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> Light Ganshu You Shadow! Ye martyrdom Shark "cast a valuable pass. WWw.QUanBEN.CoM of support, thank each and every one subscription friend. Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you happiness and the October I and II. Will issue two chapters Public chapters, of course, but Chan mouth chapters, October only eighteen chapters, specifically how to update, there will be described, and I hope I have your attention. hard to write the contents of the last volume, after an abrupt end, then have unfinished suspects, plus dragons also want to take a few days in October, of course. VII is not one to break even, and this is something we can be assured. 1,111,111,111,111,111,111一一 一一 1,111,111,111,111,111,111 bam! drawbridge Cai Yang watched, slowly down,Air Jordan Outlet, hit the ground, sent a burst of noise, city doors slowly opened. Cai Yang fixed look up to, I saw a man wearing a long blue jersey towering red-faced god generals. carrying rod blue broadsword hands, feet across a red stallion, look proudly collar City to three thousand cavalry Yingchu That three thousand cavalry wearing blue warrior, feet across the plain black horse, holding a black fine iron broadsword, bow waist configure a knife and it was famous beyond the Great Wall Dragon Shendao Wei! "Jinyang Hou Guan Yu." Cai Yang's mind suddenly emerge a name, only off South Hsiungnu, Liu argued legendary admiral, dragon generals, Jinyang Hou Guan Yu, in order to meet just this cop beard the image of the mighty God! "Cai Yang? "Look at his face beard Cai Yang, Guan Yu's eyes squint slightly, asked softly, though not loud. Has clearly reached the ears of Cai Yang." It is the will! To be but Jinyang Hou Guan Yu? . Although the legendary Guan Yu, but Cai Yang may not afraid of him, still face insolent stare Guan Yu said: "Su Wen Jinyang Houyong Guan forces, some today would be you'd like to see you real!" "Clown ! "Guan Yu suddenly heard a sneer of disdain cry, Qinglong Dao hands slowly down, forming a put down posture. Guan Yu posture although seemingly random, but people are clearly familiar with Guan Yu, Guan Yu is a step either war or war horse when he put down Qinglong Dao, when issuing the first strike is often the most ferocious! Even some of the super-class master. It also can not stop the first strike, die in the end come, also known bit-part player in the name of posterity, that they are merely mediocre. How many people can think, in fact, not that they are too weak, but Guan Yu's sake it too? Like the original history of the Three Kingdoms, Yan Liang, Wen Chou weak it? Not! That is not, on the contrary, they are still very strong! Cao Cao could not look strong to the edge, afraid folded his generals. But it still was Kanu speed kill! In the final analysis. Guan Yu is still too strong momentum, and like Gongqibubei speed kill the opponent, even if only real difference is so little to do, Guan Yu thirty rounds are likely to be cut from his horse. Today, the number of peaks Guan Yu is already strong. Compared to the heyday of the history of more powerful, while Cai Yang was just super high-end, and has no room for advancement. Cai Yang Guan Yu and the strength of the gap between them, as if the history of Lu Bu and Zhang Liao general. "Tie!" See Guan Yu so despise myself, think Warrior's dignity is trampled, Cai Yang instantly furious, tight one clip girth, hands knife Bianxiang Guan Yu killed in the past. "Drink." Guan Yu burst drank a tightly a clip crotch Huoyun horse in the abdomen, turned into a streamer Beng ** out. Qinglong Dao put down on the ground, sent waves of harsh grinding sound. A long, deep chasm was abruptly wiped out. Common Sense! Qinglong Dao Guan Yu will throw random burst of blue Daoguang passing, strings of sparks. Cai Yang both man and horse, mounted the pedal Annealing a few steps, his face full horror of color. Guan Yu is just random knife. Put Cai Yang ferocious offensive resolved. Look over there against Guan, amused one pair of breathtaking phoenix eye, stand tall strong Fire Dragon horse on top of the left hand caressing enviable Meiran be, right down to mention the Qinglong Dao, a very calm look. See Guan Yu did not mind the way, it seems that only a negligible face ants, rather than a Jingzhou admiral. What it shows to what extent the proud. "Good strong." Guan Yu ferocious eating knife, Cai Yang felt tingling hands, looked at his face relaxed Guan Yu, Guan Yu know