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> "Oh. WWw, qUAnBEn, CoM installed so no need to overdo it! Quite distasteful to head it can be looked at will be exposed mountains and the six Ho Jin left back, patted his forehead Liu debate helpless, helpless sigh hearts breath, then turned to the United States and eight apologetic smile. quickly hugged Ho Rui Liu argued arm, in all fairness is what Rui Liu argued the second woman, but they have a past life with the edge of the woman., but for their own now do, Liu debate made me guilty, but in her own father to death ah! "Aunt Queen, I want to hang out with several sister, okay? "Liu Ling pair of water Lingling big wide open eyes, looking pitiful Ho,Coach Handbags, He flew on after a soft heart should be down." His mother, they do not serve tea glass children do! "He later promised to see Liu Ling's request, Liu argued suddenly helpless smile a few times." Are you people care about what secular ceremony? "He later heard suddenly turned a supercilious, let Liu argued hearts greatly depressed. How He is living longer and younger after the recent, of course, this refers to the psychological." Glass child, Lingling first arrive, not very familiar with the letter All, you will walk around with her now! Palace that place, be sure to give her stuffy bad He Houci love little head touched Liu Ling, Liu Ling's face could not help revealing a lovely smile. "I know. Queen mother!" Dream glass owes a bit body, the performance is like a ladylike, holy, noble, enchanting, perfectly reflected in her body. He nodded in satisfaction. Eight wife, she was the most satisfying dream glass. Not only because of her close relationship with the dream of glass, but also because Mengli body temperament, so she is very comfortable. And dream glass virtuous homemakers. Another guest, the amount, but after what the best minds of the daughter. "You yourself go play! I still have some work to do. Would not go up, I will let them in secret sword guard!" See settled, Liu argued only inevitable compromises, and anyway, he will also be go away guests. Can accompany her daughters, let them go out and play is also possible. "I know!" Including Liu Ling, including nine women, excited to be the one in unison, Liu debate seems to go or not, it does not matter in general. Liu Ling living in the palace. Rarely have the opportunity to go out, it makes a good move for her chagrin! The eight women dream of glass, normally only in utero practice, there is no opportunity to go out. Now you can relax once rare, the mood would be more excited as natural. "His mother, baby on the first rotation of!" Liu argued against any applied after a ceremony, after the nod after what, this turned to leave "You wait, I change clothes!" Liu argued away, He suddenly called after lived nine women are preparing to leave, look weird smile. "Queen, you have to go??" Mengli He looked surprised look after the post was not always like what Kiyonaga, do not like to go out of it? "You can relax once rare, do not walk out how to live? Previously not go out with you, that disturb you. Now argue children do not go, I naturally can not miss!" He smiled after the game Germany, quickly drill into the apse, and soon put a purple Gongzhuang walked out. "Aunt Queen's Best!" Liu Ling He hugged a look of excitement, let He can not help but Yanzui smiles tenderly. "Get out, I called her mother and Aunt!" He did not want to reveal identity after so few exhort the nine women. "Aunt daughters mother call out a chorus, so after Ho nodded satisfaction, so ten beauties, mighty bound for the bustling commercial street" Mendelssohn back so soon, do not leave than a few days? "Liu debate took a look of dismay Cao Cao's hand, he could not get a clear idea of ​​Cao Cao's foundation, can be bad to let him leave so easily." Ita horse to report, said that His Majesty to bring me into Beijing, fuck yes had to go ah! "Cao Cao face and sincere smile, hearts actually emerge a cold sweat. Cao Cao had to be sure, Liu argued indeed is their destiny opponent, get a clear idea Liu argued since the ins and outs of Cao Cao where dare stay long! If see the flaws, potential weak now, he is definitely not Liu debate opponent, and may even ask to be directly killed in the cradle. "That being the case! I am not a good strong left you, I was in your future like this I wish Mendelssohn "best.!" Liu argued, then intentionally, innuendo Cao future darkness. This tongue actually succeed