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but also to distance the army antworten

> Sichuan argue the point Qi forty thousand elite "thousand one hundred eighty square Wei iron wood work horse of God. WWw. QUAnBEn. COM to Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Xu Huang as generals, ready to regain Zhongshan! Wing and left fifty thousand state military pay and Liu Bei command. and let Zhang and Zhou Cang help defensively. legitimate Liu argued Story soldiers go out when Zhongshan, Zhongshan and sent a messenger to let Liu argued canceled all the preparations. Yan Liang and high table troops sixty thousand attack Zhongshan, Zhongshan twenty thousand defenders declared surrender, Yan Liang also incorporated the amount of three thousand people a heavy halberdier! domineering twenty thousand Huns in Zhongshan, also massacred half. remaining men surrendered , was detained Yan Liang! Nowadays Zhongshan been completely recovered, is now believed all new prefect delegated governance, the full recovery ...... really Taishou Fu Ding County Chamber "My lord overwhelmed defeated the Huns, Swinger rebellion, Barghouti's reputation! We should send a messenger to go Hun demonstrations, and threatened to extinguish the Huns family! "Guo Jia Gently rocking the folding fan, his face smiling at Liu argued, a world outside looks like." Oh? "Guo Jia Liu debate looked puzzled themselves intend extinguish the Huns, Guo Jia do not have any other ideas?" My lord, but thought extinct Hun family? "Guo Jia Liu argued smiling face looking at." Yes! "Liu argued not deny nodded, his face murderous said:" immortal Huns. Nanxiao my heart of hate! "" This is particularly wrong! "Guo Jia looks like a really the case, then gently shook his head, said:" Hun but beyond the Great Wall nation, tend to live in and cool two states, is particularly difficult to destroy it! And we have black brigands east, north Youzhou, if you want to use the army to eliminate the Huns, the state will probably wing decimated. Even as the culprits are taking advantage! And to destroy the Huns,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, and must route through the state, and provincial governor Ding but an upright gentleman, I am afraid of your contempt for His Majesty the issue last year, the hearts harbor resentment, I'm afraid we have a pit behind when, not necessarily! And Huns mobilize one hundred thousand soldiers and horses, Ding original may not know what? "The implication is that Guo Jia, Ding know Hun wing of the state to mobilize military forces ready to deal with, but just do not send notifications Liu argued, and even sent a messenger to go Changshan warning, the meaning of which can be imagined. Guo Jia words like pot cold water, will be filled with wrath poured Liu debate to wake up, I saw a look of Liu debate Fortunately looked Guo Jia, humbly ask for advice and said: "That Fengxiao thought should be how? "" My lord a war perished Hun thousands of troops, and now the Huns also decimated, just as Kerry said earlier. Sent three messengers, threatened to retaliate. "Guo Jia jiggle folding, look uninhibited smiles:" On the other hand, allows the wing of the state counties lord, so prepare Xingbing crusade against the Huns mounted troop movements look natural so much Huns fear! "Liu argued heard nodded slightly to the side, that Guo Jia said makes sense, but it still continued to look Guo Jia, I hope he continues to go on." Huns will send a messenger will come, when the lord to put pressure on some, such as the Huns can be used for me! Until then we can limit the Huns beyond the Great Wall Hu family, can also be used to control Youzhou, so that we can free hand to deal with the black Bandit! "Guo Jia breath tells his ideas, and then looked at Liu argued smiling face, waiting for his answer." Fengxiao good insight! Ha ha ...... "Liu debate after listening to the analysis of Guo Jia. Greatly delighted clap clap Road." My lord, if calm down, naturally you can think of! "Guo Jia quietly took note of the ass, so Liu argued quite good enough." I do not know who may be messengers? Fengxiao whether a suitable candidate? "Liu argued neighborhoods face looked Guo Jia." Guard commanding Wade, and lord crotch mounts. Poor Church! "" I go? "Wade in the side to hear a daze, I do not know how Guo Jia would choose to do their own messengers, he not smart, they can not speak, and how odd to also enumerated the poor. Himself somehow people will talk, poor Church come and go, only the