certainly not rival, the moment gathering strength to his chest, ready to resist attack by awakening Guan Yu. Cai Yang defeated though determined to complete the task of fraud, but he knew that this time must not retreat, because once the retreat, Guan Yu will horse catch, a knife to cut the horse he even had no chance to escape! The gap between the two mounts, a discerning eye will be a clear picture. Only use awakening attack. Even with crotch Ching Lin also be strengthened, Cai Yang have to grasp the hands of escape from Kanu. And most importantly, eyes only Guan Yu and three thousand cavalry, and did not expect him in the tens of thousands of army generals that red eye knows where. If Guan Yu is certainly a big fish entrainment, but Yuan Shao to overcome Chaoge, which is a very difficult thing. Wang enamel than the North "fluff!" Guan Yu Lengao smile, like that in the winter Samuume, an arrogance filling in the color, strong momentum, combined with a proud and form a daunting strong PARTNER . Cai Yang about to erupt in the moment, Guan Yu move. Fire Dragon horse bursts, turned into a streamer, they came to Cai Yang side. Guan Yu Lien gas are not broke, just random hand leash, blood sprayed like ordinary mountain springs, two river battle of his young cook famous Cai Yang, this meteorite ※ "strength of the gap is so large, actually want chicken awakening it is foolish. " Watching Cai Yang face of shock head, on the ground Gulu turn a few laps, Guan Yu contemptuous sneer. Guan Yu, a Guards Ben came and stood up jump horses, picked up the Cai Yang's head. Handed Guan Yu, his eyes full of adoration and admiration. "Armies with me to kill!" Cai Yang Guan Yu took the head, hanging him on a horse in the Fire Dragon, and then put a knife burst Heliaoyisheng. Led three thousand toward the dragon Shen Dao Wei, Cai Yang collar to have floundered kill thousands of cavalry. "Kill! Kill! Kill!!" Three thousand cavalry howling sound, thorough sound world, whom color the sky, the earth was shaken. Three thousand dragon Shen Dao Wei. Each one has a first-class fighting over elementary, several top executive, even a super-class elementary combat. However, since the strength to kill those two or three streams, but also the morale to drop, the fragmented nature of the so-called Jing Qi,Air Jordan Store, is simply a breeze! "Cai Yang is dead, O come quickly dismount surrender, drop by not kill!" Guan Yu wrote at brandished a knife, cut the two cavalry, and then burst Heliaoyisheng. ,Oakley Glasses Online, Being heard is scared to ride public bile powder, have collapsed surrender. A few miles away to hold the line Cai Yang Feng Ji, see Cai Yang killed. Thousands of cavalry are generally harvested as worthless life, suddenly alarmed, and quickly led his army to retreat, not war, and Guan Yu. Meanwhile, Zhang Fei and Shura also cited the army came to Yuan Shao Cangbing valley, this valley so big. That small is not enough to make tens of thousands of troops, but they hide it. Valley sensed some breathing disorder, Zhang Fei and Shura as the one, you know play Zhi-Cai again see through the enemy's tricks. If you do not play Zhi talents awoke, but hasty march, then, even if the body is strengthened to the extreme ultra-class master, can not sense the valley have piles of Sagittarius. But with opera talents awoke Zhi, Zhang Fei and Shura Valley clearly an ambush, and had just been listening carefully sensors can indeed have a lot of men feel the valley. "The adults then stood on the shoulders of a purple eagle scout, a look of respectful to the Shura side. Softly said:" There are tens of thousands of troops Valley, and across the valley. There are piles of troops ambush "As long as we eat the Valley of the tens of thousands of troops, would have been sufficient to allow the valley opposite, according to the judge to decide the case now!" Shura heard waved Scout retreat, look chuckle watching Zhang suggested. "Well!" Zhang Fei heard that right. The moment he nodded down. "Ready!" Zhang turned to the officer responsible for thunderbolt car ordered, with orders to convey it, immediately there is a number of soldiers responsible for transporting supplies from the storage ring pulled in a steady stream of boulders, and then give it three hundred Charlie catapult loading on. In order to respect Thunderbolt ammunition transport vehicles, so every one hundred thunderbolt cars are equipped with a storage ring holds the transport soldiers. Liu debate of