Lee, Liu Liu argued debate indeed, little scary eye. "Thank you, princes Yoshikoto!" Cao Cao Liu argued Huazhongyouhua not audible, that Liu debate is truly blessed themselves, but also the moment to forget that they are rivals, touched the hearts of some inexplicable, can not help but have a kind Xing stunned Xiangxi affair. Watched out the back Cao Cao, Liu argued contemptuous sneer a cry, mouth murmured: "Captain West Park eight actually established in advance! Liu, this is to speed up your own death ah! Unfortunately, I sent you zengshou spirits wine, Zaozhidaojiu not send you. 0 "Farewell Cao Cao, Liu argued they have bid farewell to celebrities around the size of the princes. And then to discuss GOU dwelling a bit Yuzhou government, and to allow him to send troops to attack with charge states, too, left the line to send them all the letters. Today, all the letters remained in the. Only Sun Jian, He Jin and Zhao Zhong, and He Jin Zhao Zhong today have the same return to Luoyang. And Liu Ling is to stay in for some time, is said to be allowed to get too Emperor Ling. He Jin and Zhao Zhongjing quietly with troops leave, not with Liu argued farewell, but also Landelikuai Liu debate, then to Sun Jian trio live Caravanserai. Two disciples entry for so long, how much should pass something over it! Liu eloquence to Caravanserai. Just hit the bags packed, ready to leave the Sun Jian and Sun Jian sent out two positive too, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. "Why is it so anxious to leave the Observatory?" Liu argued stepped forward,Oakley Active Sale, look puzzled, "Upon my honor princes, in fact, to the wing of a state before my wife would have to be produced, and if I go back now rushed. Should be catch! poison before going to the princes farewell, princes did not want to look here. "Sun Jian, embarrassed smile. "That will happen Congratulations Observatory of!" Liu argued heard this, nothing left eyes flash, hearts color color thought: "It should be born now!" "If a girl like, I have four sons Sun Jian, but alone without a female, and feeling exceedingly sorry ah! "Sun Jian look helpless sigh. Sun Jian Sun Ce eldest son, the second son of Sun Quan are natural gifts Rin, he already has the perfect heir Sun,Coach Handbags, but they do not have a daughter heartstrings, which is currently the biggest regret of Sun Jian. Listening to the words of Sun Jian Liu debate can not help but stunned, Sun Jian ideas considered strange in this day and age, in this patriarchal era, almost everyone wants a boy not born woman! But may also be grandchildren. Caine this idea, so after his death, Shangxiang was so loved by Sun Ce and Sun Quan now! But unfortunately, Sun Quan finally actually put Shangxiang married Liu Bei, a person can be when her father, led to her miserable life. "Haha. Observatory idea really interesting, I've got a bow of God, sent to your unborn baby now! Jiangdong Sun but the Tigers family, both men and women should be Nengwennengwu generation, which put Bow mesh well suited as a gift! "Liu argued ring out from a golden Bow, Bow waist as aquamarine, jade bowstring is exudes a glow, a glance is not all things. "This bow is listed artifact of the statue, Ming Huan Qiqiao, but with authority control arrows, can be bursts of seven arrows, inherent Qiqiao name." Liu argued the child handed Qiqiao Sun Jian: "You baby after birth , let it drop on a drop of blood on the bow, they can identify the main, so whoever killed, you can not use this bow! "Qiqiao bow arrows are seven kinds of properties with five elements of yin and yang, the user strength is stronger, given the stronger bows. Opposite. Master's strength is weak shot bows power also worse. Can be considered a very special artifact! "Royal Highness, this ceremony too, I do not deny he tried to Sun Jian. Liu argued but was interrupted." I sent this bow is your baby, are not you, why deny it? Moreover, this is just my spare time, refining bow Bale, although very valuable in the eyes of others. But in my eyes it is not a great value! Net easy to do gift! "Liu argued obstinately Qiqiao bow stuffed into the hands of Sun Jian, he also intends to play Shangxiang idea too! Closer relations at this time, is the best opportunity you can not blame Liu argued too evil, even the unborn little girl , are not ready to let go. merely grandchildren. Shang Xiang's name first too, seems to Liu argued that crossing that has a fatal attraction. coupled Liu argued possessive, naturally, is