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27.05.2013 11:21
I also could not handle him antworten

Long on the palace,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, to the Queen Mother leans on the soft bed, bed with a gilded screen behind her head,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, not the bun, some in her long hair, wearing only a thin shirt, loose collar with a piece of white greasy, to the queen mother this year forty-eight years old, good maintenance of the she usually looks the woman in her thirty-forties, still retaining one's graceful bearing. But the Xuande gate event to give her too much, now face gaunt, some day if old age ten. Shang Qingren was kneeling on the bed carefully give her feeding, mouth whispered Quanjie: "Empress Dowager don't think, take care the body is right." "Oh! Butler wing is hard, I also could not handle him, I even the God Emperor are not so tough, do not want the timid woman was born so stubborn son, you never know!" "The empress dowager empress dowager cautious, Butler but your son!" Yes, I am. To the Empress Dowager face is full of bitterness and frustration, this words to outsiders to listen to it, since the family home, know. To the queen mother took the pills in a leisurely manner, the rinsed eloquence then said "this is underestimated Yang Yi this crafty! Since the founding of the Song Dynasty, I have a total of the world and literati, this is the foundation of our country, the crafty introduced new than Wang Anshi more very clear, is to put my song Jiye destroyed, this might not in addition to, China will never will there be days of peace!" Said fearless of death for a just cause to queen, Shang Qingren immediately hit on what one likes a way: "the empress dowager, Yang Yiben is Li Qingchen's grandson, according to Han Zhi, Yang Yi is the rebellious unfilial to his grandmother, even hands beat and scold, like animals......" "Really have it?" Before Shang Qingren finished, to the queen mother was unable to hold oneself back interrupted him, dark face was a bit more vivid. Shang Qingren bent the body replied: "queen, it sure as a gun, just the other day, Ms. Li Qingchen to Yang Yi home, dozens of men were beaten black and blue, Mrs Li Yang Yi wantonly reproach, carried down from the main position, attitude of the bad have never even heard of it, Li Furen wanted to tell to the court, was Li Qingchen stop, the son of Han Tadahiko Han cure to visit aunt Li Fu personnel relate in detail, will matter to say, no!" "Good good! Too good!" To her feet, look very excited, the waist belt without beam, then the chest revealed a shining white she hadn't noticed, she repeatedly said: "the Qing Ren, you immediately went to Han rule, let him for his aunt head sued Yang Yi, that bigger is better, the best make known to the world,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, the Qing Ren you to contact the other honest minister, I'd like to have a look at the impeachment, the government how to protect this crafty, remember, Yang Yi by Zhang Dun instigation, understand?" The Empress Dowager to more happy, finally could not help laughing, while Shang Qingren stepped forward to help her belt, said: "the queen is, this is Zhang Dun instigation, Camarilla Li Qingchen and Zhang Dun reputation be roughly the same, Zhang Dun worry about Li Qingchen and his loot prime minister, so deliberately make Yang Yi, and Yang Yi Li of betrayal, strongly to Li manufacturing scandal, in order to achieve the purpose of this blow to Li Qingchen, allow all doubt, I believe that the world will see Zhang Dun sooner or later the sinister face." "Good good! We'll do it! Qing Ren quickly to do! >

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