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27.05.2013 11:06
thousand mortal human world antworten

> Pan contingent blackouts. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM a scared little dragon. Bad Good relatives have power. Bu now pass? Stunned without delay time. Sense Xieshu "亚汉斯达克 this month three chapters pass, the way you and say a big ice ye dragons too hard can be no manuscripts, and today because of power outages sake, only yards a thousand words . the end there are some comments, but we missed. "It Pindao! "Yu Ji smiled softly, the body turned into a breeze, suddenly appeared in front of Sun Jian, and one knee. Enclose a piece of Long Barrier:" Also, please His Majesty received Kui Yu Chuan country, in charge of the world! "Yu Ji said this time, is still very distressed. Chuan Wang Guoyu but human treasure, belonging to high artifact, in heaven or very famous, though now been sealed, but still high artifact, as well as enhance the magic of air transport ! If not, it can only stay in the human world, lest thou also fail to get his stolen. thought only through this pass Guoyu Wang, to let Sun Jian change your mind, plus Yulei just tasteless. Yu Ji also reduced the pain of heart Some! Moreover jade master was sealed almost all abilities. above seal he could not untie, Sun Jian did not give anything. "thou diabolism, and in what nonsense! "After listening to Sun Jian Yu Ji's words, suddenly furious, they want brandished a knife and stabbed! But suddenly thought of Sun Jian, Liu debate but said, this guitar but in Heaven. Thought of this, Sun Jian also put away the murderous , will not dare to do it. After all, if the face of Heaven. virtue of their superior strength in order, inevitably some of the look is not enough. "Look at this piece of biography Guoyu Majesty amount, which is bestowed His Majesty, Your Majesty but election day The people, the world of the Emperor! "Yu Ji spoke still blinking an eye.'s Call for Sun Jian, nor any change," Sun Jian he tried to curse you, but the eyes are subconsciously looked a biography Yulei country, facing pass this and other treasure Guoyu Wang, said he did not heart is false. After all, as long as people will have so little ambition. Just look to the Sun Jian Yu Chuan country when you look at Kat's mouth raised trace Yin Xiao, left inadvertently pinched a find, Yu Wang suddenly flashed a golden light, go into a Sun Jian's eyes. Sun Jian ranging react, they feel mentally somewhat vague, some body waddled look. "My lord." See Sun Jian's body some shaking. Cheng Pu quickly walked forward, lift up the Sun Jian's body. Shoop! "You did what to my Lord?" Han when, Zu Mao even drew his sword pointing at the guitar, great Yiyanbuge, sword Puts on the chest while he had meant. "No big deal! Huh face in front of the sword, as if afraid to Kyrgyzstan. Just slowly stood up, facing the crowd strange smiles:" Just let him already exists **, unlimited enhance it! So that he would not refuse the immortal support, encroach this country! Quack If Zuo Ci is hypocritical fairy, South cruel magic, then in Kyrgyzstan is weird demon! This Han Sansen, to also have their own characteristics. "You!" Four will be heard furious. Sun Jian Cheng Pu leaning back a few steps, Huang Gai also pull the waist Pudao with Korea when, Zu Mao as a glance. Liu argued trio rushed toward the past. Common Sense! I saw in the right hand stretched out guitar, a golden flash. A semicircular gold mask appeared out of nowhere. The trio of attacks blocked Huang Gai down. "You are only human, not the immortal opponent, or do not provoke the bottom line of the fairy go, your home has not been any harm lord!" Yu Ji Zixin smile, Yanba not forget shook his head, seemed to yellow cover a few people, it is very disdain. Huanggai three are the pinnacle of the master class. Where Yung had so underestimated in Kyrgyzstan, have abandoned the hands of Pudao, saber, his main battle weapon removed. Huang Gai makes a black iron build Tiebian. Dubbed off the river! Off the river weighing six pounds, the body with high purity iron to build, because it combines some of the build god of iron, so that's up to seven spiritual level, is a rare Lance Corporal makers. Huang Gai worn on the left hand with the hand piece shield is supporting. Korea is a Darksteel when making spears, grade equivalent to six instruments used, the only features to be. Spear tail red with chains linked with a truncheon. Can be used to whip. Belongs to a tricky weapon! Zu Mao makes a pair of double-long knife, the name just wave, grade equivalent to five super equipment, sharp and durable is the only advantage of this pole. "You do not like this, your home is still your home lord lord! But after half an