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> Book pure! With this promise in Jiaoman indifference! Mei Xu Hang in with this shame it was the heart of this small Hong Ling Liu Xu modesty in front of Allure Akira. Www, quanBEn, cOM Riboud fall immediately on the so-called hero becomes a prisoner ah world actually there if these beauties can marry the wife who needs "Riboud feel the heart beating rapidly never owned a woman he first felt This inexplicable feelings. (anti-Riboud has not yet set a wife here, so GEN was harmonious.) do not have to miss this guy committing ritual discipline in this respect accept the punishment. "Riboud red with a Guan Gong face have this awkward hug when the Ling Liu Baoquan slightly below expectations do not know whether that asked Miss Fang-ming. "Little Women. Huangfu spirit was about to go out of town with his uncle's wing of the state visit Yoshie confluence." Liu Ling real name will inform almost beside ladies fortunate Wan Ling Liu wary pulled the sleeves. Liu Ling That wake up. Liu Ling Lu Bu payable after leisurely. Hearts burst scared if it was aware of her identity is inseparable from that estimated the city of Luoyang and her body Mizhao Dong may also be intercepted. Fu Huang a painstaking all burned. Uncle cloth only some doubts himself sounded a bit self-reported Ling Liu's name. Then light laugh always Huangfu Miss uncle. It is the Huangpu Song generals "exactly" Liu Ling nodded gently beside what he tried to say this, but ladies spoke and said Miss Huangfu adults by day I'm afraid we are still waiting for a long time it quickly in the past convergence "day Ukraine has so late if you do not mind let the next Miss Huangfu send you a ride, "Riboud will hear the words of the ladies laughed softly. He wanted to know more about a spiritual moment later date intelligence so easy to find. This Liu Ling hesitated. Then they really thought through the night,oakley eyeglasses sale, although only a short ten-mile road unsafe, but it is inevitable without thieves highway. If there is, then it should be able to escort Riboud lot safer. Think of at the moment slightly Shiyi Li Tao Ling generals would take the trouble to know the general's name. "The next surnamed Lv Mingbu Biaozi Fengxian" Riboud eager reported his name but do not want Liu Ling heard his face has changed a bit. But among the enchanted Riboud did not notice. Think that man turned out to be rumored to great wealth patricide patricide refuge Dongzei Lu Fengxian "Liu Ling scared apart. Has a bleak, if the change is done under the command of other generals Dong Perhaps they have this permission can. But if it is Riboud then there will be nothing between them speak of the future very clearly Ling Liu Lu Bu in waste legislation regarding the emperor among apparently occupies a very important role, if not help solve the problem, then he can not lightly Emperor Fei Dong. reasonable in the circumstances she State and Riboud not have results, so she decided to put this ephemeral emotions buried in the heart. Huangfu what this lady was thinking we better hurry hit the road or wait a long time to make huangfu is not beautiful, "Riboud see Liu Ling lost in thought he smiled and said he laughed at this time to be bored for the hearty charming. Ah "Liu Ling preoccupied mind did not say anything as she took the ladies Riboud went to the outside, while previously thought that he was molested Liu Ling Captain subordinates who had seized weapons and armor This threw him a rations after slamming the gate. hateful Riboud "Captain spite of his teeth fiercely shouting but even so give him ten courageous dare go Riboud revenge. Moreover, the right palm Captain now has been broken in this troubled world will be very difficult to survive. If not, he has a second-rate elementary foundation probably will not even think to live. In this case, even if he is determined to retaliate and no hope ah Captain himself did not find his front foot back foot before leaving the gates there a shadow has been trailing him as Captain walked in a sparsely populated area when unexpected shadows appeared in his eyes. What people "Although Captain palm has been broken, but as a second-class master of alertness. Still there, my sister reported out my name you dare say that to my sister, do you think you have this bad language want to leave it alive. "come what Liu Liu argued defense learned from the dark to the same Huangpu Song Ling Liu City after they go all the way before trailing. Ensure her safety. But after what hurt Liu Ling Ling Liu in Luoyang, if out of things, then He will definitely find him after the trouble. Just at the gate when he was ready to see Riboud shot but also with the shot after. They continue to listen Riboud went into hiding and Liu Ling dialogue. You are king of the wing state why you're here, "Captain not stupid flew to wake up in front of a black robe over his boy turned out to be known as God's wing of the state to kill the king while he just wanted his adopted sister molested Captain at this time heart suddenly felt a rush of regret was dazzled ** Riboud