roar ah! "uh! "Liu argued heard surprised a moment, he would have thought that Zhao Guo Jia let go, did not expect to actually chose Wade! Liu argued, however, after all, not an idiot, and soon wanted to understand the intention of Guo Jia." Haha. Fengxiao really sinister enough! "Liu argued would like to know, immediately pointing Guo Jia laughed together." My lord, what are you praise me, I'm still at loss? "Guo Jia Liu looked puzzled look." Really wonderful! "Liu Bei careful thought, then also figured out the truth, and only Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and some do not understand, only his face puzzled look Liu Bei." This time our military victory, lord want a demonstration , thereby forcing Hun bow! Code of crude expansion commanding man Ye Hao, and superior strength! No one better suited to do this than his messenger! "Liu Bei smiles of explaining to the two brothers, and my heart there is a word did not say it:" In fact Yide also very suitable for this task! "" So! "Guan Yu stroking Meiran shall nodded, watching Guo Jia eyes full of respect. General contempt no longer like the original, although Guo Jia is in addition to a small trick, but people mind easy to use, that can be compared to their first thought. beyond the control he refuses to accept. "Wade. You can dare? Oh, maybe life-threatening look of uninhibited debate Liu looked Wade. "Mere Huns small family, how dare I go! Relying on those wastes they can not do nothing for me?" Wade confidently stood up, took a few banging his chest. "Then I will lend you one with the odd poor, and let you travel with fierce cavalry pillow, very effort to suppress the arrogance of the Huns!" Liu argued very generous mother pillow pull out the flag, he will throw the Code. "Multi Xiezhu Gong!" Wade heard overjoyed, one took over the prayer flag, and put him into the arms! Commanding cavalry pillow can pull this super cavalry. Even if only temporary, but also enough to make everyone jealous. "Today's getting late, and you leave it in tomorrow! You can go first," Liu argued when he was well and Wade waved Italian woman down "kicked!" Wade happily hold the Baoquan, the envy of the captains in the eyes, swaggering longer. "Then how should we do?" Wade left, Liu debate quickly turned around to see Guo Jia, captains also revealed a curious look. "What to do, as long as the military forces ordered the counties ready, ready to send troops to!" Guo Jia jiggle folding fan, then look strange smiles: "My lord, can now go back and prepare for the wedding, and so quickly put down the rebellion and presumably it will not delay the wedding, right? "" Haha, I know who Fengxiao too! but this marriage, or to drag on for some time, at least after the Hun bow! "Liu argued laughed loudly, then right the crowd and said: "Gentlemen, you had better compliment to come drink wedding ah!" "Sure, sure!" Liu Guan trio respectful hold the Baoquan, they also heard of Liu argued earlier marriage preparation, but do not know Whom it, if they knew Liu debate once married eight, I do not know will not fall off his chin. Zhao laughed language, but he is going to marry his sister, and how it can not go to the wedding? Liu argued earlier that sentence, but three said Liu Bei, Liu argued earlier to follow the crowd, including civil and military Yuzhou, Liu argued long ago have received the invite. "Congratulations lord, congratulations sub-Dragon!" Xu Huang Xiaohe toward Zhao Liu debate and hold the Baoquan, he is very kind man, at least not forgotten Zhao marry his sister. "Komeito, lord wedding, congratulations Zilong do you?" Xu Huang Guan these days with the growing friendship, perhaps because the same practice over four shootout decision because of it! Therefore, some sympathetic. "Kung may not know, my lord ready to marry one of a lady, it is sub-Dragon's sister!" Xu Huang look weird smile, let Zhao have some blush. "One lady, lord Many not marry?" Zhang say what has always been there, so there are hearts a doubt, quickly asked out. "I'm going to marry a total of eight Mrs. Liu debate quickly to eight woman identity eleven arrival, but when Zhang Ning said, and the multitudes looked Liu argued eyes filled with admiration. Inclination dare to marry the daughter of this world In addition to those rebels outside, only Liu debate dare to do it! "Some time ago, my lord refining magic when that Chiji woman, Miss Ling is dish it! "Liu Bei Liu looked puzzled look debate, argue good heart secretly sigh Liu Yan Fu. Actually