not easily put before. mention Shangxiang is willing Qian, Mi ring, size, Joe Liu debate is not ready to let go, others will not touch touch, not to mention what the relationship is now a small point, such as ten years, do not Why grow up? Lolita is to be used to develop the "That's hard on behalf of my unborn baby, thanked the prince! "See Sun Jian Liu debate have said this sake. Then do not play gooseberry rejected somewhat, so they put Qiqiao bow close up." Wen Taiwan may have thought a good name? "" Shang Xiang! If the woman Pianhuan still fragrant, if men Pianhuan Jen! "Brought about the birth of a baby. Sun Jian's face could not help but burst of excitement, hearts have been praying:" a daughter, a daughter, "Liu argued Shangxiang hanging quirky smile, a look of praise, said:" good name Cho! "" Thank you, princes praise! Time is not late, Kennedy will say good-bye! "Get Liu argued praise, Sun Jian also feel some pride, then hold a debate against Liu Baoquan, then touched the Sun Ce and Zhou Yu's head. Stables to pull on his white horse, toward the gate to go to." Master . You just said, that the God of the bow is your own refining? "Sun Jian forefoot before leaving, Sun Ce then put the naked eye looked Liu debate." How, you want me to help you refining a weapon? "Liu Xiaohe debate touched Sun Ce's head, this little guy is really easy to see through." Ah! "Sun Ce look of excitement nodded, his eyes showing a look of expectation." When. Your strength to reach the top, and I'll help you refining artifact! "Liu Xiaohe debate patted Sun Ce's head, and then turned around to see Zhou Yu laughed:" You too! "" Thank you, master! "Although not very interested on practicing, but Zhou Yu on the artifact level weapons, still very interested." Let's go! "Liu argued mouth gently raised, his next period of time. Besides helping war must upgrade the two outside. Should enhance their Gengu, and instill some ideas! Lest their hard-trained big before, and finally betrayed himself, it would be too uneconomical. "I heard you and Fengxiao was able to talk? "In the way back to the palace. Liu debate suddenly turned around to see Zhou Yu asked." Fengxiao Mr. often war strategy guide me some knowledge, but that is going to drink Huajiu this point, so I am somewhat difficult to grin with Zhou Yu with a smile, so that Liu had favoring debate, did not think Zhou Yu will actually be a innocent little virgin ah! It seems Zhou Yu did not think of myself so mature! Generally large house, to the Sun Ce, Zhou Yu Ji this year, will arrange maid Shi Qin. "What are your dreams for the future? Say to listen, I am fine individualized." Liu argued doing all looked at two face is too small, so Sun Ce and Zhou Yu some shudder. "I want to generals!" Sun Ce look of pride with his hands and shouted, so that pedestrians have to impose the roadside watching. "This guy's obsession on great generals really deep ah!" Liu argued face looked ashamed Sun, making a smile on the face touched the dagger Sun Ce's head he found that the more self-citations public prophecies like to touch the head of the person : "Then I will teach you tactics, tactical deployment and unchallenged martial arts!" "Haha .. Thank you master!" Liu argued teach hear are their own interest, Sun Ce excitement suddenly jumped jumped. Rows of sight is to go toward the Sun Ce tie. Sun Ce was told this was too handsome. And behavioral actions, and also so striking it? "Little fish. How about you? Want to learn?" Liu debate touched Zhou Yu's head, by the way gave a nickname to him. "I want to govern the powerful army, strategizing, winning thousands of miles away, the master can teach?" Zhou Yu Liu argued obtain very dissatisfied nickname, but life difficult for teachers. Only accepted the nickname. "The easier you usually in addition to policy learning and small, like courses, go to Guo Jia chess on it. When you can beat him, you then come to me to learn the next step." Liu debate has thousands of years of memories. And every piece of memory are the number one VIP, where it would be required Zhou Yu this little stumped. "Chess!?" Ran Yu look of silent watching Liu argued, did not think would Yongzhe Zhao Liu debate actually sent him. Liu argued not to teach not only known to himself he would say, let Zhou Yu their own experience. Use chess to develop a strategic vision, this is the most practical approach, especially and chess master. "I study a lot of existing copies of the book that you are