these people are fanatics. Liu argued and was elevated to the superior strength, so to eliminate the possibility of the loss of the storage ring. With an endless supply of boulders took to thunderbolt eleven of ammunition. There are some soldiers, mixed in some oil trebuchet car jar, as thunderbolt ammunition. Some archers also have to take the bow take arrows beside him there is a soldier ready to fire things up, you can always point to the arrows on the flame. So tedious operation, just a moment will be completely finished, everyone visually valley, just waiting for Zhang Fei gave the order, they began to launch a ferocious attack. "Charlie's car launch!" Zhang Fei insolent smile, waving gave the firing order. Hundreds of pieces of rock mixed with oil tank, issued a Xiu Xiu piercing sound, like the day will thunder in general, to pound a hundred paces away in the valley. Roaring! ! ! The Perfect Storm, numerous screams and cries came. The top of the valley also cropped up a piece figure, catapult projectiles, but also has spread to them. "Rocket put the valley lit! Continue launching catapult!" Zhang Ming was decisive was issued, winter sky flame arrows flying out, while also instantly catapult boulders and tank filled with good, continue to expand the shooting. Although separated by valleys hundreds of steps, but the wing state archers range is as high as two hundred paces. And just to follow the winds blew, the rocket can be easily injected into the natural valley. Moreover, each of the military wing of the state all the teams are equipped with one thousand, which claims thousands of steps crossbowman sniper shooter, naturally do not worry about the problems of ignition. Although only a direct bolt in order to maximize the damage, but only if the goods as a point, but also can shoot Yang's. Roaring! ! ! Mountains shake, the sky lit flame whoosh, although today is the spring, the weather is humid. But in those tanks under the assistance of the entire valley bottom are ignited fires, countless shadows flee out toward the valley. "Catapult launch boulder valley continues, will be transferred farthest range will across the valley way blocked. Archers stop shooting, sniper crossbow crossbow fires continue to launch the valley, continue to intensify the fire. Heisha mad python Wei Sui I kill!!! "Zhang Fei mad Heliaoyisheng look of excitement, flew three thousand dressed in black armor, helmet snake head, feet across all-black horses, riding heavy spears stand out, with the pace of Zhang Fei Those outside the valley toward the Yuan army escaped to kill. Launched a bloody fight, looked flustered face of those reinforcements, led by Zhang Fei Wei mad python. Death is like a battlefield general, easy harvesting of these worthless life in general. Even if there are a few slip through the net as fleeing to kill, they have to face in front of thirty thousand military wing of the state! Whether arrows mandrel, or Wan blade plus body, not a good thing. The three hundred and one thousand sniper crossbow thunderbolt car, also kept shooting, shooting, then shoot forward! Thunderbolt attack from the pan a step, they are only a hundred paces from Taniguchi in order to spread across the valley from having any problems. The sniper's range is six hundred crossbowmen, although there are concealed objects blocking the valley, but only used to ignite the fire, it is entirely sufficient. Also thanks to these sniper crossbow attacks, not just the bottom was ignited fires, even so. Above the valley, but also ignited flames, burning those archers flee. Moreover, there is an endless supply of Yuan Jun, escaped from the valley, the valley opposite the already packed crowd refuge, and many people rely on the comparison to come, can only toward Zhang Fei side out, hit insensibly Zhang Wei mad python. "Tie! That cop guy, by the go die!" Just kill Zhang Fei is cool it. A voice full of the fury of anger came. I saw an eight feet tall, dressed in black armor, holding a two-edged sword red black, brown horses across the foot of the generals, led thousands of cavalry scowled toward Zhang Fei hit over. "Yan Zhang Yide Here you this black Han, haste Newspaper name!" Zhang Fei slain for so long, finally have a decent general blaze, suddenly excited yell one, then a loud voice, and the whole Valley neighborhood is his echo sound. Ratio. Stone than "You Han grandfather, Han Meng is too!" Han Meng Fei's name was startled cloud Houzhang Fei Wal-Mart, but that is not