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While Xiong Yi relieved antworten

> "Zhang jaw!! I swear to kill you, for my children take revenge! Sorghum wide red eyes make small cleft jaw staring Zhang, Liang Baoxi Leung love it too, but for the eldest son liangping also considered good, I'm afraid the next The master of the house is Liangbaosi a. wWW. QUanbeN. Com Today Liang Po killed, called Leung Kwong-how can not hurt, how can you not angry! "haha. Thank Wei prefect send horses! "Zhang jaw did not bother Leung Kwong account hate the look, proud of a laugh. Huanguo a Chikae will Liangbaosi horse to pull it down." Killings also won the horse! Extreme annoyance! Wei brother, may wish to bring along with me, kill this hunt avenge! "Liang Guang Wei Ping looked angry, the hearts of hatred and the intention to kill, constantly Kuangyong." Naturally! Previously Zhang Yang jaw love will kill me, now they killed my fair niece! One with your own band three thousand elite, together kill Zhang jaw how? . Wei Ping responded with a look of loyalty Leung Kwong, so Leung Kwong hearts burst moved. The mind is now filled with hatred wide beams, that are unexpected, so that my son killed the culprit is the front of this burden small pieces of loyalty look I'm a big fat man. "Zhang jaw only hundreds ride, spend six thousand horses, if a bit too much?.'re Looking Leung Kwong side of schadenfreude in white scribes heard this, he can not help but ridiculous. Whit scribes Minghuan fame, master of the house is married. Married is the music into the big family, although not as Weijiade and Ka, but there was more fame of disabilities, in the music into the ground one is not low. "can not be overemphasized." pound small text Shimai the middle pace, stroking his beard beard, slowly onto the wall, and to refute the words of fame. fame heard can not help but angry, turn the fork to see what people are after, then suddenly disappeared silk angry, relieved smile : "So is even brother came." middle-aged scribes Ming Huan Lian Meng, is even music into the main family home, a family forces with almost the same even this generation of talented family, even the master of the house is kept quite resourceful generation, in He is a strong development, the Lien family's overall strength but also suppress the married a faint but Weijiade and sorghum than the home, even the house this is not the end of history Yun family, it is necessary a lot of difference. "Do not know . Even brother just remark is what meaning? , Famous face wearing a false smile, even the family forces than he married a strong, naturally only good words to each other. "Zhang jaw superior martial arts, watching him with only Baiji to come here, to know his own martial arts how confident! And a look at his crotch horse is not simple, just out of the moving six thousand elite, it is still possible let him escape! "Even Mongolia smiling face looking at three, slowly said:" I suggest all of the city out of the cavalry, first cavalry trapped Zhang jaw action, so that his horse lost a role, further concessions military Wai! so that it can capture photos jaw. " "And we want is to live Zhang jaw, jaw sheets as long as there is a living, you can let Liu argued legislator, will not dare to send troops attacked me wait! Jaw if he lives in spite of Zhang hastily sent troops will naturally lose heart. Loses heart Liu argued, what have we to fear? "Even Mongolia laugh like a fox-like. "Wonderful." Wei Ping, after listening to the analysis of even Mongolia, suddenly clapped hands, his face covered with a hypocritical smile: "Even this very wonderful brother, and one fell swoop ah." "To live Zhang jaw That my children how to get at the enemy!" Wide beam face some difference, looking at the eyes of some poor even Mongolia. "Studying together remark poor men, compared dead Zhang jaw, jaw alive Chang is the best for you." Even Mongolia stroking beard whiskers. Wide beam poorly on blind eyes, his face covered with a smile: "Let the dead jaw Chang happy. Better to let him live pain" small "I see. Thank Lian brother pointing." Leung Kwong careful thought, and then exposing the vicious smile, my mind is already thinking of how to torture Zhang jaw. "I would like a one thousand elite even home help Wei brother, studying together sack Zhang jaw." Lian Meng An Fu under no brain Leung Kwong, immediately look