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27.05.2013 10:56
He did not think of is antworten

Tong the very next day, Tokyo city everywhere in the read the song "Qiu Yan word", those stupid every mention of Li Xiangxian's performance, is still the eyes, feeling again and again! Some people even inquired about the wild goose is buried, intend to travel to Fenshui visiting a. Overnight, Yang Yi reached a peak in the capital's reputation, not only because of this first "Qiu Yan word", but also because he is one hundred thousand through gamble winners gain both fame and wealth, the word used in the Yang Yi body, at the moment nothing. Yin Tun was naturally not get through one hundred thousand years, the East West borrowed together two money to Yang Yi, is paid the first payment, this already made public, Yin Tunlai is deny, this year reading people love name than love life, Yin Tun is no exception, played IOU to Yang Yi, he went home to raise money, but when he can get, Yang Yi now without trying to control him, because of the two pressing him to face the crisis. One is from Maitreya to teach, from Huakui contest first night's assassination, then think of cold two days ago to see the forest the eyes the fleeting, Yang Yi heart also had very thick intention to murder. Want to make sure is Lin Kerr, this with a simple exclusion method can get the answer. At that time the purple to lead Li Xiangxian a lot, in this case, Yin Tun a scholar guxiong the possibility very little; but Zhu Guangting could not, in Yang Yi, Zhu Guangting is now very busy with the winds and waves are unbearably busy,air jordan outlet, no time to think for yourself, is to deal with their own, they used to play politics plot of the people in the government, but also the absolute disdain to adopt this method simple and crude, who if they offer such idea, they will think that it is an insult to their iq. The Church of Maitreya is not good, death traps! To move the forest Kerr, in her defenseless situation, want to kill her is not difficult, but the key is how to not act rashly and alert the enemy, at the same time, immediately to kill Lin Kerr said, she this line may be broken, the people of Maitreya to teach in law enforcement, was sent to Beijing to perform any major tasks, know a lot, just kill a pity! These days, Yang Yi has been on the matter for a layout! He did not think of is,Cheap Oakley Squared, another crisis more suddenly, after examination by the examiner's efforts,Crossbodys Coach, finally scoring! The imperial examination is to implement the 'lock hospital' system, that is to say each examiner from temporary was appointed as officials raised, have been locked in 'immediately', no contact with the outside world, until the marking is completed, to 'open,' results! What happened to the process' immediately ', the outside is not known, but this time, something beyond the anticipation of Zhao Xu! The imperial examination has already crossed the old party under the bottom line, so they must not compromise, in Gongyuan, although Li Qingchen argued, but standing in the new party side he alone, shuangquannandi four hands, the final list of even eighty percent is to support the old party candidates, they were fiercely critical of the new deal, it is these people, even to a a two a list is filled, and Yang Yi is the only one to two a 'new believers'! Zhao Xu heard the results, hematemesis, he is >

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