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27.05.2013 11:49
Liu argued pretending to be antworten

> "Your Highness has arrived, you can get off!" Little yellow door gently respectful voice sounded in the car, interrupted Liu argued contemplation. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM opened a Julian, located in their own eyes looked luxurious hall Liu argued smiled, leap jumped from the carriage door facing the small yellow light, said: "lead the way!" "Yes!" contemporary look of this little yellow door respectful debate led Liu entered the hall this luxury. Large hall, a look of being obsessed with decadent Emperor Ling looked at a beautiful figure, a look blankly do not know what the thinking. "Your Majesty, Prince identified to!" Wearing a black dress sè middle-aged eunuch eunuch came gently in front of Emperor Ling, with his shrill voice whisper of interrupted Emperor Ling meditation. "Oh!" Emperor Ling suddenly awakened, watching middle-aged eunuch, Emperor Ling puzzled and asked: "What did you say to the Father?" This was wearing dark clothing, middle-aged sè eunuch eunuch, it is ten regular attendants of the first, was Emperor Ling called 'father' of Zhang Rang. Zhang let's face does not look like a long jiān people actually very handsome, in fact, this is justified, there are people in this world that the 'I'm the bad guy' engraved on the face. Besides if the sheets so difficult to see the look of a long phase jiān people is not easy to get the trust of Emperor Ling now! Since ancient times, you want to serve the emperor's eunuchs, you must have a primary condition, handsome face, handsome! Unless it is established there is great merit, otherwise looks ugly eunuch is no way close to the elegant palace of the emperor, etc.. For the Emperor Ling Zhang Rang child is confused xìng accustomed, again Lingdi bend a worship: "Prince has been identified outside waiting!" "Oh, come already?" Emperor Ling rolled up beauty map, milli do not care waved in front of Zhang Rang: "Let him come unto me!." For Liu argued, Emperor Ling has not been liked, maybe loved Liu debate this year only child, but since what poison to kill the king after beauty after Emperor Ling Liu debate will become increasingly alienated. And all the attention is concentrated to the life of Liu Xie Wang Mei who concentrate on training him, saw him as his heir. "Prince declared Resolution!" Zhang Ling Di let heard respectful toward worship worship, then went to the doors of the house trot, facing Dianwai loudly calling. Back in Dianwai so was a little impatient, Liu argued, heard a big step into the house. Father and son meet extraordinarily cold, Liu argued that this debate nor that Liu Liu argued, so no prince Emperor Ling Liu debate on the resolution that pray for fatherly psychology. The Emperor Ling Liu has always been lukewarm debate, naturally do not know how to begin. "I heard you were sick?" Emperor Ling Liu argued asked looked pale, as if saying a completely unrelated things and their own. "Lost Souls of the disease only ..." Worship gently against Emperor Ling, Liu argued faint replied, indifferent tone only occasionally infected people can not help thinking small ailments only. Emperor Ling heard physical meal, but soon bounced back: "Well?" Emperor Ling's tone is always cold, heartless, but fortunately did not put Emperor Ling Liu debate so when the father has not been any stimulus. "Probably good ..." Liu argued tone always dull, and indifferent. "Ah, you Huangdi over there to learn, in the past to find him play!" Emperor Ling stretched out a finger at the house beside said, referring to Liu Xie Emperor Ling's eyes flashed a hint of soft. "Prior to this, babe Fu Huang would like to solicit a thing ..." Liu argued against Emperor Ling arch of the hand faint. Emperor Ling heard eyelid jump jump, faint watching Liu argued: "what?" "I want to move out of the inner court with a few ladies ..." Emperor Ling Liu debate gazing eyes, placid forward. Liu promised to start a debate over the purpose is to matter, otherwise He could plead not come, after all, just incompetent Emperor Ling headed see missing are the same. Emperor Ling heard truly shocked, looked puzzled Liu argued: "Are you serious?" His tone of some surprise, or Xuling Di themselves have not thought that their prince actually will make a request to leave the full rights , rich palace now! "Ah!" Liu argued gently nodded his head, his