hour, he will wake up, when his ambitions will be a sharp increase in heart the idea of ​​competing against the world! Yulei this biography States, but also would not hesitate to accept. "Ji looked at his left hand in the mass Guoyu, Kui. Jiyu Huang Gai does not care about other people crazy. Self-serving strange smile, it looks strange looks. "Diabolism! Delusions use sorcery to control my Lord, let my Lord take orders from you, obediently death, now!" Huanggai where three spare many. Waving their weapons, fighting open, toward the Yu Ji. "Just a mere few ants, but also dare Sanfanliangci provocation this fairy." Yoshimi Huanggai in three stubborn perseverance still come to his attack, I thought I was being provocative positions of majesty, suddenly furious. I saw Yu Ji Long toss, the number of road Cotai out. Directly to Huang Gai, Han Dang, Zu Mao trio knock out. Thump! Huang Gai, who was golden blow fly,Oakley Hijinx, hit the golden beams on, this inability to drop to the ground. After a few mouthfuls of blood, spit, weighs the past. "Public review! Yi Gong! Daiei!" See the three colleagues friends dead or alive, Cheng Pu indignant screams, the Sun Jian Yun Mi will remain flat on the ground, glared up at the guitar, a pair of slightly turbid eyes. At this point "peace of mind it!" Yu Cheng Pu Ji Si does not care, filled with angry eyes, just laughed softly: "You should rest his assistant David Sun host's minister of state, will not easily under the immortal killer. Simply apply a punishment, as nothing to offend the immortal punishment! "" diabolism! damn! "Cheng Pu fiercely spit out the words, his personal weapons removed from his back. It was a two-edged sword called the instantaneous. Spirit level equivalent to seven devices. "Oh!" Yu Ji looked quite surprised Cheng Pu, did not expect this, guy, in three, the strength of his companions were similar after a move to win. Actually dare to challenge yourself. Is dazzled by anger it? Yu Ji contemptuous sneer. "Subject go die!" Cheng Pu roar a cry, hands thrown out by his instantaneous. Just listen uproar gave the Qing Xiang, and instantly turned into a streamer Ran invisible eye, flying to Yu Ji's chest. "But is fluff. Weapons capabilities very well, you do not have this in itself should be shot speed, but this knife in the flying of the moment, suddenly accelerated several times the speed of this sword, in heaven, but also of not many of! "Yu Ji understatement said, slowly stretched out his right hand, sword instantaneous speech is no lack of appreciation, but to Cheng Pu's strength was dismissive. Yu Ji Cheng Pu no anger will blow mind. After all, one is Heaven, one is mortal, the gap between the two, not by anger these emotions, we can make up. Keng! A golden hands from flying in Kyrgyzstan and accurate instantaneous hit the blade, uttered a crisp metallic percussion. Instant after being hit, suddenly exposed stature. In the air constantly rotating inverted with a click sound, the entire root Cheng Pu inserted behind. A gilded pillars, only leaving a shank. "Sword is good, but it also depends on what people use! Our immortal strength, not a mortal can resist you wait!" Yu Ji doing all loudly. Is a golden light flashed, Cheng Pu will knock out. "Woo Cheng Pu is golden knock. Hit the pillars behind, Menheng loudly. Then weighs the past. Sun Jian will be under the command of four, all retreat" quack, mortal in Heaven before the ants always just nothing! "Beat Cheng Pu, on guitar doing all cry, feelings of pride filling in the color. Pops! Burst of applause, Liu argued that the guitar sound play Germany sounded behind him:" the big fairy. Really like to do for fun bully mortals! The king did not know this mortal, that big fairy's eyes, is not also ants do? "Hear the voice of Liu debate at Kyrgyzstan suddenly face became pale, his eyes flashed a Hanmang he would never forget that voice! Heaven as a noble, in Kyrgyzstan failed assassination that year, was his greatest humiliation! Him Today, the same two people together to assassinate one, mortal not only the final mission failed, and even have almost lost his life, which is what a shame ah!! "wing of the state is not in Gao King City to enjoy wealth, to the ruins of Luoyang as soon What? "Yu Ji smiled an ugly face quietly in the hands of Wei Chuan Guoyu,Oakley Hijinx Sale, hope, and stuffed in a robe. Done these things and then, turning his head slowly in Kyrgyzstan. Look far-fetched looking, do not know when to sit on the Throne Liu debate. "you steal my family treasure, how to say. The king can not be ignored! And you attack these mortal army generals, interferes with the human world wars, has violated the rules! The king either kill you to do follow suit it? "Liu argued