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> Save said Zhang He led his army to attack only six hundred thousand to be light and thought it was deposited chops;'s. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM thought of that Berkshire's defender is amazing. Recommended by tens of thousands of soldiers and horses, occupied Berkshire difficult terrain, so Zhang He can not successfully enter! Although the storm can also capture Berkshire, but the loss but it will be too large, which is absolutely undesirable. ZHANG He had wanted to lure out the other side, trying to kill him, but sent forward several challenges, the other is refusing to play, no matter how he's provocative, the other is back from the dead. "This is what people do not know defender, it is too can forbear, if can not accept for yourself Ran words. Should go out early, so that became the scourge!" Zhang He looked around him look lamented Riboud et al. a look of helpless sighs, Riboud is arrived the day before yesterday. For Riboud's arrival,Coach Bags Outlet, it is not the whole optimistic about the merger Chang, Riboud by the collar of one hundred thousand cavalry, although very powerful, but if you pull the plug, then used the siege, the effect is not very satisfactory. But because of the strength surge, resulting in even more afraid to play each other, which seemed to be somewhat counterproductive it. "Previous horse to report, Her Majesty will arrive at noon after Berkshire, if we can not under the pen before the arrival win here, I am afraid will be ridiculed ah!" Riboud look helpless sigh, shrink He is not never seen a turtle head, but so retreating first time I saw him. "Here's defender Ming Huan Guo Huai, but civil and military genius, though still very young, but highly Berkshire prefect Cao Zhen's favor!" Zhuge Liang riding a horse, slowly from behind army lines, sheets together smiling face facing said end he did not forget to add the sentence: "This is just the collected intelligence!" dangerous: in advance so that Guo Huai appearance. Otherwise Wei really is no one available, because it is late three characters, so age is naturally a dozen two-year-old big. As Cao Zhen's age has not changed much, and almost as large as Pi. Zhujiang see Zhu came quickly against Zhuge Liang hold the Baoquan, although Zhuge Liang's office is not high, but his mind was very terrible. Liu debate but also of the disciples, they naturally not mocked. "Ming tell how?" Zhang He looked at his face chuckle Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang does not come to the sounding of the past few days watching, suddenly come today. Presumably there any measures, which makes sheets together and some can not help but look forward to! No wonder so expect the sheets together, Pang Tong last out the count, relaxing on the solution of the Wai-yung, but also capture the breath of Hanzhong City, is the indirect result of Cao Cao barricaded Baidicheng, Riboud was finally killed. The fame did not Pang Tong below. But also worse than the wise out the count. Presumably can be easily captured Berkshire. "Berkshire prefect but Cao Cao Zhen son, there are ten thousand inappropriate Yong, and Understand use, is very tough, while not stamp their feet so that a few days before our army's Guo Huai, originally lieutenant Cao Zhen, Cao Zhen collar in Pakistan county prefect a job after consul of Berkshire all military power, his ability you also had the experience, while Cao Zhen given them there is a will, Minghuan WeiYan this person force is far better than Cao Zhen, but Berkshire first Reggie! Berkshire are defenders of thirty thousand, are fighting through dozens of elite soldiers, fighting in no way inferior army gun but it's easily defensible advantageous place, there are three men in this garrison, to I am afraid that is not easy to want to remove this city! have spies to report, the past few days there have been young and Berkshire were deployed shipped Chengdu, and now in addition to 30 000 Berkshire defenders outside the city, leaving hundreds of thousands of elderly and infirm. This which will certainly quirky, we can start from here. "Zhuge Liang shook his smiling face Fulong fan, with a relaxed tone tells Berkshire intelligence, not at all expect, but in October the autumn cold at this time , he shook fans do? "Young and being deployed?" Feng naked eyes flash, and Jushou, Pang Tong, who, as a glance, some hesitation, said: "Could