to Wei Ping, eyes flashing naked: "I do not know this exploits, Wei brother could make even a piece of it on a sub?" Even Mongolia would like to take strangulation Zhang jaw exploits,Coach OP Art Sale, improving even the family's prowess, so that even possible to completely dislodged a family home. Catching Weijiade and Ka's footsteps, became the third and even music into the first world! "Nature greater good. Lian Meng brother are saying, Wie will add another two thousand horses, gather two thousand Jingji, seven thousand infantry. Guarantee Chang and jaw are of no return!" Wei Ping holds its own mustache, smiling face said. Eyes almost narrowed it. "Three all troops, and if I get married do not send troops, probably not justified! I also married a thousand troops. Assist grappling Zhang jaw!" Fame today is not afraid of their own troops, the remaining three will be squeezed, quickly began. "So there are ten thousand elite, ten thousand pairs of Baiji, how to look is great disparity in strength! I see Zhang jaw also how to escape!" Leung Kwong see great hatred was hold in both, suddenly the sky and laughed. "Ha ha!" Face thoughts of the master of the house to go home, have a laugh. Wei Ping command of the army of five thousand is the number one music into the army brave Xiong Yi, is the eldest son Ka leader Liang Ping, even the leader of the family home will REXLEN, marriage will become the leader in the home center. War drums, trumpets have sounded, music into the gates opened. Countless horses rush out, is headed by Xiong Yi, Liang Ping, even desirable, deliberately four will! "Zhang jaw children! Still life to my brother!" A gate, a silver Kai Liang Ping Zhang jaw would rush to the gunman rode away. Xiong Yi stop less. Only with REXLEN, deliberately two helpless as the one, also rushed past. If the beam flat die here, then it completely unrepeatable beam house, and no one knows when the time will certainly Leung Kwong six bottles of Gan et al trouble! In order to preserve their strength, their home will certainly Dakota Xinken "sharp order to keep things become like that, only three people struggling to keep Xiong Yi Liang Ping's life, heart cursed with liangping ungrateful, while horse driven go up. "Haha, Jiunangfandai regardless to how much I have fear of Zhang Jun Yi! "For the rush out of the army, Zhang jaw back laughing loudly, waved his hand, motioning behind Chikae first retreat! Strict military orders military wing of the state, although the congregation Guards do not want to leave behind Zhang jaw, but the sheets have been ordered to the jaw only observe! congregation Guards to hold the jaw Zhang Baoquan, the direction toward the valley volt army horse bolted! "Zhang jaw, even you have abandoned your men away, which day you die." Liangping saw that one hundred riding retreat, can not help but surprised a moment, then looked at Zhang jaw alone laugh at Liangping view, only one person Zhang jaw, how is himself behind thousand elite right! widely ridiculed for beams, Zhang jaw slightest ignored, but is freely hanging in the blue wind took off on a two crossbow, catch a Yu Jian, burst Heleyisheng: "dismount! "Shoop! Yu Jian folder with a trace of glaucoma fired Liangping, look in horror at Liangping, rubbing his Yinkui over, passed a hint of burnt his nose." Your Archery nor liangping he tried to ridicule Zhang jaw loudly, but the screams behind me, so he's stopped laughing at life and discourse. The original photos are not emitted beam flat jaw, but immediately after the Liangping deliberately, with Zhang jaw shot out of anger, deliberately crashed down, Yu Jian did not abruptly into his forehead! "Why not laugh? Zhang jaw ridiculed looked Liangping, readily be linked back to the green bow on the wind." I looked at Zhang Liangping head cold sweats jaw, ribs tightly lived reins too timid. Zhang Liang Ping insight jaw archery, heart also clear that if Mr Zhang is his jaw shot, I am afraid it is not intentionally dead now, but he himself. "Haha, Villains only! Zhang does not take on the!" Zhang jaw looked cringe before beam flat, then look closer and closer to the army. Heroic spirit with a laugh, making beggar who retreated in the direction toward the Guards escaped. "Chase!" See Zhang jaw escape. Just catch Liangping Xiong Yi thundered loudly, contemptuous glance beam flat, Jinga girth. Army went to catch up