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> Cheng Hsieh "lost the end of fall,?," My sister is if ". WwW. QUanbEN. COm" once ignorant few two states, "Longkuang Star" 2 "nails tea Jia tea" four cast out monthly, Thanks to "Longkuang star if my sister was" generous a reward. More of you are very familiar with the old friends, but also a reward is a monthly pass, dragons and no outbreak, really very sorry. This chapter is the 7th pass, on the 8th will be automatically updated, and is said on yesterday, that is, on the 6th of the state bar. The 6th I wrote more than six thousand words chapters, but because Lee love compression of the reason that there is no finish after what inspiration, but now I have other options, so it will be the beginning of the prologue and the first book, the first two chapters give yards out. Words add up to more than 8,000 words, math words. Progress is also considered good. Dragons would like to save the manuscript, before modifying the update is complete, in the hands of a new book at least three hundred thousand manuscripts, so that you can guarantee a stable update. If fortunate enough shelves, but also at least one or two months can be maintained at more million words! October plans to update the table. Part of the reason is that in order to modify and accumulate new book manuscript. I hope you can understand! . Month, will release new book test reading, will establish a public version of the new book published volume, I hope we can see, Tidianyijian. But at the beginning of twelve chapters perhaps more boring, fun book from the beginning after ten chapters, I hope we can be patient. Also made a survey form, which is to modify the author surveys about new books, and I hope that we can participate in it, this data collection is very important. Thank you parked "This wine creamy and delicious, not intoxicating. But also make up air force, really rare masterpiece wine! Thank Zhao Xiong wine gifts, but today a war, a matter of life and death of our military brothers and their families, and I will certainly will not be lenient, Zhao Xiong also please be careful! "Ma Chao Zhao impression this is not for the poor, which under a gift Zhao drank wine, the body of the air force is abundant Road to the extreme, the moment the impression of natural and better for Zhao , began fraternizing. For swords generals speaking, there are three major iron is to make friends, it is the first character to come together, and the second is Wuhui, third nature is drinking! There are few generals do not like to drink. Even the usually high cis teetotaler, also liked to drink, but he often awoke himself, drinking villain, so little drinking nothing! Ma Chao and Zhao see each other, all feel very pleasing to the eye, but also with the drink of the peerless wine. Three iron is only the second point. "This is a natural, clouds will not be lenient!" Zhao mouth pulled up a confident smile. TAG gentian slightly raised his right hand, assumed a belligerent posture, light, said: "You and I before World War I, the cloud can assure you, if the cloud unfortunate defeat, my family's commitment strategist absolutely effective! Whatever the outcome, the general family and subordinates. peace of mind can be! "" super on Xianxie! Chao also assure you, if the super unfortunate defeat, the state must pledge allegiance wing king house with you as the minister! ha ha! "has been Zhao guarantee, Ma Chao mind completely dispel the only apprehension also, the number of heroic spirit of laughter sound; the hands of the wine gourd aside, raised his gun pointed golden dragon, a clip girth tightly, while flying Glimpse out, and instantly kill to Zhao front, gun stabbed! A touch of golden light flashed, Ma Chao tuna has been with supremely trend, headed toward the Chao. "To well!" Master a shot, glance there, see Ma Chao menacing, thorn out of the shot totally natural, like the gates like a ferocious tiger. Zhao hearts of war suddenly Kuangyong sky, excited shout of one, a clip girth, Tingqiang engaged. Common Sense! Gold and Iron soon as dramatic crash Bao Xiang, one gold and one silver to Dragonlance hit with a bunch of sparks clashes, two rifles under the control of their respective owners, tightly bonded together. Xuanwu constantly collide with, wiping out waves of sparks. Liang Qi staggered over, turn by turn looked at each other, are each other's Juli admired. First shot of probing attacks, whether or Ma Chao Zhao, and my heart have to understand, they run into the opponent! "Drink!" Zhao first moves, a ride flying, Yinqiang turned into a starry folder with