interested, I can take you to look at, but are not allowed inside the book away! Ye, then, you can keep your promise transcribe!" Liu suddenly want to debate up their third layer from the royal library books stolen out of the only existing copies are stacked in the study, these books may be more suitable for beginners like Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. In fact, Liu debate still underestimate the importance of those books, those books can be housed in the Royal Archives third tier. Let alone a beginner, even to Guo Jia look like cattle, are rewarding. "Disciples kicked!" Zhou Yu fine thought for a moment, suddenly understood Liu argued's motives, his face showing a satisfied smile. With chess master, is indeed a good way to exercise strategic vision. More than just exercise strategic vision. That tactic can also get some improvement, Zhou Yu is also only want to know this. "Master. Previous good fun ah! Optimistic we go bad?" Sun Ce sudden look of excitement pointing to the front, continued to gather the crowd cried out, his record this year is still a good move fun times, naturally prefer to watch it. "All right!" Liu debate turned around to see Zhou Yu, expect to see him have some way, suddenly nodded helplessly. Why do not a little excitement, what is good-looking! Liu argued sudden sight is a burly figure attracted. A look at each other the familiar red, her waist, with the two broken hill sword, not Excalibur guide who else! Excalibur commanding all here, Liu debate will understand, ten daughters got in trouble with ** is. Do not know which is not long eye, dare to stir up trouble in their own sites. "Excalibur. What happened?" Liu argued with Sun Ce duo is preparing to push the crowd toward the Excalibur guide, patted him on the shoulder to ask worship "Master!" Liu argued heard the voice of God Sword commanding quickly turned his head, his face the color of ice in front of Liu argued hold the Baoquan: "Several troll rogue, see faithfully mistress looks beautiful, so I want to forward molested, is preparing to go under siege!" "I rely on!" Although already guessed how it is, he can not help but Liu argued swore foul language, loosen the Sun Ce and Zhou Yu's hands, facing the crowd anger Heleyisheng: "Which son of a bitch, dare to take liberties my woman!!! "Liu debate sound contains air force, sound waves, blow open the perimeter of the crowd. Britain blowing seven of their eight inverted, passive defense to Liu let out a road, revealing in what later led by 10 women, as well as several keep saliva. Mouthful of foul approximation daughters of ruffians. "This is the legendary tone killing power fails? Sound clever tricks to kill power in addition to outside, but also natural gifts Rin ah! Master the body does not seem very strong, I really do not see there is this voice!" Sun Ce eyes shine Liu argued looked back, the color of worship apparently opinions. Tone killing power. As the name suggests is to use voice hurt the enemy, but to use sound to kill power, a force on the gas control to demanding, the slightest mistake will reverse wound track myself. Two different cold to need talent, good enough voice to be able to afford to live rapid indoctrination pneumatic pressure. Liu argued would not this technique, but Zhang Fei will ah! Zhang Fei Liu debate has been on a sound wounding curious. So it asked a few times. Does not mean to kill Zhang Fei will sound reactive taught Liu's body, but tempered debate, the natural use of sound starting to bear the burden of power to kill, so Liu argued, there would be in excellent shape with the tips up! "Master, but peerless master, but also a disciple of the gods, it will sound strange to kill what power! You really shocked strange!" Zhou Yu's brother for his ignorance, suddenly turned a supercilious disdain. Sun Ce mess while fat beat the end of the last chapter of the transition, these women want to do vase is really difficult, but read, read, have become semi-vase, if forced to let them interact with it. Will become very uncomfortable, this is the harem flow shortcomings of it! He still arrange a few battles, allowing them to participate! The next chapter begins. War officially started, although counsel may not be great, but it could reflect a little resourcefulness. VIP wisdom I could not write, so can only write a little mysterious. Let their wisdom more mysterious, it seems prophetic in general. , <

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