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27.05.2013 11:45
No. My wife is not ill antworten

The 158th chapter in the capital of hearsay "yesterday I saw your wife, she had a bad cough, and everyone looked at her, she must be ill? Just today, the cottage of spraying R ì, you still don't hurry home to medicine!" No. My wife is not ill, yesterday she was wearing a new dress." The street Wazili repartee caused a set the whole room roaring with laughter, Tao Ergang came out of the great building, hear laughter to collect, Wazili is juggling, use, sell, sell the fragrant medicine needle, selling scarf...... People are hurrying to and fro., bustling, Lee aunt pancake stalls sat many diners, faint scent diffuse the whole tile pancakes are. Then, on the street who Li Shier chewing the pancakes, he shouted: "I heard your neighborhood? And the news from Beijing to come!" "Don't keep me in suspense twelve Lang, what news quickly to everyone said!" Immediately next to someone loudly and. Li Shier proudly boasted: "this news, I also heard that I see Xuande gate brother-in-law said, my wife today is not back home? Just meet my brother-in-law......" "Twelve francs! At least these useless, today this pancake I please, tell me now!" "Good! All the neighbours listen!" Li twelve purposes, blowing it up immediately at the top of your lungs, and so it is, "said Yang Xueshi to the ring, see the ring is the * * made no appearance, immediately be up his hat, stand up, please think, Yang Xueshi is what person! The anger that still have? Even the Liao Dynasty Courtyard South of King Yang Xueshi were all hits hard, the tiny kingdom, is placed in the eyes of Yang Xueshi? Yang Xueshi one anger, immediately sent divine troops descending from heaven......" Wait. I said twelve Lang, eating my cake,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, you must give me spit out two words, what divine troops descending from heaven? When Yang Xueshi is in the view of God?" When Wazilidun came a roar of laughter, Li Shier some embarrassing, but some of his quick wit, deceive a way: "you don't laugh, you think, let's song nai-tong Hall Chinese country,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, let's song of the soldiers will not divine troops descending from heaven?" "Rational you say, keep talking!" "You if want, this time, but don't break! Now where were we?" "Yang Xueshi one anger, immediately sent divine troops descending from heaven!" They laughed again. Li Shier hurriedly interrupted: "right, said Li Xueshi sent thousands of troops and horses, across Hengshan, the Tangut people kill fart roll shit, fecal incontinence......" "I said twelve Lang, your mouth can put a clean point, I was eating pancakes!" Li Shier once again interrupted him, argued that full of bitterness: "Daniel, you don't like, it's that thing, heard of fecal incontinence, the Tangut ass wipe all too late, have become our soldiers captive, Yang Ba think these people too smelly, and loop before, let these the Tangut all belongs to Tokchon to swim back, the body of the dirty things wash clean, this just make a ring." "There is really such a thing?" "It also false! You don't interrupt, continue to listen to, J ī ng color is yet to come,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, to keep you back the night can't sleep, said Yang Science >

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