Yizhou Cao remnants would become mobilized all of the young, and will focus on the troops Chengdu, and not a military fight with? This is a bit too crazy, those millions of young and even build, how to resist military cavalry? "Heard captains have a look of surprise did not think these people are crazy to actually So the point, where it still want to fight with, is clearly just want to die ah! "They do not want to fight with!" Zhuge Liang jiggle Frunze fan, smiling face, said: "people who come up with this plan, Cao Cao will certainly be loyal man! His desperate battle with a reason to convince others , deployed throughout Yizhou of the young in fact his aim is to Cao Cao revenge because the army is too strong, he knows not to use extraordinary means to Cao Cao revenge, so only use such an extreme measure, and we are ready to die ! but also declared that they get Yizhou, we also can not get this man poison ah! "Everyone heard suddenly silent and not come up with a plan silent enemy, but can so easily Zhuge Liang silent tone . Saying such a serious subject, but also in this case the cold wind blowing, a shake of the tossed fan. The more smart people, things will become increasingly weird ah "Ahem!" Zhuge Liang see everyone with the strange eyes looking at myself, embarrassed cough a few times, then straightened his face, said: "In order to prevent the enemy's plan to succeed, we must make the greatest efforts to Berkshire's defenders to break. maximize weaken their fighting power! Berkshire's young and has been deployed almost, estimated at a few people who not worry, recently also all troops retreated into a fierce two-day they will irrigate from the sea to leave, go to a state confluence Cho, and then diverted to go Jiangzhou, go to South Africa and the confluence of Meng Huo. then back to Chengdu! so long as the arrangements for a ambush just south of the ferry in the Berkshire neighborhood, such as Cao Zhen led his army to go to because of the need collusion of the vessel, if possible, it is best to ship won, you can also save a lot of overhead for the army. "" If they are from the land take it?. Bacho some hesitation asked. "They only take the water! "Zhuge Liang said with a positive tone, the crowd saw Zhuge Liang so confident, no longer continue to ask .. As Pangtong three nor more than anything, what they seem to have a tacit understanding between the general, any one person out of dollars, others All three were silent, this time one has been so! captains after a lot of deliberation, finally by the command of Zhang tune plate shots by Ma Chao led thirty thousand cavalry ambush in south riverbank near Berkshire, yellow Syria and Li Yan assisted by two, as long as Cao Zhen really leading to the ferry, directly cover the military is fighting while the rest of the crowd task, it is accumulated in Berkshire provocation, Guo Huai to attract the attention of other people do not let them found them less thirty thousand the second day, Zhang He had a curtain around San Queyi deliberately would Dongcheng full withdrawal of troops and horses, and then weakened the West's military, the main forces concentrated in the North City and South City. Cao Zhen nor suspected him, they led to break away from the West, while Zhang He also took the opportunity to capture the big bang Berkshire, he entered the city the first thing. army is deployed in the city searching for, all at home and catch all of the young up and interrogated! because these people may be left spy Cao Zhen Let us now turn Cao Zhen led the army spanking more than twenty years. did not see the sheets together led his troops to chase the heart is a little strange, but seeing it in front of the ferry, almost come to assist vessels approaching. moment will not think too much. urging people pick up the pace. "prefect adults, stop the march, there may be an ambush near! "Guo Huai see Zhang He, who did not chase the heart is also very strange, see some quiet surroundings too far, mind obtrusive think of it a possibility, quickly shouted out loud." Kill! . "Guo Huai just out loud, there are countless cavalry from both sides of the blaze, it is headed by a general Ma Chao! And beside him two valiant teenager, namely Syria and Li Yan Wong. ** But the dragon the new generation of leaders. Huang rights but the new generation of force strongest. Liu was sent to defend the title unicorn child is bully Sun Ce also inferior third, but fame is not so loud