just kill off the palm of his hand in front of God, but let him were killed ah I'll even burn your soul also depleted Liu argued sneered right hand gently rejection of a blue fireball sell out. struck Captain Liu debate Fireball master level now stands That power Yes Yes terrible fireball just come into contact with the body of Captain Captain even screams that issued too late already turned into ashes. Grandmaster level fireball can already damage to the soul of the Captain of the fireball hit by this will have no possibility of reincarnation, although said to be the reincarnation of the soul, but generally have the soul after death if biological There are preserved. then under the first Underworld trial. before and under the law of reincarnation ascertain whether the problem lies in the general biological here reincarnated soul after death. would be cleaning a while to make the water just past the far impossible to retrieve memory with the past and no cents stakeholders only significant contribution of talent to qualify for the cycle as long as there is a real opportunity to be able to get everything pre-existence of other people in order to truly become a god of reincarnation only have this level there is a qualification this qualification throughout China heaven all add up to no more than two thousand people. entire planet heaven together to qualify for true reincarnation of the people will not more than five thousand thousand and China accounted for nearly half of these places can be many heaven hailed as the strongest. Riboud and Liu Ling is still a good fit to the premise that Riboud as I used to be able to blame me or pieces of the wreck duck kill the Captain Liu debate after unruly mouth raised a smile turned back to Pi Luoyang city. Riboud it looked really look like Liu brilliant. are Riboud personally escorted to worry about Liu Liu debate at least six of the spirit ... so intense debate training can also look back at ease paint Yangcheng last field in a good light Dong deposed emperor commanded them This is a wonderful country in the history of one of the play Liu argued that he did not want to miss watching this game and he will go back to the wing of the state adjutant ready to greet a few months later to discuss Dong alliance Miller says Riboud to escort Liu Ling Huangpu Song That Riboud constantly accosted to Liu and Liu Ling Ling is also lukewarm but Riboud attributed to Liu Ling Actually, I'm too shy so worried about too much. Lu generals, they are right in front of my uncle, etc. I will not spare generals sending the "chatter at the time Liu Ling Lu Bu suddenly pointing to the front of a dozen people shadow said. Uh "Riboud heard suddenly stunned. Then scratched his head smiles Huangfu said Miss is also not know the future but also to see Miss." If generals know who I would never ask the "Liu Ling looked Riboud that innocence have this bitter smile said. Huangfu not miss what is huangfu niece. "Riboud have this looked puzzled Liu Ling Ling Liu apparently did not understand why say so. I do not name Huangfu went to Gao city is to go over my brother's my brother's name. Surely you have heard of Liu Ling left after this sentence ladies walked away with her hopes Riboud can understand between them is impossible. Not surname Huangfu. Big Brother. Fried city. Huangpu Song wing of the state must be personally escorted the king Liu argued it was her Riboud was like a thunderbolt struck the general spirit of his column finally understand why after listening to his name when his lukewarm to it. Factor on their favorite woman but today the emperor's only daughter Princess of years and now he has taken away her in helping prepare Dong Fu Huang of the place of the emperor and his worship Sibu Si Dong Fortunately for the foster parent even if he is not really can have someone to know ah waste emperor. Dong. Stepfather Haha Dongzei I Riboud sworn with you, "Riboud grim howling so loudly the first time he regretted what had shut pretending to listen to the words of Li Su Dong worship as foster parent and now became the enemy of the people and loved it The irony is how much ah I will get you no one can stop me nobody OK "Watching Liu Ling graceful figure disappearing suddenly cropped up after Riboud who unravel the red pinch his fists tightly bite hearts with his lips sent a beast howling. Boom Calls "seems sensitive to the owner's commitment to the side of the red rabbit scream loudly and shoved people raised a pair of shoes and then set the sky severely hit the ground after a loud countless dusty sky princess if you really like That Riboud presumably as long as the owner with the owner to say for you to call the shots. "ladies walking on the road that suddenly began. Master. "Liu Ling looked puzzled ladies My master is the elder brother of the princess in the palace I am the master placed inside the master ordered me to escort the princess princess Han city to ensure a safe journey home." Ladies reveal the mystery of the Smiling said slowly owner determined to rein Riboud if she wished. You are not impossible. "My brother in Luoyang it," Liu