even Pangu's daughter had married the door, and indeed the days of the chosen ones, God reincarnated." It is! "Liu argued gently nodded his head, then stood up smiling face, clapped her hands and said:" Do not talk about that, Wade away tomorrow, I would leave reply all! Kung, sub-Dragon, the New Komeito are with friendly, Changshan on to Xuande a! "" Kicked! "Everyone respectful hold the Baoquan, in unison should be road." Xuande, I know you have a friend Jianyong, Dongfang Shuo of its people have talent, you can recruit him to assistant you! Yide and Zhou Cang, Pei Yuanshao are Beowulf, may not be able to help you take care of affairs! "Liu Bei's defense rose and went to the front, remove the pot from the ring handed over the spirit of wine:" This is a pot of wine, spirits, who are able to drink some, physical fitness is not a problem and does not intoxicate ! Perhaps you break some help! "Now Liu Bei Liu argued mainly considered so major occasion, called Liu Bei Liu debate is inconvenient for the uncle, the reason for Liu Yu is the same." Multi Xiezhu Gong Houci! "Liu Bei's eyes flashed a joy, took the hand of the wine gourd, he is not like this wine, but because Liu debate has him as one of us, otherwise would not be so concerned about his As suddenly do not break in Liu Bei It seems unimportant, if Liu debate is really god reincarnation, as long as he doing his job, do the authors will not ill-treat him? him but Liu argued that what people see, and too good for their own people., but the enemy is unusual vicious, ruthless things are definitely not leave some troubles. "gentlemen please go rest now! "Liu debate toward the crowd smiled, then turned and left, as if it did not see Zhang helplessly expression in general. Actually very simple Fei thought, but hope that Liu Ling debate also gave him a pot of wine only. Since tasted Ling wine later, Zhang Fei a wine to drink anything else feel totally tasteless, and even fend off the wine that is just nothing better than Whitewater. returned to the room later, Liu argued summoned the maid, remove the pot from the ring spirit wine cream, Then raise up a piece of paper, let the maid sent to Zhang. Zhang Ling got wine cream after. means before looking at the contents of the paper, suddenly music from ear to ear! wine ah this is jin ! Although it can not keep fit, but that delicious flavor but not the slightest difference, even You Yousheng of the! but when Zhang Fei after seeing the contents of the means after, his face suddenly cross down, like death, like your mother. Although his Mother already dead. "third brother, but lord sent the Spirit of wine, what is wrong with it? "Guan Yu, Zhang Fei looked on the ever-changing face, suddenly asked, puzzled, at the side of Liu Bei contemplative cast a curious eyes." Wine is nothing wrong! "Zhang Fei flat a flat mouth, the note handed Guan Yu, a look of frustration, said:" My lord said, if I drink villain, he would seal my taste a year, so I drink to drink Whitewater general! If something big mistake on my ten years of closure taste ...... "My lord, really be able to do it? Seal large odd taste Liu Bei heard, he may first time I heard, the human sense of taste can be sealed. Guan Yu, but guessed wrong this time, Liu debate is not what skills, seal the five senses such a thing. modifier can be done using the! long as the state of modification, no sense of his shield can. "Brother, this pot Spirit of wine cream you put it, when I drink, you get you something to give me good! "For their own happiness, Zhang Fei hesitated, reluctant to wine cream handed Liu Bei Ling Liu Bei bit shocked. Then nodded appreciation face, the hearts of more and more of Liu debate also admire his But Zhang Fei gripping the lifeblood of! probably botch chance after drinking Zhang Fei, will be reduced to the lowest valley. written over Liu Bei three brothers episode aside, at the moment really set the school field, Zhao is for Zhou Cang and Pei Yuanshao alive. "Zhou Cang, Yuan Shao. After you stay in Changshan, should get his assistant Liu prefect, absolutely no reason not to give him trouble! Otherwise lord happy, I can not hold you! "Zhao Zhou Cang duo looked dignified look, these two guys are famous thorn, not obey the strength of people weaker than themselves, although Liu Bei strength is pretty good, plus there is Zhang Fei, but afraid the two of them to stir up trouble, and makes us unhappy. comparison Zhou Cang and Pei Yuanshao, in the army's prestige is not low, if you really Naoqi