eyes look firm, people fail to see is a little joke. Emperor Ling hesitated, look up at his side, rolled Beauties, facing Liu argued impatient wave of his hand: "There is a mansion south,Coach Handbags Sale, and when you want to move past it myself!" Said After Emperor Ling once again picked up the beauty map, obsessed with the amount of sweep, not look at Liu argued one. Liu argued could not help seeing some unhappy, but still on the surface facing the Emperor Ling bowed respectfully worship: "The baby retire!" Liu debate then turned toward the next house when he see you try that Liu Xie what goods sè his past life look at the three, it has been suspected Liu Xie Dong was deliberately put on a brave face look, so Dong Zhuo Xinhuai deposed emperor intended. According to Liu argued study, Liu has been very eager to co-facing throne, in the time of Emperor Ling imminent death, he Empress Dowager Dong said: "Queen Mother,air jordan sale, I will definitely be a good emperor!" This sentence can be seen , Liu Xie's own ambition is not small. If that is the case, Liu Xie will be his enemy, this seemingly good feelings and his brother Prince discernible only sacrificed. Hearts name of a small abacus Liu argued, quickly into the next house. Into the house, Liu saw a debate about 4,5 year old child is attentive listening to an old man playing fifties, an extraordinary momentum of the mighty middle-aged man holding a sword sitting beside waited. Looked at the child, that is, his brother Liu Xie, Liu argued lamented loudly: "Han people development are so fast? No wonder the people of this era can be called when the fifties and sixties, longevity!" Almost hear Liu Debate footsteps, the old man 'abruptly''s fingers are not stopped continue Zither, turned his face smiling at Liu argued. See the old man is not Zither, Liu Xie old man looked puzzled, then turned around to see Liu debate here. "My brother!" Liu Xie look of joy arose, and quickly ran towards Liu argued debate came threw herself into the arms of Liu, Liu defense looked very dependent. "Co-brother ..." Liu argued do not know how to deal with Liu Xie, can only refer to the memory of Liu argued attitude should be uttered mild. "My brother how for so long did not see me?" Liu Liu argued Association obviously does not know a thing coma seven days and nights, otherwise would never ask. Liu argued pretending to be a moderate touched Liu Xie's head, whispered: "I am ready to move out, so they need a lot of time to prepare!" "Well what! Palace to live good,Oakley Squared Online, brother, why move it?" Liu Pielepiezui Association, said some dissatisfaction, Liu argued that his playmates in the palace only if Liu debate moved out, he would lonely. "Association Highness, identified Highness has grown up, not suitable for living in the inner court!" Previous old man caressing the Zither graying beard whiskers, smile crossing his face came up with the pace. "Seen Choi!" Liu argued against the old man a respectful worship. Dubbed old Yong, tables Zibo Jie, is a contemporary everyone playing piano, calligraphy, Daru, who taught Prince identified calligraphy, Liu argued it should be OK disciple of the ceremony. "His Royal Highness heard some rì sub ailing former, I wonder if rehabilitation?" Yong's tone seemed a bit worried, gentle love for xìng Liu argued he was very appreciative. "My brother you sick?" Liu Yong says co-listen, the moment a look of intense debate took Liu's hand asked. Liu smiled and patted Liu Xie debate little head, helpless, said: "minor ailments just now getting better but a blessing in disguise." Yong heard this moment carefully looked Liu argued glances and found Liu argued temperament and In prior rì different stature, then surprised, said: "really is a blessing in disguise ah! Highness body bone looks robust than before many, quite the spirit of seven feet tall!" Liu Xie Yong said no problem when see Under relieved, then against Liu debate revealed a very big smile: "Today my brother be good to play with!" "what do you want?" Liu Liu looked interesting debate co-expression, he was curious Liu Association What are the requirements put forward, a person interested in childhood can often determine his foreign developments. "The fencing!" Liu Xie triumphant smile, removed from the sleeves of a one-foot-long wooden dagger. There is also a chapter 12:00 issuing Come O (∩ _ ∩] O ~ <

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