with Zhang jaw up. Zhang jaw does not run fast, accurate to say that Zhang jaw horse, green wind does not run fast! Green can not run faster than the wind, but Zhang jaw is to lure the enemy, if you run too fast, the enemy catch up with him what should I do? Xiong Yi, who brought up the army, there are two thousand cavalry,Nike Jordan After Game UK, to kill Zhang jaw a person is not a problem! Chase up front, of course, is Xiong Yi and even desirable, as to liangping early fall last to go, just because he was afraid of death only! Kazuma Benz scenes may very luxurious, but to kill a man two thousand cavalry scenes more exciting, is two thousand cavalry ravaged the earth, setting off a myriad of dust, as if a gust of wind from the desert secondary general . Most people feel fun yes. These cavalry behind thousands of infantry followed tightly bolted forward, eating cavalry who left the dust, which makes their disgraced. "Zhang jaw! Kind you do not run, and I stopped to a showdown." Xiong Yi constantly urging the horse to speed up, facing the back of the jaw Chang Tai shouted. "You kind of do not take so poisonous chased the generals! Haha Zhang jaw back, laughing, wrote off the two crossbow. Catch a Yu Jian, a pull off, call out gave it to bear Woodland head and ran. "scared ...... see Zhang Xiong Yi hearts jaw had been called to take the bow was, see Zhang shot to his jaw Arrows come quickly awkward bent the body,Coach Online Bags, were barely avoid this life-threatening stone. Bear escaped Zhang Yi is a stone's throw of the jaw by numerous horseshoe instantly stepped into a pile. "Haha, you're kind of chase, the generals in front of thousands of troops ambush, is waiting for you! Rack." Zhang Yi Xiong jaw looked pale face, triumphant laugh loudly, with two crossbow gently patted the horse ass so fast green wind speed mention a few. "Shit thousands of troops you when I was an idiot ah! Continue to chase!" Anyi spit a clot of phlegm, seeing from Zhang jaw nearer. How to let him in pounds, juncture run away. "Bear generals! Zhang jaw fearing man cunning fraud!" REXLEN relatively smart man, see Zhang jaw seems intent on catching their own and others want to lure him in general, because of the rapid rush, he had to use the loudest voice shouted. "You Could not believe he has thousands of troops? It was his intention to make us abandon him to his lies, continue to chase!" Xiong Yi listened REXLEN words, not only did not slow down, but the trend has accelerated, looking even Yi's eyes filled with disdain. "That's generals alone chase it! I armies in the rear!" Even should see Xiong Yi not listen, they lost their hair, even the house with two hundred cavalry, with infantry behind eight hundred confluence go. "Is a Villains!" Xiong Yi disdain snorted, looking less than five hundred meters in front of Zhang jaw, Xiong Yi gritted his teeth and continue to lead troops chase. "Reckless of the believers, worth mentioning! Infantry cavalry pursued this on the wrong, I'll step in the rear commander of the army, lest errors! If Xiong Yi died, the strength will Weijiade plummeted, it became an opportunity I could not even home the. " Even bother looking Xiong Yi Yi left of the figure. Eyes flashed a strange light. "I said to you when you want to chase me ah!" Zhang Yi Xiong jaw is willing to lead the troops to chase the face point pretending Chennai shouted back. Not discuss the crotch green wind speed, broken ridiculed a slow every coin. "Today this would be to sack you! Prefect adult table to work!, See Zhang jaw by their own impatience chase, Xiong Yi Zhang more sure no ambush jaw forward, otherwise it will not make such a gesture!" Look arrow! "Zhang jaw suddenly big" anger "is freely and catch a Yu Jian, flying out, but also a cavalry push the prices down, but this shot is not the person is a horse! Large share of cavalry shock when , the most taboo suddenly stopped in front of people, this is not! Zhang jaw shot a pound, cavalry horse, in which two thousand cavalry suddenly caused a little unrest. countless screams rang, someone. Arima , they are without exception, were all living behind companions stepped from them. luck, Wu Xu can survive it! so a stone, and killed at least no less than two pounds, the cavalry. "Haha , a kind of on the chase ah! I only have a few good Yu Jian on it! Uh ...... "Zhang jaw see behind according to