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> Paint according to Linger said, speaking of the four modifiers. wwW, QUanbEN, coM only months Chuan wind now a month has passed. But still not evolved complete modifier signs of authors is what's misfortune? Liu argued skills training hard in the sense of space, do not know the passage of time outside, but Linger though determined to notice. But modifier evolution, there is no way to escape her. So passage of time continues to start an instant. Another month has passed, and now is September autumn, but still did not evolve to complete modifier signs! And there has already begun surging Luoyang of "those damn eunuch. Sooner or later, I kill them!" He Jin Biao troops with one, scowled out of the house from the Weiyang, mouth Da Lielie groaned. Both sides of the guards is not surprising. After all, He Jin almost every day towards meeting will be after this, but today is particularly burned it. "General, why do for these eunuchs angry? Want to get rid of these eunuchs, in fact, very simple! However method is simple, but it is only generals can do!" Covered extravagance pressing Yuan Shao, a look of mild laughing with relief. As Captain and West Park eight gates of the Army Captain Captain Yuan Shao, status is very high. Plus Yuan but IV Excellencies. He Jin's temper again, so He Jin won the value! However, Yuan Shao did not expect that, in fact, He Jin on his face is serious, but it is actually scared the police go again! "The initial thought how?" He Jin heard nothing left eyes flash, if I can get rid of as soon as possible ten regular attendants, he would surely agree! Yuan Shao heard smiled. Looked around for a moment, then whispered: "This is not the place to speak, or go big mansion generals say it!" "Ah!" He Jin pondered a moment, then nodded and said: "Ye Hao, gentlemen, I have to go and mansion discuss it! "" Snow! "everyone should be the one in unison, followed by a pedestrian mighty, bound for the general government. Los shame big feast general government living room "of the early previously said, there are ways to deal with ten regular attendants, I wonder inform?" He Jin first 喝了一口酒, then look to the face rigorous, sit beside their own Yuan Shao. The presence of people are also exposed a curious look, only typical Army Captain Cao still take care drinking, it may seem not mind. But all this time the body will focus on the Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, nobody paid attention to this natural castrated eunuch later. "Since the generals asked That Shao will venture to say a few words." Yuan Shao first modest about, enjoying all the praise, Yuan Shao then a look of color yield, said: "Today, His Majesty ignore toward things, affairs of state were ten Attendants hand grip, so we now seem very passive, always have been pressed on a thief who castrated. "" These nasty castrato. occupied obtain His Majesty's trust, moving in the abuses, wanton suppress dissent! do not kill them. I'm hard to vent my hate ah! "He Jin-colored look of anger nod Yuan Shao's statement, people have echoed, only Cao Cao exposed contemptuous sneer, but still no one cares about him. The presence of abnormal weak guy "Ten Attendants because His Majesty ignoring affairs of state, in order to completely occupy the upper hand! But we can not be able to use over the counter, these castrated dogs catch!" Yuan Shao's face took on a meaning smile, seems to own approach, very confident. "The beginning of brother Younian see D?" West Park eight Captain Captain Chunyu Qiong right. Road neighborhoods puzzled look. Chunyu Qiong but Captain West Park eight, the strict and some experts, a martial arts class to achieve high. But unfortunately; Chunyu Qiong often drink more villain, although belonging to any party into one, but not He Jin reuse. Weekdays and Yuan Shao touches quite close. "Since His Majesty indulge wine and women. Ignoring affairs of state, presumably will not care ten Attendants life and death! Generals are now over 200,000 hand-Feng soldier, Captain West Park also has eight half orders of generals! Generals why Yuan Shao's face exposed Yinhen smile, some of the more mind has to guess any plans of Yuan Shao. "This is to make an early emperor to abdicate? "He Jin naked eyes flashed an undeniable Yuan Shao move can indeed remove ten Attendants. But this last bear the blame, but it is by him back! THIS crash and burn of the meter, so that he and ten Attendants bucket suffer from This visibility Yuan Shao's intentions ah! "Just before we disturb His Majesty will give all ten regular attendants Heaven! Even afterwards His Majesty the blame does not help. Moreover, ten regular attendants removed, Luoyang military power will make into the hands of generals, when His Majesty will not be too hard, but finally nothing into the eyes see what some mismanagement, Yuan Shao Hsin Tao He Jin did not they want So stupid, then open up for you, I hope slashing into the hearts of any doubts. He Jin