waves Baoxiang piercing, stabbing Ma Chao, dozens of gun shadow thorn out, silver bursts of flash, people dazzled. But Ma Chao was unmoved, a clip girth was greeted, Long pointed guns swept out of the storm began to cry homeruns loud burst of golden light, easily resolve Zhao attacks. They are evenly matched, chest lit endless war, each burst Heliaoyisheng battle became a group. Do not look at the moves, they have to yell, do fruitless. General swordsman battle moves, often have such a burst drink, in addition to deter opponents outside, more importantly, to enhance their fighting spirit, so that you can Genghen moves from wool, stronger, faster! Zhao out of the gun, fast and hard, Guns fatal. Absolutely nothing. Ma Chao Zhao moves although not fast, but more powerful than Zhao, gun recruit large-scale cooperation, like the Tigers generally vicious. Two peerless warrior fighting each staggered, is issued by the deafening noise, the air is fried from a road visible ripples. This is the duo did not awaken, or fighting naturally more beautiful, more shocking! Concubine! ! Two will fight a hundred rounds regardless of the outcome, each drank a burst, the hands of the long spear out. Two magic has generated a hit record. Uttered exploding. But this time, once the two grips. Then left to pull away, the state no longer enter glued Fighters, apparently ready to make the final blow up! Two will have no awakening, because they know. Since the beginning without awakening, then there will be no chance to wake up, this is not what provisions or tacit unspoken rules are more or something! Instead, the number of peaks in this debate showdown this year in the tiger and Liu Feng Guan, hard-fought Riboud different. Riboud was able to first awakening. In addition to artifact level of confidence because Riboud Suzaku suit can protect him unharmed, the more he wanted to fully Liu debate showdown, also uses awakening attack meant. Most of it. With a tacit understanding between them, are by default other into awakening! Liu argued otherwise to the strength, Riboud awakening. He had already lost the battle, where also able to smoothly into wakefulness, deter hundreds of thousands of coalition forces ah! "Silver Dragon Jolly's face is covered with serious and water lines. Zhao gun with both hands, high up, the rapid rotation of flying silver aggregation, a powerful momentum. Diffuse out from his body, behind whole body slowly floated a silver dragon. become strong claws. "tiger face mesh Yi Ma Chao is sweating. Long sharp right hand hold the gun, shot from the waves of golden light. Fried gust from raging a huge white tiger formed gradually. Battle over a hundred rounds, although there is no use what skills, but the physical consumption. Is inevitable. Although the battle is so like previously. Two will agree that you can stick hundreds of rounds. But that should hit when ah! So two people are invariably have thought of using kill, to determine the winner! "Scalebane gun! Roar!" Two almost the same time shout out loud, one clip girth. Liang Qi rapid passage out, two will also thorn out of the hands of the guns. "Roar!!! Ow!!." Silver Dragon and White Tiger With two out of a spear, uttered a humbling Dragons Tigers flew out, claws, toward each other killed in the past. Boom! ! ! Earth issued a painful whine. Mountains shake. Silver Dragon and White Tiger hit together. Deadlocked for a moment, they along with the explosion, a burst of powerful airflow rolled, turned into a wave of small tornadoes. Call! ! ! With the formation of a tornado, a huge suction generated crushing objects in all directions. Moment in which it is drawn, then the hurricane torn to pieces. Listening to the crunching sound, like an evil spirit. Chewing on something in general, with the roar of a tornado, although they are still noon, Yao day when the air, but it appears to be very! Zhao Yun and Ma Chao have been shocked, if this stock tornado involved, I'm afraid you can not come out intact. So they quickly rode back! "Calls!!" Do not want Ma Chao mounts Glimpse. In just kill crash, the two front legs hurt, which has been under Ma Chao driven backwards. Momentary withstand this powerful suction. Lament loudly. Broken legs, a little bit dragged to a tornado. "Ah!!" Ma Chao fell to the ground in a Glimpse at the time, was also turned down, seeing themselves and should be inhaled Glimpse into tornadoes, Ma Chao angry howling loudly, body shot from a burst of golden light, a Full Metal Jacket is more powerful, tiger helmet was blown off his head stood blond, tornado sucked and rolled into a large scrap