang Yi took the Qing Niang, who is also true for the implementation of the. And Yang Yi put Kang Guochang princess on the back, in order to prevent her in the fierce fight in not hold tight, multiplexing band will she tightly bound. Blood red rising sun on the grassland, to disperse the haze, the sky Xia Cai burning warmly, as red as blood, and blood, in burning! Hum! Both sides nearly sh è Cheng, two dial the arrows at the same time the sky, covered with blood red sun cover to each other! The array just spread some horses screaming, and the sound of crashing to the ground. Kill! Hold for the gun, make smooth reading, two men came crashing together, Ma Hanqing that long Ma Shuo first plow a >

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