heard is silent, seemed very hesitant, a time when the atmosphere quiet down. Emperor to abdicate move much wrong. If disturbed Sheng Jia, who can be magnanimous? The beginning of the coup is good, but needs to work a little of Cao Cao has been silent, suddenly began to break the silence of the atmosphere, the crowd's attention attracted over. "Mendelssohn thought how?" He Jin stuffy Huan asked, to be honest, he did not like Cao Cao, but it can not be denied. Cao Cao is indeed a very capable person! "If the generals emperor to abdicate, will be off use, dubbed the plotters of the crime! So why do not we have another point of view, it is no longer intrauterine Heaven ten regular attendants?" Cao Cao see everyone depressed expression, hearts much fun. "Meng meaning but lure ten regular attendants of the palace, took the opportunity to slash, and then report His Majesty, but the robber is it," "Yuan Shao Cao Cao is indeed a friend from childhood play to large, the first time point out the intention of Cao Cao , people also have dawned. "well, then it will not because the emperor to abdicate, falling real population, it will not disturb Shengjia! Just to find a reason, robbed and killed the ten Palace Attendants leads to "Cao Cao smiling drink a cup, then it is no longer a speech." In our early on, Mendelssohn measure, three days after an excuse to invite over ten regular attendants House a Syrian! Then halfway robbed these castrated dogs! "He Jinsi test a lot, they agreed to this seemingly. Foolproof plan." Wrong! "Drinking is also the side of Huangpu Song Previous suddenly spoke and said one, two generals and ten Attendants are complaining of a sudden shock Ask them to discuss Syrian government, I am afraid such as optical cited" suspect! Song please let them. Go to my mansion now! "" Why not let me go! "Cao Cao spoke face a smile, slowly said:" Compared to huangfu, exercise seems to be more suitable for close to ten regular attendants, it will not be suspected! : After listening to the words of Cao Cao. All the talent suddenly remembered the grandfather of Cao Cao Teng also eunuch, if close to ten Attendants words. Certainly will not doubt. "Ah! Ye Hao!" He Jin think also, he nodded down: "Then the grievances about Mendelssohn!" After all the details of what we discussed, they dispersed the banquet, each for home. He Jin in the last one off the guests after they returned to the dressing room ready to sleep, my expectation dark one pair of scarlet eyes, scared out of him. "You are who!!" He gazes into alarmed, looming black people, that a pair of scarlet eye in the dark, it is very conspicuous, terror. "The next state of the king's messenger but wing Shura! Bong masters of the people, especially to messengers and adults. Things for the sake of concealment. Disturbed adults, but also ask an adult indulgences!" Shura stuffed into the hands of the letter into the hands of Ho. Face flat,Coach Crossbodys Bags, said: "I am the Lord wanted generals, according to the letter said, the following things. Primary treatment can be given to me!" "The generals know you and withdraw it!" Listen Liu Under debaters who He Jin suddenly relieved, waving back at the Shura, He came to the study, confirmed no one around, open the mail view. He Jin will be after reading the letter. His face became very ugly. "Nothing!" He Jin helpless sigh, his face handsome restored to normal, but there are some decadence: "I did so is, but once it is dead" does not know is not really able to live again ah! Brats, that would give me a problem. "He Jin's voice filled with bitterness and frustration, wrote the letter thrown into the fire cage. Looked after letter to ashes. Ho That turned back into the room, I am afraid it will be a sleepless night. This Cao Cao ten Attendants three days courted, gradually taking stunned ten Attendants trust. DPRK unwitting ministers of Cao Cao's groveling is very disdain, but Cao Cao but still it is in the plans to start the day early in the morning, Huangpu Song is also an invitation to ten Attendants, please ten Attendants over the government a Syrian! Zhang Rang, who is also readily agreed. time passed a long time, people such as ambush waited a long time, did not wait ten regular attendants come. Until palace out of a small yellow door and ran towards Cao Cao's mansion, after which Cao Cao sent Stoudemire to notify things brought to light, ten regular attendants discovered their plot, Cao Cao will be a meal swearword, Cao Cao's family threatened to extinguish ! public personnel know, this plan is a complete failure. bang! "is definitely hum who leaked the plan! Let me know who betrayed. I have given him cut to pieces! "He will be angry look into the hands of the glass thrown to the ground, stunned the presence of everyone submissive fact, He Jin will play it,Oakley Sport, this plan was leaked his people, out of the debate on Liu's instructions! Liu defense sent a letter to Ho Chin said, can not be prematurely kill ten regular