become a little confusing, slow speed into each other, suddenly triumphant laugh, but momentary carelessness, gust of wind poured into the throat, can not help some." Wow ah ah! ! ! Zhang jaw! ! I swear to kill you! ! "See Zhang jaw stone let his precious little cavalry dozens of people, Xiong Yi angrily waving his whip, crazy rushed Zhang jaw, if not the body that stick sword is his weapon without it words are beat Zhang jaw, Xiong Yi might throw it in the forty kilos sword, so that my horse can run faster! So starting a silt out of the more than 30 years, the Bears With an anger Wilson still chasing, but Xiong Yi led two thousand cavalry, but the steps the military has been far more than a dozen years to run down the road. unknowingly chasing leader Xiong Yi Zhang came to the pound jaw small valley, although Xiong Yi hearts a feeling something was amiss, but several times a provocation by Zhang jaw Gas anger, puts Xiong Yi intellect to burn no more. "Oh, hooked! "Standing in the valley on the von purple mouth from gently raised, arm raised high, facing about to drink the sentence:" throw! ! "" General, there is an ambush! "A relatively close distance Xiong Yi cavalry, soon discovered the strange, quickly filled with anger against the Xiong Yi shouted loud!" What! ? "Xiong Yi heard suddenly alarmed, looked to the left and looked all over the mountain head. Shoop! Shoop." Countless arrows toward these poor cavalry, who screams, cries horses in this small valley echoed. "Zhang jaw!!" Xiong Yi angry big roar, hands waving sword quickly, those eleven arrows fired his shot! Xiong Yi suddenly felt stunned a staggering, instantly fall under the horse, not so he yells, tried to give him a few pieces of shot to the lever. Xiong Yi alarmed under brandished a knife quickly separates the arrows, this free to look to their own mounts. This may be just the guy, his head was inserted a arrows, constantly mixed with white blood brains constantly overflowing out. Watching the whole body in convulsions mounts. Xiong Yi hearts burst glad, but fortunately he avoid them quickly, or else it must be pressed horses feet! Among these arrows in the sky, if suppress the feet, and died largely indistinguishable. While Xiong Yi relieved when a flash of glaucoma, Xiong Yi felt a sharp pain in his forehead, looked up and saw the distant Zhang jaw. Hands holding a large bow, being ridiculed looked at his face, "how do I smelt the smell of blood?" REXLEN slightly frowned, looking at the tall valley a few miles away, the hearts floated a kind of foreboding. "Even brother, you are not worry about it! Here where they come from blood taste!" Liangping be scared even if one should, quickly wrinkled her nose carefully Oh, oh, but did not smell blood. "No! I practice the power law is rather special, so my nose strangely, some of the more heavy odor, within three years I could Jiang Xi smell!, REXLEN look of concern shook his head, carefully oh oh and then pointed to the distant valley, said: "Although quite far away, relatively light taste, but I can still feel it. Tall valley has very strong smell of blood, it should be a lot of dead people! "" That's not a bear with army generals to go chase the square it! ? "Liang Pingshun finger in the direction of REXLEN looked, suddenly his face was downcast!" Valley. Blood. Zhang Yi jaw tightly wrinkled even live without, and suddenly his mind a flash, his face anxious shouted: "Oh! Xiong Yi Wei had!" "Even evil What means this?" Liang Ping this dude is REXLEN speech shocked. "Army collapsed quickly, stop march place to rest! Xiong Yi probably already in the ambush, slash, and if we continue to march with the die is no different." Lian Ping Liang Yi pulled the sleeves, his face looked rigorous Liangping eyes: "Liang Gongzai your reputation in this largest armies collapsed only you can! Die if you do not want to go, then only two options First, immediately retreat back to the city, two are folded army place to rest. waiting to attack the enemy, doing desperate one stroke! "" I, I understand. " Liang Ping serious tone should be even frightened, quickly nodded his head, and went on to discuss matters Bear Lieutenant Wilson Manuscripts recently started to rise, as long as this month can accumulate to twenty five chapters, next month million words can begin to update! <

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