Ling heard nothing left soon afterward eyes flashed a reaction over looking ladies whispered. Owner's whereabouts is no secret. Princess to Gao city will know. Princess House is worried about your father and Lingdi under the safety bar ...... "ladies smiled softly to Liu Ling's mind saw a thorough this princess can rest assured not a last resort Dong is not going to lay violent hands on them, while the master it will not start now masters of their adventure still love your reputation. ah "Liu Ling did not know what to say only a slight nod toward the Huangpu Song continued his walk. See Her Royal Highness "Liu Ling and posing as members of that dark ladies approached Huangpu Song and a dozen guard quickly bowed to look respectful. Huangpu Song side guard are fighting alongside the years following the Huangpu Song master not only proficient in the war surgery and martial arts are also in the second-rate or more. simply escort them where the city is not a problem not to mention completely Ling Liu is not physically very weak person. few years ago went to Ling Liu Liu debate wedding congratulations have stayed in the letter period of time. then she saw Mrs. He who has single-handedly skills so hard pestering Liu argued grinding war must go a step top After several years of penance Liu Ling Gengu although not very high but it also reached the top elementary level to deal with the generation of gangsters is totally no problem. saw Huang Ran Song Liu Ling face a smile once beckoned toward the Huangpu Song Huangfu adults free gift in this way will trouble you escort the palace of the "Liu Ling Because so much-loved among the palace has its own claim to the palace palace is reasonable. Her Royal Highness was able to escort an honor to say Wei Chen Wei Chen intends to present to go before the city. Princess also take the opportunity to kill two birds with escort move Bale "Huangpu Song played slowly grabbed his beard body shall be light laugh though the night was late, but there are many nearby Xiliang soldiers. Way through the night we left early State Secretary. Feed Although the eight-wing state boundaries is Wei Chen has prepared carriage but it still will be very hard to be patient hope HRH Princess "Huangfu adults also assured the House in recent years martial arts training hard toil can still tolerate this promise all heard Huangfu adults arrangements for it, "Liu Ling among pure sweet smile that even with mature Huangfu Penny could not help but smile absence of a will. HRH Princess looks too it is best to bring the towel to avoid touching attracted unnecessary trouble." Huangpu Song integrity of the people, after all, would instantly sober him and make a sincere commandment. The palace known. "Liu Ling heard gently nodded his head should be down. Huangpu Song Ling Liu with two front line two miles there were already waiting for a team of people are invariably cavalry about five hundred people. Well as a more plain buggy. Huangpu Song Ling Liu and the ladies into a carriage that began way through the night hoping to avoid Xiliang soldiers within the state as soon as possible to enter the wing. Liu Dong Ling left the next day with Ru. Riboud and several Empress Dowager Dong followers broke into the palace. Zhong Ying Ai Jia you bring people into the palace of desired anything "Empress Dowager Dong exactly at lunch. Dong bring people into suddenly surprised to find face became pale. Dong and Dong Tang Empress is between siblings. This is the same group of people, but this layer of the U.S. Department of little people know. Attendants on the day ten photos in addition to Dong Dong much about the Empress Dowager Dong tribute than there are explained the matter. Cousin would like to sit down one day Yizhi let another force Huang Wu afternoon Association for the Emperor, "Dong Zhuo then put it off and then hanging ears are arrogant and despotic,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, but Seoul suits you must not forget to take care of you if it is Ai Jia would not pay more Today,Totes Coach Outlet, you may have to force me today scenery abdicate your child worthy of Ai Jia me "Dong Dong Empress face staring Lise. But look at Dong momentum emboldened people brought this inevitably inadequate. It all remember that this brother does not allow cousin's grandson upper Mody. For my sake, please Tahan country cousin cousin even ordered it to you when the emperor is the empress dowager had wealthy Weng macros can also be good for everyone this time of life, "Dong Dong Empress listened slightly threatening words. Face is After a burst of blue burst of red long before helpless sigh Ai Jia empress dowager is doing this, but you are not allowed to hurt promised Ai Jia Ai Jia mother of two thin cents "Empress Dowager Dong finished sentence after the whole person Gu waste down look more pale than the original as long as you do not do a little trick I naturally do not do stupid things people mention your family my ability. I do not want fratricidal. "See the Empress Dowager Dong Dong compromise triumphant smile but he did not find a compromise