Bale Sun Ce, while Li Yan Yongwu though Syria as yellow, but it Nengwennengwu is a generalship! after all three famous, an unlimited potential. "fell into the trap! "Cao Zhen is also alarmed, he knew the cavalry, cavalry is not exactly famous Xiliang what? Only Western Liang Ma Chao's cavalry by the collar, and his understanding of the Western Liang cavalry seem somewhat different, they do not carry bows and arrows. Just in the back bundled with several short ** like the weapons of a standard hands still holding the iron spear! do not wait for Cao Zhen recovered, just listen to the cries of brush piercing sound, filled with corpses are dissatisfied javelin of the rain, it was the collar Western Liang Ma Chao cavalry, a favorite for the projection of dollars! "White Tiger Generals Ma Meng from here, who would a war." burst of rain after gun, Cao Zhen thirty thousand troops of the collar, casualties half, wearing silver armor, weapons tiger head helmet, holding a gun pointed dragon, feet across Black Horse Ma Chao is also taking advantage of a ride blaze. arrogant face looked across the Cao Zhen, HUANG Xu, Li Yan duo also stand beside him, with a provocative eyes looked across the remnants! "WeiYan here! "See Ma Chao so arrogant county first GLADIATOR can not help it, and a crotch shot of a black horse, carrying a blade of the sword to kill the ghost Ma Chao! WeiYan eight feet in length, face beard bunch, perhaps because practice exercises influence, his skin is very dark. eyes flashed a fiercely from time to time, people iden-tify, this is a very cruel person! than pale Zhang, Wei Yan is clearly more in line with Zhang Fei In the Romance of the image, the whole a bad cop villains! "early think it would be you! "Ma Chao see Wei Yan to kill, then laughed loudly, waving guns and WeiYan Tsim battle became a group. Gun and knife to the metal sonorous Zhuangjizhisheng constantly ringing. Playing really intense! Weiyan Wu Yi extraordinary, is is a super high-end war. knife already reached consummation of the environment, and Ma Chao fight sometimes they do not tell how the outcome! but because WeiYan equipment and strength are poor on a chip, if there is no accident, then, defeated Ma Chao hand, it was a matter of time. two will battle when the two armies also very understanding of their soldiers back a few hundred paces, leaving a certain amount of space and distance across more than two people fighting. Bacho determined Xianwei, deterrence Cao Zhen soldiers, so do not let the soldiers under the command of meddling. Cao Zhen knew in this place and so flat, if utilized by military forces, then they are definitely not Xiliang cavalry opponents, so just expect to be able beheaded Ma Chao Wei Yan, let the other morale Large decay, thus increasing the number of unmeritorious! regards to escape problems, Cao Zhen is not without thought, but soon it was rejected, and his horses, mostly infantry, was asked how the two legs run over four legs? If discard these soldiers, they will inevitably surrender dragon too, then, the Canadian army fighting the dragon country, and speak only side-step fading oh six troops before its evolution into what the situation, not as desperate a war, the worst results But yes, let all the dead and wounded soldiers here, but can also consume dragon country army troops, to a lose-lose situation, so the two sides can be very understanding their back, so that the separation of one's own generals down! Ma Chao and Wei Yan fighting dozens of rounds of small WeiYan gradually fall under the wind, although very subtle, but as long as the experts will be able to see that! Cao Zhen Wei Yan does not wish to sacrifice this and other generals. facing Guo Huai called wink! "Wen long, I'll help you! "Guo Huai Cho really received instructions, a crotch shot horse, holding a bright silver gun flying out to kill the Ma Chao." Zeijiang good shameless! "Li Yan Guo Huai see popped preparation and WeiYan double horse super, hastened toward Syria hit a yellow eye, the two sets together to kill double battle Guo Huai! Super-class master in two under siege, Guo Huai one, face to face they fall under the wind, Li Yan superb midrange power, compared to the super-class for elementary Guo Huai stronger, not to mention superb yellow peak Syria or war. a knife archery are the culmination of a combat is Ma Chao can not be lightly beat them. "Bo Ji Do not panic, certain to help you! "See those two teenager so