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27.05.2013 11:46
so Liu argued very easy to antworten

> Liu argued heard smile a cry, where he would not hear Li Yuan is Xiazhukeling, then gently shook his head: "No, I have some military affairs to deal with, can not stay!" "It is a pity. WWW, QUanbEN , cOM.. "Although Li Yuan Taekwondo pity, but his face was a little can not be seen, it is estimated that some kind words! Liu debate turned to the Sima Hui said with a smile: "Sir rì go and look after me, just need to find before you can log Yuzhou, animal husbandry and play, then I will let Mr. know never mentioned previously identified on paper!" "Now the Yuzhou, animal husbandry has substitutions yet?" Sima Hui suddenly confused, he did not received the message ah! Standing on the side of Sima Hui Li Yuan also a look of confusion. Liu argued smiled and shook his head and said: "Not yet! But this time after the end of the Yellow Turban Rebellion want to change! Distinguish first left..." "Your Highness walking!" Sima Hui and Li Yuan Liu argued gently against The enlightened one. "Goodbye!" Liu argued against Sima Hui and Wang Yue couple a Baoquan, leapt to their horses dust away. Watched Wang Yue Liu debate and leave smiling face looking at Li Yuan Sima Hui said: "Jon should also remember about ten years now!" "Uh .. naturally! Has now been in the past four years, even if you want to fight in at HRH Six years later is something! Now I just want to train him until just a few Tranquility.. "Sima Hui smile and shook his head, holding the hands of Li Yuan entered the hut. Li Yuan cling Sima Hui said apologetically: "Jon, I'm sorry! But this is for the hello, your fortune tellers is the case, definitely not in the thirty-year-old former participants in the war!" "You and I are couples why do we care so more, if I really blame you, I'm loyal to this where it would delay the timing of ZTE Lord! Everything is fate would have it... "Sima Hui sighed, stroking Li Yuan, black hair, gently closed his eyes not speak. Liu debate and saying the other side after the departure of Wang Yue, catch a half hour before returning to the Clan. "My lord! That Sima Hui Li Yuan's wife is very simple, is a martial arts master!" A return to Taishou Fu, Wang Yue Liu would argue softly. Liu argued heard surprised, said: "can you say is the master, she should be very strong fishes, really vain ah! That can not be seen her look so weak.." Wang Yue said softly: " strength is good, that is a bit rude! "Liu argued against Wang Yue does not agree, then, softly said:" This is really extraordinary woman ah! In this era, women have this xìng grid is really valuable , and Sima Hui is pretty commensurate! "" probably right! "Wang Yue, a woman such creatures are not very understanding, no right to speak, can only be a faint Liu argued loudly. "Oh, I say father ah! Here I was an outsider and did not you say that you also should find a wife! Nor is it always so single thing!" Wang Yue Liu debate see mention of a woman's topic on counseling , I feel ridiculous, then earnest persuasion up. Wang Yue body paused, because with a ghost mask Liu argued that he did not know what expression now, long before light, said Wang Yue: "The first breakthrough in Budo,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, the children talk about things!" "Alas! I said Fockers ah! Posuixukong itself is very slim, as you first get married with offspring inherit incense, and then concentrate on practicing how? we have countless hours to break Budo pinnacle, you do not have seen my ability to rejuvenate it? "Liu debate put a Vice me for thy sake expression. "It's ..." Wang Yue some hesitation, after all, Liu argued that also makes sense. Wang Yue Liu debate see some wavering heart, while laughing, but on the surface they look serious, said: "Do this this this is a, this height you to give a Zhunxin it!" "Well, so I truly become a super-class master say? "Wang Yue Liu debate looked serious expression, xìng asked tentatively, he do not understand in the end who is the father, who is the son of. See Wang Yue finally compromise, Liu argued lengthy a chuckle: "Junzaiyiyan, horse whip! We have that settled, waiting for you to make a breakthrough Budo again,Coach Sunglasses Sale, you will find a marriage how? '." .. Good! "Wang Yue what else to say, who told Liu argued that he could not refuse the request it? Only nodded helplessly agreed the matter. Wang Yue Liu debate see things here came to a close, then said: "Your father will first go back! Huangfu I went to discuss something for ..." "Well!" Wang Yue nodded his head and walked away. Asked a soldier to know Huangpu Song and Zhu Jun to go to camp, Liu argued could do nothing but pull on his white horse rushed to the barracks, if not necessarily dark to walk back to come! Fortunately, Liu argued in order to facilitate access to the barracks,Coach Bags Outlet, early in each of the Huangpu Song and Zhu Jun to a warrant, plus keep the battalion soldiers under the command of the Huangpu Song, recognition of Liu argued, so Liu argued very easy to enter the barracks. In Shuai Zhang found the Huangpu Song and Zhu Jun, the presence of two well Cao cāo and Sun Jian, see Liu Liu argued against the defense accounted for four of worship and worship. "Your Highness just come! Wei and I are discussing public issues the rest of the arrangement, there is no interest to listen to His Royal Highness?" Huangpu Song smiling at Liu debate, said softly. Liu argued heard rejoicing, cheerfully said: "It seems discernible came just in time! Do not know how the layout of the two generals are?" "I'm going out with 20,000 troops to Jingzhou rì insurgency, Nanyang County prefect Qin Jie Xisha Shuai Zhang Mancheng Jingzhou drainage, but the Yellow Turban army has launched a new leader captured Wan Cheng, Qin Jie arrived at the West Hubei County, Qin Jie feel some headaches Bianxiang army for help! " Zhu Jun scratched his beard to Liu argued explained. Liu argued hesitated for a moment then turned around and looked Huangpu Song asked: "true meaning of General arrangement it?" "I'm ready to take the rest of the army here in mopping up some small stocks Huang Jinzei also Yuzhou a quiet!" Huangpu Song murderous replied. "This ah!" Liu debate touched his chin, crossing back and forth a few steps some distress, said: "This is big waste of manpower, but also to consume a lot of time.." "Indeed, we only discuss countermeasures in ! "Zhu Jun is also somewhat distressed, apparently by the question stumped. Liu argued pondered quite a while, the brain suddenly recalled a piece of history, then smiled Morohito said: "I have a plan to solve the matter!" "Will install a meter?" Everyone's eyes can not help a bright, Huangpu Song it is a look of excitement, apparently troubled by this problem for a long time. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- The first is more of O ( ∩ _ ∩] O ~ today there is one more O (∩ _ ∩] O ~ <

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