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> "Master! Master! Master you wake up!" Burst of ethereal sound like Liu argued ear gently echoed. wWw, quanbeN, cOM listening to this wonderful ethereal voice, Liu argued that his wicked otaku heart, seems to be purified again, filthy hearts have been washed a blank. Opened his eyes, looked around Liu debate has not yet opened his mouth environment complained: "how come I always faint halo go! Blame the stingy Hongjun, not on track the next address, cursed mother, actually Because of this put me kicked the Eastern Han Dynasty! "Liu argued fairly familiar with the history of the three countries, and just before crossing the playing three games, only from a dream glass come there to know a little intelligence body in his 10 with ** Eastern Han Dynasty, and their estimated crossing objects when a few months, or that it was the emperor of the Han Dong destroy the young emperor Liu debate. "Master! If you do not talk to me, then I will ignore you!" Earlier that ethereal voice in the ears, his voice has a hint of dissatisfaction, is clearly Liu wake up first thing debate is not see themselves,oakley eyeglasses sale, but what a mess complaining feel uncomfortable! Liu argued heard turned around to see the voice that hugged a pure master, he was curious what kind of girl to have such a wonderful voice. Into the purpose of a roughly 12-year-old,Air Jordan Outlet, long very cute little girl, this time the little girl wearing Han princess dress, looked exceedingly cute, especially the pair of juicy black eyes, reminiscent of the endless starry sky . Liu argued met this little girl, is very popular, the moment she walked over and hugged, pinched her cheeks pink toot said: "Who are you little sister? Mom and dad do?" Liu argued that only an evil mind at this time The idea: "Moe! too Meng! masterpiece Lolita ah!" little girl showing abnormal enthusiasm, love yourself look for Liu debate was very happy, the moment of sweet incense Liu argued a smile: "My name is Ling children, is to modify the device is spirit, no parents! "Ray, thorough to be mine, this is currently the only idea Liu argued that he can not imagine how this cute little girl actually let yourself through one of the culprits. "You are the modifier is Spirit? Causes that let me through?" Liu argued gaping at arms Linger, insensibly open asked, when faced with the parties asked this thing, Liu argued simply knows better than the extreme. "Master how can you say that! You are not get me through, to blame his grandfather would blame Hongjun chicken intestines! Off Linger anything! Hum!" Linger tone of some dissatisfaction, snorted , turned around and no longer ignore Liu argued. . ".." Liu argued silent, although Think chicken intestines really blame Hongjun, but also blame themselves too young too impulsive, and Linger really nothing to do. Liu argued though no openings admit, but that's the point of mind are gouring jīng Linger strange to see out. "Hey, you know, you can not blame the owner Linger big bar! Linger so adorable, how it will hurt the owners?" Linger holding Liu argued neck. Sound waves debate about Liu Xiang again. Linger looked innocent, Liu argued even with the big vent grievances have not come out, could do nothing but sigh: "Alas! Nowadays are crossed, there is no way to save! However Linger, I want to ask Q. How much of my head what? made my head almost exploded! "spit spit pretty tongue, Linger blushing, somewhat embarrassed:" In order to allow the owner to become familiar with their surroundings, so I The memory of that prince resolution, integration into the host's body... "This is not a good thing she was treated, had wanted to facilitate Liu argued, did not expect to get him so badly, Linger also feel very good intentions. . ".." Liu argued that under completely silent, although Linger a lot easier to let him move, he did not blame Linger meaning, but it left him somewhat depressed body in the end who is, is not who wants to Move altered, can be a? "Where is here?" Liu argued silent finally decided to break the deadlock, then looked at the next four weeks, and found everywhere around the gray one, near'll see, but it seems to afar very blurred. Liu argued Linger see a sweet smile asked: "This is the master consciousness space! Because my master's soul is bound, so I am currently living in the owner's sense of space!" Looking around it rough conditions, empty space seem boundless sense of loneliness, Liu argued incredible looking Linger said: "You live in this empty, shabby place?" Liu Linger will debate this thought shook his head grinning habit , or Distressed say it can not, then you can comfort her own, took the opportunity to develop a plan Raiders for Lolita. Linger but suddenly did not want to break the arms of Liu argued that he jumped to the ground grinning watching Liu argued: "The owner see what it is?" Linger a cup of thin air in the hands of the air (not to wonder why air) suddenly filled with a fragrant nose Toru tea. Q up with this tea Liu argued jīng God suddenly burst, only to feel comfortable while whole body, which he drank tea once,Air Jordan Take Flight, that he is still a very rich friends treat, and is said to have spent tens of thousands of glass ocean it ! That taste of alcohol, so that Liu argued unforgettable. Had a chance to enjoy a sense of shock and tea, Linger and defend against Liu sweet smile: "The owner look behind you!" Liu argued heard subconsciously turned to look and think about what changes have occurred, let him dumb is that they do not know when to actually living in a seemingly narrow side actually spacious territory, is clearly his own room in the 21st century, in addition to layout the same size, and even a few big bookshelves are filled the novels, comics and game discs. "This is how the matter?" Liu shocked pointing Linger debate, he can not help but suspect that I was dreaming of, whether or consciousness through space or something. Linger conjure up out of thin air again, a straight-backed chair, made himself an ass down, do not answer, just gently sipped tea hands. "Whew! Really delicious!" Linger looked Liu argued that emergency Fire Attack heart expression, naughty spit spit Xiangshe: "Because this is the sense of space, as long as the owner thought, memory-owned, all you can get out of here ! "" Then you can dictate how this ability? "Liu argued against Linger wariness inexplicable worse, no-one can not be free to change their consciousness completely relaxed space character in front of it! Liu debate is not what a great man, a saint, not generous to his body, soul to let others control point. Liu argued to keep alert suddenly looked like, Linger pretending tearful yù drops, dejected, said: "They bind the soul and the owner, you have without jeopardizing the owner of the premise, the owner changed the spatial arrangement of consciousness ability Well ... "Linger looked poor installation, Liu debate is dubious, but yet can not so cute little girl angry, only reluctantly said:" Let me enter the consciousness of space is your right, go ahead ! told me to come over there anything? "Linger see Liu argued suspicion elimination half, can not help but clap of joy cried:" of course, is to allow the owner to understand the current situation it! "" The current situation? "Liu asked puzzled debate Road, finishing this thing himself Prince discernible memory can not easily resolved, do not get yourself what sense this space to ah! Linger see Liu argued puzzled look, can not help but rage, I saw Linger frowning, Duqi his mouth: "The owner of the Linger not forget what is identity, right?" Askew look cute frown Duzui great, let Liu argued both cold hold her in his arms like live, love some. Xiaohe touched the head, Liu argued pulled the chair in front of a computer to sit down and said: "modifier is spiritual thing! How could I forget it?" If an unspoken, Liu argued immediately realized: "Lovely Small Linger is going to tell me to use the modifier do? "" Hmmm! owners know enough! "Linger ring holding hands, looking triumphant Liu argued, Liu argued as if to see Linger Yao nose becomes longer and longer. "Haha, then tell me how to use the modifier it!" Liu Shun ass downhill debate, after all, do not let go so angry Linger is going on. Linger naughty watching Liu argued, joking laughing: "Though you did not master much sincerity, but since you have not ask! I will be merciful to tell you.." "In order to prevent the destruction of the world! Order protecting world peace! hereinafter omitted.. "Liu suddenly the plug in a debate. <

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