attendants, it was suggested to recruit other princes into Beijing Qing Jun side. Attendants can start on ten. "plans were disillusioned is also normal, this is not before us OK Zhuo dense, there are too many people know! And ten Attendants partisans throughout the government and opposition, which they heard the news is normal. "Cao Cao Juzhaojiubei drinking, while the presence of the crowd looked askance, plan to fail he is also very angry, but it did not show it." Now that was a realization plan. Altogether emperor to abdicate it! "He Jin hesitated, slowly opening said one, let everyone scared endless!" Today the defeat, already is to arouse his suspicions, ten Attendants will certainly be more vigilant! Shuo that castrated dog stuffed hand heavily, Imperial is easily defensible. Today, in order to emperor to abdicate, I am afraid not so easy Huangpu Song wonder about her face, this shoo plan failed, the most depressing is him! In Huangpu Song seems. Heaven smoothly as long as ten regular attendants, how much can slow it, the Han Dynasty overturning! You can give him more time to come up with ways to save Han. Poor Huangpu Song did not know it, but the demise of the Han people heaven's hand manipulation of the play. Huangpu Song but ordinary mortals, where there is the ability to resist it? Respected even Huangpu Song Liu argued, the issue is not also perish in the Han Dynasty, pushing wave combustion Why? "Not if convened world princes. Into Beijing loyalist to the Qing monarch side! So that both can not drop the real population, but also can get reinforcements." Yuan Shao look some hesitation, said, which he thought for a long time before they figure out ways! Not a last resort. Yuan Shao really want to move Yongzhe Zhao, once recruited into Beijing loyalist princes, out of any accident, then even he will be swallowed, and even the bones would not rest. However, Yuan Shao is now eager to remove ten regular attendants, and to attack the host. Throughout his life, otherwise he could not find the opportunity to Liu argued revenge! "It's not a bad idea! But please move it into the capital of which party princes?" He Jin heard nothing left eyes flash, it seems that Yuan Shao's proposal. Very conative. "Western Liang Dong provincial governor!" Yuan Shao did not hesitate to say a name, the crowd scared at the same time, Yuan Shao said slowly: "Dong Zhuo but one of the world's most powerful princes, hold the hands of Western Liang cavalry over 200,000! recruited if their into Beijing, will be successfully loyalist. "" Dong Zhuo great ambition, but also very brutal man, if his move to Beijing. havoc on a more regular attendants at ten! "Huangpu Song shook his head, then spoke and said: "I suggest trick wing of the state or the Henan provincial governor Wang Xun Yu to Beijing! its top two forces still in Dong Zhuo, given a smooth loyalist. mention the wing of the state but His Majesty King firstborn hands hold red Xiao Jian, if there is He loyalist, only one person can get off the ground sword! "Originally Huangpu Song not intend to agree to Beijing loyalist move princes. But he just mind a move, if the state can provoke wing king, everything is not a problem! Can even take this opportunity to repeal headed to support Liu debate host. "Remark poor men! Wing of the state has always been king and emperor without father, whose brutal comparable Yanzhou! Recruited if their into Beijing, I'm afraid no end of trouble. Dahan will plunge into an abyss of misery Henan provincial governor Xunyu even more to die. If trick Dong to Beijing, with hate six "strength, yet you can control. If trick Xun Yu, I am afraid it will be to become masters! Xun Yu's ambitions. But that is not under the Dong ah! "Yuan Shao See Huangpu Song recommended two" their least favorite princes, nature is rejected without hesitation. Liu Shao debate on a patricide Shamu after he sent Runan Yuan is to be consumed whole family. While under the rule of Runan but Xun Yu, Yuan destroyed over the door, I'm afraid Xun Yu also can not get away. So Yuan Shao absolutely do not make it two to Beijing, so do not set a world feats! "Said the very beginning, the wing of the state, although His Majesty the eldest son of the king, but also the general pro-nephew, but the man is indeed very arrogant rude! Xun great ambition, but also very strong forces, but also near the State Secretary. For him to Beijing, I'm afraid I can not control, or move to Dong loyalist it! "He Jin think for a moment, the final decision to make a decision. He Jin promised so readily, in the final debate on the share of the bottom or Liu engage in out secret letter, Liu argued to recruit Dong Ho Jin, Ding into Beijing. He Jin and Liu argued also in the two princes to Beijing before the emperor to abdicate Jubing advance, and then create an accidentally killed ten regular attendants. He Jin after just waiting to be resurrected on it. "But Dong potential large, the people sinister and brutal Dong heartless, even useful for