propped his chin with his right hand, and some interesting said. Liu argued the mouth of the family treasure, refers to the power of the mass containing Denon Yulei country, but that guitar listening ears, on into another meaning." I'm a royal myself, pass national Yulei is my royal treasures, you stole, I'll take. "Yu Ji Liu debate is so understood the words." Princes joking, what Pindao where steal treasure! And these mortals on Pindao shot first, just to protect themselves Pindao only hand out! And it did not hurt them Pindao lives, not too violation of the rules. "Yu Ji forced a smile, although he does not believe Liu debate can be used alone to deal with their own, but they also do not want to drop the population, failing him why excuse, they can Shuai Xiu leave. Shout!" Say useless! "Kat found an opening sophistry. Liu argued toss sleeves stood up, eyes staring at risk coldness Kyrgyzstan, snapped:" You in the Long sleeves barrier is my Dragon treasure! You steal my unauthorized parked Dragon's treasure in the human world is a big sin offends my Dragon! You're allowed to use the forbidden technique "** attack my friend Sun Jian, ready to control his mind, human interference in the war, which in turn is two sins! Now you three and sentenced, the king pronounced, you unforgivable, obediently lying down now! "Biography Guoyu Wang actually be Maronite treasures, of course, only one third considered. Wang Yu-Chuan States are the three days of family, Bong San Juan's instruction, a collection of three communities of three generations strong. Dragon Dragon, Phoenix family of Fenghuang, Kirin Kirin clan Emperor Huang three strong peak, together refining high artifact! Dragon Yulei includes the power to Yang Dragon and phoenix nest family immortal power of Nirvana, Kirin family Tianjuan the power of Heaven. Can let pass because Yulei owner, get a powerful force, not old fool's body and God of ceremonies! Biography Guoyu Wang, also known as Long Kui, Wang Feng, Lin Wang, a total of four names. Because the same functionality kongtong India too similar. National Jade fish pass was even mistaken, ten high artifact of kongtong print. Although Chuan Wang Guoyu, indeed imitation kongtong printed and made. Yulei refining after they make the same prize master Yulei Emperor just polished off a good package. Used to symbolize the human world of imperial authority. However, Yu Wang Chuan country's first owner emperor, did not play Yulei country's ability to pass! Otherwise, why go to the elixir that year, and finally come to the next of kin of the people betray, bleak fate of his death. Wang Yu Liu Bang Mieqin until income reached the Emperor when the ability to play a part. Is such a part of the ability to allow Han won God's blessing, and one day will be comparable to the fighting! So Bu Chuan Jiang cited the country is a high artifact pieces, also entered heaven's eyes. But even the Emperor of high artifact should dogfight. Today artifact resulting Emperor human community. So how can the public do not envy the Emperor. If high artifact recognize the Lord's words, even if the owner can not play all the power. Also possible in the master's order, the self-destruction of a thousand years. Chung Yu Wang Heaven afraid LiuChe destroyed,Coach Outlet Sale, thousands of years later to find them no clue, so there is no direct shot heist, so only managed to obtain LiuChe trust, hope wins again. Thus began a war of no smoke, and even ignore things of the East Duke, also sent his disciples tried to get Dongfang Shuo Yu Wang. Dongfang Shuo ultimately failed! Since the beginning of Emperor. They did not really trust him. LiuChe ultimately did not get the power of immortality Kui Yu, as he was a hundred years later, there will be no Yulei master! So each Fangtian Di fight, began to grab pass Guoyu Wang. Jade look around this infighting, nearly two hundred years later at the beginning of the end, the Emperor took a pass Guoyu Wang. Cut, ready to take in the name of Emperor Yu, hope heaven bound, find a place to let it recognize the Lord, but was stopped at the Jade hope heaven's door! Some hard tinker and projections afterwards. The name of the Emperor finally understand that this biography Guoyu Wang can not enter heaven, can only be used in the human community. The name of the Emperor of Heaven huff, they look almost all jade seal ability, leaving only a part of air transport enhancement features, this will also give the Han Dynasty. Wang Mang coincides with the chaos, so there was Takahito Dowager angrily smashing jade master, later used to make up the story of the Golden Horn. Nama golden jade is actually desired, not the so-called Golden Horn, jade Kui also did not chipping! Investigate its reason