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27.05.2013 11:03
who also do not venture antworten

Yang Yi with some chagrin, today to the Fengchi upstream of a circle, not only the first woman scared almost all gone, also automatically to Kang princess the little witch hook up, very not easy 'decoupling' it, but to make a drowned Fengchi farce, even Zhao Xu was moved, this time not only embarrassed the trouble is, the! He often into the palace now, inevitably, also did not know that the girl would revenge his! Won't see a return call back? This little girl, always not good with her too seriously, and from today she let water search and rescue for a long time, the girl is also not too bad. Back to home,Coach Satchels Clearance, Yang Yi still thinking about how to deal with the Kang Guochang Princess revenge, look the boy has something wrong, see Yang Yi was about to speak, but saying nothing. Yang Yi heart occupy, don't pay much attention to what is wrong with the boy, and into the front yard, not only to find that the front yard, standing for the maid servant, is not the man to see Yang, Yang Yi even hold about and give oneself airs. The dispute came the sound of the antechamber, first heard the Han Bernice anxiously said: "mother, you can not kneel, Yang Lang said, we and the Li family had never mind, don't kneel down her mother-in-law!" "Where's the Rambler? You gave an old woman on my knees! Young, it is educating your bitch! I did not marry first concubinage, Li's face is you off! Hum! Not say old today have to teach you Li home rule it, somebody, to give the young and the Sao Mei son in the face twenty!" "Who dares to! This is yang...... Mother-in-law. The mother-in-law you cannot kneel! Yang Lang if he knows, will be sad......" Yang Yi gloomy face appeared at the hall door, see Li the old woman sits high church theme, look of his ruthless Li, standing around eight of the Li family's human; hall was that the old woman was a face of panic, now nominally their mother while out of the Li family, but her heart maybe also say old woman daughter-in-law generations,Air Jordan Shoes, the hall sit tall old woman unexpectedly dare not disobey the meaning, the old woman made her knees, she fear knelt down, Han Bernice advise also advised not to live, she knelt, Han Bernice how shall I stand, also had to follow knelt down, still kept Quanzhao Yang,Coach Hotsale, Yang most people are watching, but the owner is not the speaker, who also do not venture. Young's two for the hall, did not see Yang Yi, the old woman and her servant saw, the two are up to in the face of the woman sees Yang Yi's face of evil spirits, was taken aback. The old woman stared at him hard, did not speak, Yang Yi ignored her, walked to the front of his mother gently down; Yang saw him, immediately as found on children, the tears straight away, Han Bernice is joy mingled with surprise. Said: "Yang Lang, you can come back......" Yang Yibai waved Han Bernice silence, it said softly: "niang! How can you just kneel? Do you know? Mother you kneel, Haier has to follow the child knelt, hard to test one, is the hope that mother can you a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, can straight waist to man, woman! You forgot? The child has followed you Yang, your son is the champion! In this world there are several draft? Mother you kneeling people also just, how can you >

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