tyrannical, the Guo Huai completely suppressed. Danger, may at any time lost; Cao Zhen kissing quickly popped the yellow Syrian attack to take down. Cao Zhen Guo Huai is stronger than the strength of , but compared to Wei Yan was also worse, about the strength of the super-class midrange, spear culmination of the realm. Cao Zhen and Guo Wei who is a rising star, if they are given time to grow in 2023, I am afraid that is not utilized Liu debate Heaven-level combat. Yizhou to occupy all the words, I am afraid to spend more playing some hands and feet! but now the duo has not yet fully grown, naturally can not crack the dragon country these opponents. Cao Zhen right on the yellow Syria Is he the greatest misfortune in this life, but thirty rounds of fighting, thus revealing defeat as being yellow knife pixia Syrian horses, the last in a desperate Guo Huai mutual under several Guards were sent away. "army Impact ! "Guo Huai a person Syria and Li Yan Wong knew not win, then shouted loudly, greeting army attack!" Kill! ! ! "Cao thousand only remaining remnants.'s Orders after hearing Guo Huai, have raised weapons and rushed toward the opposite." Western Liang cavalry! Projection! Shock! "Ma Chao see each general attack, shot driven back WeiYan. Gun big Heliaoyisheng. Thirty thousand cavalry Western Liang Wensheng, put his hand to the back. Paxia a javelin, throwing away toward the opposite! Brush The piercing sound, filled with corpses are guns rain, Cao brush the fallen one and one. "Kill! ! ! "Thirty thousand cavalry Xiliang shot in the javelin throw, the upright in the hands of guns. Divided into three horizontal forces, launched a ferocious impact!" Can not go on fighting! "Wei Yan see Xiliang cavalry so pomp, heart also reluctant to death. Ordered at the same time taking advantage of Ma Chao, Pa Ma Bianxiang retreat to go." WeiYan dismount! "Guiding super attack command is finished, see Wei Yan gave himself ready to withdraw, quickly catch up kissing. Wei Yan Ma Chao's horse did not think so rapidly, only a moment he caught up with him, and sometimes do not check in by Bacho shot scraped of this point several Guards approached Ma Chao, Wei Yan will be tied up. "Thou shalt be seen today, our military prowess! "See that angry look entangled Wei Yan, Ma Chaoyang played a trace of pride smile. Condescending look WeiYan said." Much! "Wei Yan snorted no longer speak. Bacho seeing also feel boring, then waved to several Guards will WeiYan depressed, then start melee battlefield swept volume up. Slipping through the net to see if there is no The Fish! while the other side of Guo gave the offensive potential in command, in front of one's own soldiers when the immediate concern. they prepare disarray receded, he is not stupid. naturally very clear this battle will be lost! Guo Huai just did not think, though They really are losing this war undoubtedly, but it is never led, but a face to face will be shot more than half, in front of other Western Liang cavalry immediate concern when leaving thousands of remnants, do not know can not withstand the first wave of these cruel assault. "Hugh Zeijiang go! "Huang Guo Huai Syria will get away, quickly Income storage ring will be swords, took out an ice blue Bow, bow Nock! Listen to jeer bang fine sound, a piercing blue arrows away, Guo Huai crashed sacked by several Western Liang cavalry tied up pressure down the left hand stuck in an impressively arrows, both because Syria has used bows and arrows with ice attribute sake. Guo Huai a drop of blood does not flow out,Coach Online Outlet, but it is his face pale, trembling body, apparently frozen to die. then Ma Chao received the entire army, counted the casualties, captured enemy about three thousand,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, six thousand kills about 20,000, one's own wounded a Qianqi, no person killed, the enemy who would Guo, Wei Yan captured, wounded fled Cao Zhen. although not captured Cao Zhen, but can be captured two generals, one's own is not a dead, death, which he had ever against Ma Chao is and beat one of the most straightforward battle! simply do not move his head, as long as the command of the army command and fight enough. surrender after Ma Chao Wei Yan, Guo Huai failure, desperation only choice temporarily abandoned capitulate two people, after all, they are is the rare talent, so it would be a pity to kill. fastest update <

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