or desired seal Jade Emperor, but the innate system containing cultivation made gods, is best at gold system operation method. That Heaven's Department Department of enchantment with gold seal Yu Wang. So change the color of jade Lord of the iceberg looks like gold splice in general. These are Liu Yi Dragon tells the debate! Liu argued in recent years have seen a dragon many times, each time Dragon will speak a lot, Liu argued heaven after reincarnation Confidential to him. So Liu eloquence will know, the original Yu-Chuan Wang in six countries the power of the dragon is so come! Why pass State Yulei obviously high artifact, but it will be the Western Han Dynasty Empress smashed. In the final analysis. Or grab Heaven that were nearly two hundred years. But a no income, angry sake. "Joke! Yulei this country but pass earth thing with Dragon ware? Say you Liu debate but ordinary mortals, the immortal trial eligibility hesitation? Also dares to take stock of the human family days, is simply audacious! Honorifics you a , is to give the Yellow Emperor adults face, you count what Liu debate! "see Liu argued poor tone, is also in Jisuo torn nerve. Anyway, everyone has always been hostile forces. "Foolish guy, you still jump heaven human, not even reincarnation do not know. Mention you, even in the presence of the king Shaohao, are not so rude! Feel the true king of Shaohao shame, actually received such waste your life sector messenger! "Liu argued face ridicule looked at Kat. The power of the Dragon with the body, wrapped in a black countless Liu argued. Liu argued incarnation in the time black dragon. Deafening Slam distributed off from him, forced to Yu Ji almost out of breath, the body's air war was suppressed three percent. And suddenly in no hurry under the embarrassing fall in Kyrgyzstan also a somersault, so that Liu argued almost laugh. "You are a real dragon Dragon reincarnation labored in Kyrgyzstan stood up, his face looked shocked Liu argued, when he was awakened Huanran Why Shaohao Sanfanliangci confesses that he, not allowed to hurt Liu debate it. China celestial gods, but two thousand people in each of them are bound to the strong Megatron is looking all Heaven exists. China heavens population three hundred million, of which one million is Heaven, but this in Kyrgyzstan millions of people an "insignificant presence Bale. To know that not every resident of heaven, there is the strength of heaven above, many people are about the existence of super-class. Of course, because heaven aboriginal world of strength, coupled with the top of the power law. As well as physical reasons, after practicing a chance of Heaven is a thousand mortal human world. In contrast, Aboriginal heaven too smooth for practicing, so the aborigines practitioners, fighting often than the lower bound of the strong soaring. The guitar is a lower bound on the soaring Heaven, so in order to become a spokesperson in the human community Shaohao! Stronger than the gods, the gods are mostly congenital, acquired practitioners is difficult to become gods. China two thousand six hundred gods in heaven, only a few dozen people are human world soaring, five hundred people are practicing advanced aboriginal heaven. The remaining two thousand people, are all innate gods. God among ethnic variety, there are human beings. There are also animal class, and even without the Spirit of the entity class aquarium water swim there! Which is the fastest human cultivation. God has acquired, congenital points, including congenital gods, but is the most powerful, they have hopes Advanced Heaven. Acquired practicing up the gods, without any hope of Advanced Heaven, if there is no adventure, change the origin of the soul, then, the pace of this life they will stop here. Because Advanced god, Heaven crux of the origin of the soul! Today and tomorrow of this section describes many celestial background, as well as the detailed division of the artifact. Artifact realm and also to distinguish roughly divided almost. Xuan Feng, upper, middle and lower, high artifact without this division. Of course, the king of high artifact, or have said before ten high artifact, the modifier is among the top ten, or even up to a certain amount of production of the Guards ultra-high artifact artifact. Current release will generally set these up. Because the decision omitted heaven volume, so only two volumes Ran content, this volume and the final volume. Fuso decided to incorporate this volume volume. Heaven will continue to release the setting, the story with the Three Kingdoms era linked together into a sense of a lot stronger than the original. Just hope you do not feel too hill we go, hey, <

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