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27.05.2013 10:39
Yang Fan from the Imperial City antworten

The Li Zhaode family friends, contacts not Hongru is high. The hatchback Sizhu music, sound pleasant,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, Li Zhao de sit first, this person a cup, a cup of wine that people respect, and flatter a entrance one ear, Prime Minister Lee tipsy has a bit tipsy. "Messire!" A person holding the cup to my face, Li Zhaode's beard, will a few girl body on them from a Pina dance hall on the toe back, swept his one eye, see friends Yan Shansi, had to say with smile: "ha ha,Oakley Sunglasses Squared Cheap, old strict, you always not good wine, this R ì also out of interest, come here, sit down beside me, let's drink a cup." Yan Shansi is right, enshrined in the right supplements, although the emperor courtier, position is not high,oakley sunglasses sale, this is an advisor, Wu Zetian in front of such a strong emperor, almost no play. But his talent is outstanding, classics have a large stock of information, therefore, allusions, and Li Zhaode pay thickness. Yan is thought to sit down next to Li Zhaode, but not busy drinking, but attached to his ear, soft-voiced way: "husband, thinking that the censorate made a murder case in south of the Five Ridges, Tu and kill women weigh more than 300 mouth. They speak to the emperor, said that what the south of the Five Ridges rumors "Dai Wu Liu" that the emperor is fear, a group of people now censorate......" Li Zhaode held up his hand to stop him, hey ran with a sneer, way: "good, needless to say, the servants have know." Li Zhaohang sipped his wine, hate a track: "imperial class retroaction, be utterly devoid of conscience, the doings, really be hated by both man and God! And just heard them in south of the Five Ridges vice, is really angry! But you don't have to worry about, this cruel evil full, this is commits suicide, down to see them to run long!" Yan Shansi worries about tunnel: "they so campaign, I'm afraid to CSL minister will also return. The emperor is above nine heavy palaces, folk how the situation, because others told. The emperor for rebellion, has always been a little jittery Wan Guojun now south of the Five Ridges rendering seems to be everywhere are rebels, and the emperor not to reinstate him." Li Zhaoyi smiled proudly said: "how is that? Dropping the Phoenix as chicken, you think this R ì of handsome princes and celecoxib R ì the prestige? Hum! More case they made in different parts of the world, the greater the grievances, handsome princes to live on state still. If he came back, catch all in one draft!" Yan Shansi frowned, and said: "you not to move for fear of fire too!" Li Zhaode some not happy, upset tunnel: "your own account!" Yan Shansi looked at, had to shut one's mouth. Li Zhaode's residence is located in De Fang, Lide square is surrounded by water, Yang Fan from the Imperial City, along the river along the north line, turn over a bridge, went into the lead workshop. Li Zhaode's mansion is he became "chief authored" renovated built, of a great house doors wide, extraordinary momentum, as long as the leader Fang, a little about, did not know Lee House where. Yang Fan was halfway Princess Taiping resistance for a while, still insisted on Li Fu, but calm many, does not seem to like fury he rushed to the house, see the door stood in front of many horses, Yang Fan also not with words, but will the horse marched in Shuanma pile up step, catch up the first animal >

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