iron. "Come back!" Ma Chao momentum after awakening more compelling, tie a horse, the lower plate firmly nailed to the ground, is not moved by suction, stretched out his right hand caught the glimpse of the left hind, Long pointed the gun I do not know when, handed to the left hand. "Calls!!" Ma Chao and suction of the tornado under the pull, sights seem to feel very painful to eat, hissing loudly lament, see Ma Chao while distressed, subconsciously let go. The results of this loosely on a calamity, and Glimpse powerful suction in a tornado, the wind sucked sickle in general, is cut into a piece of meat. "Ah ah ah!!!" Ma Chao stunned look crazy to watch their right hand, react afterwards. With his right hand clutching his face, his face a few painful big howl sound. And Zhao good luck. Herd White Phoenix is ​​five days of the beast itself is equivalent to a superb master, laden with natural masters easily escaped tornado suction range. Ma Chao Glimpse although also Trinidad GANGSTER. But conversion level but four, plus two hit kill a duel, legs and hurt, still under suction tornado broken legs, they can not resist the tornado suction. It shares a tornado is the ultimate kill Zhao Yun and Ma Chao, Silver Dragon Scalebane guns and white tiger roaring under the impact. Produced out of the air force hurricane. It shares the formation of a tornado strength, although very charming but looks than those of large tornado, but also aggressive and aggressive. Individual lethality naturally not inferior it. Even the awakening of super high following strong, can not guarantee into them, to come out alive! Although it shares a strong tornado petite, but it is not permanent, after all, is military force formed by popularity, as long as one of the air force exhausted. Will disappear naturally. In the raging half an hour, will be within a radius of three hundred meters after becoming a mess, which shares a tornado will support it because of the presence of the air force exhausted, no longer the original Viagra humble, they completely disappeared. Leaving only one was a mess after it ravaged the land. And that little bit of blood-red soil! "Glimpse lifted awakening turntable Ma Chao, disgraced oh sitting on the ground looking at not far from a blood-red soil, a pair of Humu leaving two rows of Tears. Minds very sorry, he just did not feel bad playing Glimpse is no let go, then rubber film is accompanied by many years of Ma Chao. much love some cut up, just like Ma Chao's right-hand man generally important! Bacho asked how can we not sad? point where there is the original mighty Ma Chao. a tiger full shining armor is debris, a loose messy hair in the shoulder. mesh Yi handsome face, giving it a touch of care waste and sorrow. "generals, unharmed No? "At this point Zhao also galloped back, see Ma Chao so look, they stand up jump the horse, holding white Herd Ma Chao Huang came to the front two tone pastel asked. Embarrassed different and Ma Chao, Zhao is still Jolly askew misty appearance, muddy without the slightest embarrassed! phase, but Chang was spirited, spirited "I heard Ma Chao slowly raised his head, looked in high spirits, Manmianhongguang Zhao, and then looked down at see their awkward, wiping tears from his eyes for a moment, smile a cry and said: "lost! I as good as you!" one with a positive man. When the hand is no longer in front of crying, even if there is another big heart sad. Can only weep in secret! This is Ma Chao has been the insistence of his father was killed when Maarten so, like brothers Glimpse sacrifice is so. "I have reached the pinnacle of many years, but you have before entering Hengfeng soon,oakley sunglasses, not to mention my equipment, weapons, mounts are too strong for you, you need not feel discouraged! Say I like you so much time, too, but just in order to enter the super-class , if not met lord, where there is today? "Zhao see Ma Chao seems to have lost confidence in appearance, could not bear to leave the shadow of his heart, then hand propped Ma Chao, eloquently said. Zhao said that in fact it would not leave, he said in equipment now! Zhao was wearing a silver dragon artifact top-order suit, using a top artifact ho gentian, is five days riding the beast Herd White Phoenix! Ma Chao look at how the top of the artifact is only one, that is, the body of the White Tiger Gold pattern A, is a white tiger suit, as well as intermediate artifact Long pointed a gun, the other is not artifact, not even the fairy count. Ma Chao's horse is just four Royal beast, Trinidad GANGSTER "Glimpse" instead of five days of the beast. Trinidad