something to, a newcomer to Liu Bei, may be too much of. "Zhao Big Brother you worry! As long as Liu adults oppress the people and make things difficult for our brothers, we will not get into trouble. The strength of their three brothers, we also had the experience! Hey ...... "Pei Yuanshao relatively slick tongue twisters, the moment it touched his head and laughed." Ah! "Zhou Cang agree nodded, Liu Bei three brothers, his most clothing is Guan Yu, but Guan Yu Liu debate to go with all the letters, did not stay in Changshan." You can think, I can rest assured! "Watching a lot of Zhou Cang mature than ever duo, Zhao pleased nodded, Pei Yuanshao strength although not very good, but the mind is not! And Zhou Cang also have the opportunity to enter the super-class of the master, if he is to enter the super-class, with with his divine god, I'm afraid will be very tough really set Taishou Fu Liu housing debate, the point being hugged Liu debate Linger waistline, softly talking about! "Linger, that a level of farmers, three of strong archers, sword of God, Shimo, these four. Arms, are collated no? "Liu argued Linger face looked calm, eyes reveal a careful look. These arms are used to preparing a new base, can not have the slightest careless. Farmers came to the idea of ​​Heroes game, Liu argued prepared to recruit out of the arms of planting, breeding, so natural is to generate the best professional farmers! And loyalty which had been guaranteed. As for the other three arms, is for defense base, which Shimo Liu argued most valued, because According to Linger previously vague speculation, Shimo has the body into two arms, "dead soldiers, the ability! But unfortunately, yes. Shimo's fast enough, dead soldiers speed is slower scary, it can only be used to defenders of! "Have been ready, if my brother is now necessary to generate, then there will be a surprise for you." Linger mischievous smile, let Liu debate can not help but wonder. This so-called surprise yes. "Oh, it immediately generated! Although the new base have not thought should be placed where, but for now you should first accumulate some amount of free stunned base somehow, the result was not enough troops Defense!" Liu argued smile touched Linger head. "Ah!" Linger nodded his head, the body began to emit a faint glow, start setting up arms. Linger looking at adding arms, there have been several experienced Liu argued know, it takes a while for some time, although he ran on his eyes, began to consider things from a new base. "The first place to be large enough, but also to distance the army stationed not far from where I am,Oakley Glasses Online, and the location you want hidden!" Liu argued holding his chin, thin considering the. "There To dig a channel from the channel after the supplies are transported, so it will not happen again leaked intelligence thing! Although this had my imprudent, Zhongshan and Changshan both the dark portions are transferred elsewhere reasons,Air Jordan 12, but a large number of transport materials, resulting in exposure of the base position, it is an indisputable fact! "Liu argued buried pondering for a while, they had the idea of ​​finishing the new base clear. Dig channels. He has drilled hamster! Transport materials, he can use farmer! Anyway recruit out of arms, do not eat or drink. Only need regular breaks enough. But also no age limit, as long as he is alive or no Liu debate by external damage, basically not die. If so, Liu argued even want to open up an underground world out, but taking into account the need to absorb sunlight planting sweet potatoes, but if the long purple rabbit living in the ground, do not know will not become black. That when the fur is not worthless, it is very worthwhile. So Liu debate also gave up the idea! Liu argued if someday be able to manufacture a device used to modify or fortunate enough to get a little sun black gold, then maybe he would really open up to the end of the world is not necessarily. Is there anyway to drill Gophers, open the underground world nothing but a few years time, when the re-arrangement of some of the matrix to go up, even if the earthquake made twenty, he is not afraid! Thanks to "long Sokabe Yuan Meng pro spring 3 cherry snow in May, the last day to cast a valuable pass, because the data emptied, do not know if I have missed, and if so, please fill the floor to pass back dragons up on the way to send integral, early Well, how many have the luxury a drip <

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