in Jinyang Hou Guan Yu below! But Han Meng soon recovered over, barely lift the hearts of one war, drank a loud explosion, apart from anything else gas war broke out. Han Meng black body gripped by a wave of air, the body was dyed black, his crotch mount. Stature from seven, eight feet are stretched to nine feet, a brown hair was dyed black and shiny. With the outbreak of the Korean war Meng gas, a powerful momentum distributed off, prompting some rely on more recent python Wei mad horse, neighing with some uneasiness. "You Zhesi court death." Where can allow Wei Meng Fei angry, howling loudly crying the moment, but also uses the awakening attacks, war broke out in the gas. With a stream exploded, the Zhang Fei stood a full head of black hair into the sky, a white shirt is blowing rumbles. Zhang Fei crotch black horse carved from nine feet stature, was stretched to more than ten feet, four iron heel stepping nether fire, the eyes reveal the endless murderous. Zhang Fei awakening skills significantly better control than Xiu, in addition to outside eyes and hair as well mounts, basically not much change. Zhang Fei body coercion, than the Han Meng terror thousand times, just look at him, even by those who master class, but also instantly lost war. With the kind of outsider-type argument to explain it, Han Meng is a strong momentum of the Holy order master, and Zhang set is to have a God-class master of the field, where the gap is evident. "Go to hell!" Seeing the look of some fear Han Meng, Zhang Fei laughing loudly, shook everyone feel eardrum stinging. I saw Zhang Fei voice can settle down, like a normal black mounts nether gods carved horse, turned into a shadow, straight toward Korea rammed the past. Yet and Han Meng side. Zhang Fei Zhangbashemao already struggling punched, Han Meng desperation only brandished a knife and engaged. Common Sense! Sparks were flying out of the bunch, but Han Meng superb midrange, where this Dide Guo Fei, Guards peak. Right tiger's mouth suddenly split, like springs blood flow. Han Meng even almost can not hold the hands of the ghost edge sword, both man and horse back ten steps. Vent built listless excited astringent sweet paste Joseph Park aphid foot throwing weapons only negligent Kengkeng clang percussion. Zhang Fei born god, brandishing weapons with roaring force. And Lee Yi Mao long. In hot pursuit under Zhang Fei, HAN Meng Fei can not do even close, only one side beaten, simply can not fight back. "Go to hell! Die! Die." Zhang excited face roared and shouted, and he let go a long time without such wanton hand, the fight game. At this time Zhang Fei Temple are fanatical brain full intention to kill, who spent blindly waving spears, spear and then re-invest to play, did not notice, everyone looked at this pair of scenes look of astonishment. Even those three thousand mad python Wei, also face consternation, and sometimes forget to harvest Yuan Jun's life, they have not seen before. Zhang Fei so crazy side! Fortunately, however, Shura immediately identified, tune eight hundred Yuan army sniper sniper crossbow. Mortal enemy screams, suddenly awakened that three thousand mad python Wei, quickly waving spears rode again, this does not slip through. "Han generals Service panic, the future to help you!" Seeing Han Meng side beaten, stabbed Zhang Fei always have to be the appearance of a hole, another one wearing black armor, two burly generals led two thousand Euphorbia soldiers, Cross-foot tall black horse, carrying a black Euphorbia galloping. Look at this brave generals covered with black air look. And a pair of Double Vision was completely blacked out. Then there is his head stood on the UFA. Even an idiot can see, this is a superb arousal state into war. "Xian generals to help me kill this hunt." Han Meng heard this sound, a look of excitement yelled a body emerge out of thin air an air force, war chest Kuangyong again, expand the first round counterattack. "General Chang, a home help solve the problem happen?" Shura see winged righteous to kill Zhang Fei, prepare two will fight a will, although aware of Zhang Fei will not lose, but also out in the obligatory asked one. "Two clown, not worth mentioning! I will be killing one person they Pianjiabuliu Shura just led troops fighting generals, MO leaving Zeijun!" Zhang Fei excited screams, once again launched a furious general attacks, as more information on how funeral, please visit <

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