stallion! Although Trinidad and Trinidad STEED stallion sounds are similar, actually very different, whether it is endurance, stamina, speed, attack power, spirituality are a lot of difference! Bi Lvbu like the Red Rabbit stallion now! In the absence of Liu argued before the transformation, although it can be regarded as red rabbit stallion, but would barely be called stallion. In fact, essentially just excellent for general Trinidad ROMONE nothing! If Ma Chao Glimpse Maxima. So Riboud original red rabbit riding, Maxima is the king. Let alone better than Red Rabbit White Phoenix of the Herd! Equipment, and mounts on such a large difference. Its strength and combat experience there is a certain gap. Ma Chao also able to win if so, then it really is a day vertical Wizards! "That horse. See Bacho silent, Zhao looked looked, and saw that piece of bloody soil, suddenly realized, then Ma Chao looked somewhat apologetic, they want an apology." Is my own good! So it is good for Glimpse, killed by a tornado in before it's legs broken, even if I did not let go. Will get it back, can not continue Chipin battlefield of! This outcome, it, for me, are considered good. "Ma Chao Zhao Hui broken, his face smile to himself a lot, then look seriously looked Zhao said:" Zhao Xiong assured. Since I Ma Chao lost, we will certainly allegiance to the king adult wing of the state! Zhao Xiong now and I can go back and take over the pond off! "" No! "Zhao smiled and shook his head. Look Ma Chao some weakness in the face, from the ring out of a gourd of wine, and gave it to Ma Chao said:" look at your blood depletion, the way you just wake up, right? The wine can be eliminated weakness, supplement qi and blood, you drink first! "" Thank you. "Ma Chao heard a moment, then calm smile, not contrived, took the hand of wine gourd, gourd opened a skilled cover, Gollum himself filling a big mouth, stomach suddenly felt a burst of warmth scattered On. Bacho just felt had some empty body, flew returned to normal, if it is still an appearance of debris, probably can not imagine he had lost in a bar! "wine! "Ma Chao wipe a little mouth, after the hoist well covered, and a look of dismay handed Zhao. A wine poured down, strength and stamina also began to recover, although some Gu Ma Chao waste mood, naturally a swept away! Having said that some unsympathetic, but in order to passing away of things, has been immersed in grief. vain. Bacho is such a person! Ma Chao if people do not understand, you will feel his unfeeling, But really know him. becomes clear Ma Chao is not heartless. sad but he will be buried in the hearts of good, afford to let go! mention down sadness, this does not mean forget the emotions. passing things and forever remembered heart, write down those joyful past. "You keep it! "Zhao Ling see Ma Chao so fond of wine, then indifferent smile, ranging from Ma Chao shirk,Nike Air Jordan 13, Zhao also said:" This wine Ming Huan Ling wine, weak state can be restored,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, before the wine is also called spirit of wine, you can add Manner! I have here a lot of wine, spirits, lord gave numerous every year, how can drink endless Zhao also said to be honest, but the spirit of the wine has a special role, he actually is not much. But, like the spirit of wine cream such, there is a lot to Zhao. If all of the words with the spring against the fall. He drank enough of a hundred and eighty years! "I will not hypocritical!" Ma Chao Zhao listen to say, the moment it will be a look of satisfaction wine gourd hanging at the waist, this gourd is also full of wine a day, a half enough to him to drink ten days the. But also to remove the weak. Supplement the body's blood. Would not it be awakened later be unscrupulous? "Bangladesh, the pond back to straighten things off right! Long as 25 within the army with cronies to Chang'an and convergence is enough to take over the pond the person concerned, it is natural strategist arrangement!" Zhao Ma Chao patted on the shoulder, and then against Ma Chao hold the Baoquan, turning leapt Herd white phoenix. Look Ma Chao Zhao is very pleasing to the eye, and another one a Zhao Xiong Ma Chao cried, so he does not say Ma Chao as generals, but said Ma Chao Biaozi straight up. "Zhao Xiong did so trust me? Afraid of my defection?. See Zhao goes, Ma Chao suddenly surprised a moment, subconsciously asked. Biaozi call their own for Zhao, Ma Chao do not feel disgusted, but feel a little happy, but For Zhao so trust him, his mind is still some confusion and touched! <

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