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27.05.2013 10:51
Maitreya to teach in the capital antworten

The sky is overcast, soon it began to rain, the sky occasionally with a flash of lightning, thunder fried, shocking! Kwong Fuk square is located in Tokyo, the northeast corner of the city, near the Fengqiu gate, a carriage in the rain from Guang Fang came out, straight spring Fang Chi to supernatant view! A 20-year-old woman in the car, looks dignified and beautiful,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, she was the Queen's kiss sister Meng month, arms is a child of three years old, watching children frail sickly, her face than the sky the haze and rich cloud. He sat listening to Mrs. Xuan Yan's, she's over forty, originally just a ordinary woman, because the Meng empress at a Beijing of ladies, who dressed, give a person a kind of the nouveau riche. See Meng Yuee face a cloud, Yan's comfort: "the moon moth, you don't worry, Hu Yu incurable Zhang son disease, does not mean that no one can cure, method to end their shangqinggong, often in order to comply with the rule of medical record to the rehabilitation of patients, all her treatment, said the female immortal! You don't have to worry too much!" Meng Yuee had learned medicine, sister into the palace before she married a Beadle appointment, had a Hui and herbal medicine shop opened in Guangfu square, designed for women and children to see a doctor, my sister later the queen, has no need to a domestic subsidies, it off! These days she rummaged through the books, to give their children prescribing medicine, but could not see the slightest improvement, but she took the children to retire Hu Yuyi there to diagnosis and treatment, Hu physician drug has been available for three days, the child's condition is not much better, Meng Yuee's son, how can we not worry? Listen to Mrs. Xuan Yan's are worried about how to make law end Meng Yuee I trust it, listen to it, immediately seek to come, will boast method end angels general magic. If the usual Meng Yuee will not believe these, it closed has the chaos, his son's illness he and Hu Yuyi had no way, listen to Yan's exaggerating method end, plus Meng Yuee also heard that effective surgery does have some one's own knack in to mend his ways to save him, with have a try heart, it agreed to take her son to supernatant view to end treatment method. Owing to the rain, today the supernatant values not many pilgrims, quietly silent, through the thick rain, visible at the end of the corridor in the alcove, Lin Kerr a maid dress, looks like is pious listen method end point! But at the moment method end said was: "we are not in Beijing, slow progress in some leader should be able to understand, this thing, if be anxious for success, but led to suspicion!" Lin but also know rational method end said, Beijing than he,Air Jordan Outlet, government control is the strongest place, if the development to the congregation in the capital, the government will soon discover, so Maitreya to teach in the capital only arranged a few capable hands,oakley sunglasses outlet, so to avoid the eyes and ears of the government, but also caused the Beijing manpower shortage, so many things slow progress. "But the hierarch command has been under, you have the courage to go against the leader's command? This turn if no longer able to win the trust of the Meng Yuee, founder of blame down, you and I will die without the burial ground!" A flash of lightning in the sky with fried, as if he had been split a large wound, electro-optic according to law end face, looked pale and not a little blood, remember to punish the harsh teaching, law end >

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