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27.05.2013 11:34
the reason is very simple antworten

Collection, collection, and collection! Since Zhao Xu qinzheng, the bridegroom Douwei Wang Shen behavior has been convergence many, the reason is very simple, when Shu long the princess, he angered the God Emperor, was the God Emperor back Jue, far down. Until the Empress Dowager Xuan Ren high surging said of an empress, he will have a chance to complex officer. Now, turn to Zhao Xu's, Zhao Xu is the God Emperor of admirers, followers, who knows he will not like his father, will own a line in the end once again? Still remain in one's proper sphere for good! Keren luck up, drink plenty of water will be choked, Wang Shen even get grovelling, still could not escape the bad luck. A few months ago, he Fu Tan to Ministry of penalty found, unexpectedly is Maitreya to teach responsible person in Tokyo, Wang Shen himself has been the Xing Department subpoenaed several times, although in the end there is no evidence that Wang Shen has joined Maitreya to teach, but he reserved illegal fact; Maitreya to teach this rebellion, nearly caused a Song Liao and total war, day almost broken; Tan Yuanzhi things by the newspaper, Zhao Xu not Titus gas, it is all the old and recent grudges welled in mind, Wang Shen was again taken away from jazz, though not by the Tokyo City, but the original high surging gave his industry shall be resumed by the court; now Wang Shenyi no salary, no two property income, home to a group of concubines even buy Rouge gouache money is tight, a turn gloomy, Wang Shen look at all feel bored children. Fortunately, in his painting is really good, very much in favor of the king of Suining and others, we often help a little, otherwise it is not afraid to cook. This day Wang Shen is the real painting, home to several concubines but because of bead head in an uproar, Wang Shen was terrible flighty and impetuous, flay, the table inkstone to hit out of the door! The ink spilled all over the ground. This is finally quiet! But Wang Shen started aching, that the inkstone was sent by Su Shi, now no life, and also the value of a hundred through general trade, which was completely destroyed under! When Wang Shen gas have to beat, Porter come to report, said there was a stone for one person. Be missing. Be missing. Wang Shenzheng upset, open the name below written in stone sue, this name even have not heard, he was thinking how to and a stranger molar. The boy hesitated, see Wang Shen's face as ink, not to say anything, turned to leave,Air Jordan 12 UK, Wang Shen suddenly said: "etc.!" He opened the name, yes, below Shi Manshu this name, there are a few inconspicuous small print: once the palace. "Let the people come in please!" Lobby, stone Sue smiling face and, by name, also don't rush to explain themselves, but let the attendants of the gifts carried, Korea ginseng, Hepu pearl, the blanket, Zhancheng spices, ivory,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx Cheap, nothing is too strange. It is all these gifts, precious, and it was a thousand consistent with. Meet for the first time, so large, make Wang Shen surprised unceasingly, he also not so naive to think had cloth is worried about not m disaster, let people send gifts to comfort yourself; now powerless, even the title was captured,Oakley Active clearance, once when the Privy cloth dignified, in their own flowers so much thought, not clear about how can he feel at ease. "Mr. stone is probably never go to the temple for nothing, so valuable.

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