people whose head, filling do Zeikou, false military medals misdeeds! Also please generals think twice!" See Huangpu Song Dong Ho Jin insisted move to Beijing, only once again into words. Huangpu Song is bitter to eat, his wishful thinking completely wrong! But now and then vetoed move into Beijing loyalist princes, they were quite stunned is not appropriate! So he can only think of ways to make any move into other princes into Beijing. "We hear and governor Ding, and Dong are complaining! Better be attracted, to temperance Dong, Dong lest a single large!" Yuan Shao can I see Huangpu Song meaning, so it then his wish, it is recommended Ding Ho Jin will be attracted. Ding Dong and resentment, as long as the Han people a little high. All vaguely know some. But the two of them is how to make an enemy, do not know. "Absolutely not!" An unexpected voice sounded, everyone turned around and looked surprised to find Cao Cao look excited and stood up. If possible. Cao Cao did not want to do stands out, but he's scared in a gallery. If you really go according to the plan, he can not take the opportunity. Zhang Rang, who removed a name for oneself! So Cao Cao will quickly stood up,Coach Online Outlet, with intent to prevent them these idiots! Cao Cao ourselves not loyal, but also know that if the ear is recruited into Beijing Dong, Han Dynasty basically perished. Then he will not be able to dump in the Han Dynasty before the break a name of the first, and so on his future development, will be very negative. Cao Cao said. If they can not break out some names can not be the first, he will always be Liu argued pressed one, never chance to stand up. Then his so-called Chosen people, and nothing but a joke! So, he! Caomeng! To stop this foolishness unbearable plan! "Meng think, move into Beijing Ding What is wrong?" Yuan Shao watching friends, he had never seen, Cao Cao so excited look. Not to move into Beijing Ding Why? Need it so excited it? Yuan Shao depressing thought. "Definitely not!" Cao Cao red-eyes and shook his head, hands Baoquan, watching He Jin categorically said: "General, princes must not move into Beijing! Attendants to win ten, just a jailer can, if move princes into Beijing, I'm afraid is asking for trouble, no end of trouble! "" a jailer that job "Cao Cao He Jin looked incredible. Hearts surprised, but also some incredible. "A jailer can!" Cao Cao nodded seriously, thinking to myself: "If He Jin agreed, then the prison folder on'm yours, when I remove the ten regular attendants will be able to borrow the name of the first, first name Young World! chase wing of the state will have a king might. "" If I have not received a letter argue children to be you can try this approach, but now Well into the hearts of any helpless sigh, face a laugh look: "Mendelssohn but after eunuch, does not have ulterior motives? "" Haha have heard people laugh, they would have to see Cao Cao unhappy, and naturally want to take this opportunity to laugh at something. Only Yuan Shao and Huangpu Song, silent. "You!" Cao Cao was said in the mind and the taboo place, suddenly furious, pointing He Jin to want to curse. But think of the identity of He Jin, Cao Cao can only angrily thrown under the sleeves, do not fork, said: "chaos into the world who must have!" After the finish. Cao Cao then walk out, leaving only the look of astonishment the crowd thanks to "cosmic samba" significantly cast out of four dragons appreciate it pass, pass less and less time, thanks to those faithful to the book much they Friends support ah! Grateful increased these days criticize posts are to set mobile phone network readers, these books tomota no dignity, why are not clear everywhere swear, export into swearing. Here again the statement aside, this book had a previous bad. Only 100,000 characters, while the new version has come to more than one million words, the plot also carried into the half. Modify legacy is a last resort, in accordance with the kind of style to write down, this book has been a palace. Mobile phone network retains the old chapter, is their server issues, dragons too many times before to find customer service, but have been fruitless! There is no previous chapters the main station, and dragons are only responsible for the master update. Other sites are not responsible. There is also a three-year-old protagonist engage said. Woman, is simply nonsense! Before crossing the protagonist is a quote years after the body is through the age, developmental level of the modern equivalent of the name of the old. Chinese Ancient minimum age for marriage is old age, and general rich people male heirs, when in physical development. That is the mouth, three years old, there will be the maid of conservatories. Elementary education, to do this kind of thing. So when crossing Volume protagonist, either physical or psychological. Can all be normal sexual relations. Please do not make a fuss about the matter shouting <

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