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27.05.2013 11:43
Gengu affect the speed of antworten

> "If you want to use modifier must need something called 'aura' senior energy!" Linger look dull to watch their master Liu argued, and no previous affectionate enthusiasm. wWW, QUANben, cOM "Aura?" Liu argued the expression of some doubts, he had heard that before crossing is called Xiao-meng said, using the modified needs to Reiki, but he was not sure what exactly is Reiki, you need to how get their hands on. "Reiki is a high energy, Reiki collection methods currently known only collected daily by the modifier 24.2! Of course there are other ways Aura collection, but I am not very clear, you need to master their own to explore!" Liu argued one looked faint, light Linger tea sipped delicious whisper said. Listen Linger Liu argued that the sound is a pleasure, it is a very comfortable feeling, difficult to describe in words, but make him more concerned about is whether Linger hands of tea can give him also came a cup. Liu argued that looking at the expression of dementia, Linger unable to maintain bland expression, Puchi smile, this debate is not restrained by Liu rude behavior, but continue to explain the relevant modifiers. "Modifier to modify option requires self-generated, each generating a need ten thousand points of Reiki!" Linger language does not startle, Liu argued sentence will be awakened from the dream YY, and put him into the abyss of hell . "Ten thousand!? 24.2 Reiki one day, then it would not have to wait more than four hundred days I can use? This is not tasteless you!?" Liu argued heard shocked, looking at some gaffe Linger asked to drink . "You do not have to worry about the owner, has long been considered adults Pangu Road this case, so long been injected aura, but these can only be used in the build options Reiki on!" Linger faint smile, interesting look at a Liu argued panicked face, she felt the occasional teasing their master feeling is still very good. "You can generate a few?" "Three!" Linger gently smile, elegant raised his right hand stretched out three fingers, once again stressed: "Only three!" "Yes!" Spirit What seems to think of children in general, face serious look at Liu argued: "modifier also comes with a thousand points of Reiki, as long as the owner provincial point of use, enough support for some time!" "Only a thousand points ah .. "Liu argued that some people lack Tunxiang, with only a thousand points of Reiki is very unhappy, he sent did not curse Pangea is a cheapskate, and will not inject more than a few hundred thousand points do? It is only given one thousand stingy! "Master you are content with it! Thousand points of Reiki alone if the modifier own collection, but also to collect more than forty days too!" Linger Oh Liu argued jokes with a smile, eyes smile also increasingly The more intense. Looked at some Renxiaoguitai Linger, Liu debate is a bit not smile, sometimes like a naive romantic Linger a little girl, but also like a present so funny, mature, do not know there will be several other surface is not? "There needs to note that the owner, the general evolution of the modification options will be bundled a system that only the primary talent suitable for use!" Linger see Liu argued for Aura collection is no problem, then tell the next function. "System?" Liu argued self-proclaimed computer up to people, super otaku, but now they did not understand Linger lyrically. "The owner has not played the game for you? Xìng which there can be added to an angular sè play game now!" Linger smiling at which piles on the shelves of the game disc. "So what?" Liu waved care debate, got up off the shelf to take over a novel readily turned, looked at the hands of the novel Liu debate can not help but miss from the 21st century otaku life. "If the owner is xìng modified to add the words, it will comes with a system: the case xìng digitized! That later in the owner's eyes, the quality of the body, can be used instead of the data of!" Linger know Liu Debate like to play games, so match up said. Liu argued heard two take jīng light, suddenly reached out and grabbed a small hand Linger excitement, said: "Would not it be on the reality of the game and playing almost! If I add Xuanyuanjian demon refining system, how will it?" See his physique is holding Linger can not help a little face powder toot red, without a trace of the clutches of Liu debate broke away shaking his head, said: "how do I know, but the general level of the class is the possibility of biological systems , these systems unless careful scrutiny before, otherwise it is not readily available! but not every item will increase a modified system. "" Oh! "Liu explained after listening to debate, and somewhat depressed, but then they clear up,Coach Handbags Sale, excitement shouted: "That's the first change this option to add an xìng it! can you?" "No problem, the owner please wait!" Linger nodded, quietly closed the night generally double projects. About half an hour later, opened his eyes and shoved Linger, a jīng light flashed. "It is finished?" Liu argued look forward to watching Linger, two hands together in prayer to pray also maintained look. "It is finished! Incidental xìng data of the system are of the need to listen to a detailed explanation of subordinate xìng do? Owners.." Linger glanced Liu argued as meaningful said that last eleven master, let Liu argued hearts inexplicable animal blood boiling. But now is not thinking about Lolita develop a plan, or a modifier is more important, the moment Liu argued nodded without hesitation: "Nature to listen!" Modify Option 1: Basic genus xìng modification: You can modify physical fitness, military, intelligence, speed, glamor, Gengu, lucky seven basic genus xìng. In which the body, arms, intellectual each additional point needs to consume 9:00 aura. Speed ​​is little need to consume 24 for each additional point Reiki, add a little glamor to 48 for each additional point of Reiki, Gengu 72 points for every little need to Reiki, fortunately did not need 108 points to add a little Reiki (permanent, not to be changed monthly random effect.) Basic is xìng were physical fitness, military, intelligence, speed,oakley sunglasses, glamor, Gengu lucky. Physical vitality derived from a representative of the genus xìng: jīng force, physical limit 333 points, a body = 3jīng. Wu Liyan give birth to a similar infuriating genus xìng: air force, military caps 333 points, a martial = 3 gas. Wisdom derived from a similar magic genus xìng: god, wisdom maximum 333 points, a chi = three gods. Speed ​​of movement speed and attack speed, frequency, without limit. Get others to favor charm even affect the difficulty of allegiance, no limit. Gengu affect the speed of practice and achievements of people with no limit. Fortunately, that is literally a monthly random changes in the 1-100 permanently increased without limit. "Incidental to modify the basic system is xìng the owner you should understand it!" Linger assumed that you do not understand a pig's face, so that Liu argued very depressed. . ".." Liu argued completely silent, only silently nodded his point. This situation has now let alone understand,Air Jordan Flight The Power Sale, if not understand should pretend to understand, that is, the so-called pretend to understand. Pops, some excited Linger clapped her hands and said: "Well! Now spent a modify items, and left two masters must seriously consider Oh! Although modification options can be reset, but also need 5000 points. Aura said! "" Black! really dark enough! "Liu argued a reset to 5000 points. modification options actually Reiki, present head cold sweats toward Linger thumbs-up. "What thing! Consumed but not by Reiki I eat, this is a must consume Well! You this hateful Lolicon!" Linger heard much dissatisfaction, the moment she grumbles angrily staring Liu debate means with Liu argued complained. "Ha!?" Liu debate once again be mine, and it's very thorough to mine, somehow pointed to his nose and asked: "When did I become a lolicon?" Linger performance like a gouring jīng strange mischievous ghosts, naturally no matter what advice Liu debate, change to pound out a lot of pillows shoved Liu argued, inexplicable mouth shouting: "is the Lolicon! you're Lolicon! but also a strange uncle! metamorphosis Goldfish guy! Linger definitely will not tell you to see the big goldfish! "" This is what and what ah!!! "otaku's room, filled with Liu argued the Beihao sound. <

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