when Empress Dowager Dong. Riboud eyes flashed a brutal colors. Later things simple with Dong Dong Yizhi queen will have to convene Baiguan to the house of the Guardian Empress and Emperor Ling Dong and his son have been present. Dong Liu Xie Empress cheeky look of sorrow colored tight Zhangling Di is deadpan upcoming things seem to appear did not care. See viewers have already arrived at the scene Dong slowly onto the front of the hall stood beside his son Emperor Ling. drew his sword pointing at the waist of the ministers said the emperor stupid is no way there is not enough to deter the world today Empress Yizhi please listen Ru Cao Read Empress Yizhi "concubine Chen quickly under Koushou worship. Ru stood out after the Empress Dowager Dong Yizhi reward read it is nothing more than the emperor Liu (called directly after the name of Emperor Ling) stupid is no way. Not wise King The Stand, Prince Shotoku agreement that kind of thing. After listening to the Yizhi ordered off Dong Fu Liu Liu's robes knelt next house north. Liu atop dolls like always deadpan as if people have Dong Cao Cao control. His Highness the ministers all colors but all in mourning Lian Lu Dong despotic not frivolous. Dong Dong laugh seeing the Italian Ministry would also be exposed triumphant expression alone Dong Lu Bu looked blankly at the back there is hidden an beholder. Sooner or later you this Gouzei I will kill you to lift with your blood on my princess misunderstanding "Lu Bu Dong bitterly after closed his eyes glanced at Li Su deliberate mischief under Riboud itself it is not true now, there has been surrendered Dong Zhuo Ling Liu Zhuo when this catalyst Riboud has been humbled by the bogey start into hatred. Dong Zhuo Ling Liu persecution relatives every one minute. Riboud hate against Dong Zhuo to deepen a point when the accumulated value of hatred to a certain incarnation of spirits when Dong Zhuo Lu Bu will be swallowed Shiguwucun. Dong dare you this Luanchenzeizi misled his majesty so outrageous move my Ding tube definitely do not give in to you "Shang Ding tube stood up and shoved the throw hands like Jane Dong Dong moment is less mess like Jane hit the head of the small tube with laughter. Well you have a small tube crunch dare take such liberties in the temple on top of "Dong Zhuo would like Jane a foot when the left foot into two warriors shouted come ah this assassinate the emperor Rebels trying to chop down" Dong this unspoken words of a face has changed all because the small tube is playing Dong Ding Dong said tube to assassinate the emperor's heart began its plotters visible Dong voice down there two sturdy Xiliang soldiers dragged down the small tube. And they forget to go back when the small tube with Dong Zhuo yells Road Dongzei misled his majesty Budehaosi today you kill me a small tube in the future there will be hundreds of thousands of small tubes you four silent (Wang Given the small tube scolded power strong starting point in order to ensure a harmonious plan is omitted certain words, of course the real reason is what we know what you like do not say it drops) Shang Ding Shilin first tube is indeed the curse mouth. Mouth, then spit blood roll let alone even heard Dong Highness ministers are stunned. Clutching the small tube two Xiliang soldiers face the shame is like a small tube is their curse people in general. Under the command of the first wise known as Dong Zhuo Li Ru. It is small eyes widened eyes apparently looking angry angry exposed to die. This small tube is too liberal sheep without a dirty curse but upset people hear curse on this work to reach the level of God, but unfortunately was going to die so easily. "Hiding in the house on the roof beam Guardian Liu argued watching this wonderful curse success. Anzan the one can not help but secretly glad that they are not in vain. Wow ah ah I killed this guy hurry up" really can not stand Ding Dong tube noise attacks. Suddenly crazy shout a few times. It looks like the madness Dong Liu Xie to not scared. Where there is calm day in the Northern Di Shan Dong seasonal style. Haha saw that he will curse Jiyu vomiting Ding Dong tube head was cut off again and again and even laugh at the moment are laughing small tube force can bend so many fear Dong despotic and yield ministers greatly ashamed, but do not ask ourselves to the tube that point. People kill Ding Dong mood finally managed to calm down after a pro to down this temple will be greeted by Liu Xie and date to the pro to put on a robe for him to bring the imperial crown. Dong Liu Xie also helped get on the Throne to Liu Han new term agreement to become the Emperor is Emperor Xian. Photographed in Dong despotic ministers reluctant to Asaga. Dong congratulate the ministers after. They really will live medroxyprogesterone Liu rushed to the water and closed palace prohibit ministers enter visit. Emperor Xian ascended the throne after nianhao early levels. It was eleven years old, but has been reduced to Emperor Xian Dong hands plaything despite his mercy is nothing less than pathetic. <

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