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27.05.2013 10:34
he was a civilian group against antworten

August Li Zhaode Sen cold voice in the government affairs hall loud ringing: "beginning, the court had just ordered, folk forbidden storage Kam, and offenders unforgiven! You think only then Hou committing such a sin......" Li Zhaode couldn't retreat, also cannot retreat, he was a civilian group against the cruel leader J ī ng God, at the last moment, burn one's bridges. Moreover, folk forbidden storage Kam decree is from his hand, which he alleviate an important means of economy, this R ì Miss Hou Si, this decree will cease to exist except in name. Brocade is a hard currency, itself is a commodity, not from the law strictly controlled, deflation will not ease. Ancient no notes pop, deflation than inflation situation frequently, the total damage is more serious than inflation, deflation, if not controlled, he will bear the greatest responsibility "the chief writing". So, Li Zhaode knew that Yang Fan was an army, also can only be led by the nose by Yang Fan. A prime minister, he was this young greenborns calculating, this makes Li Zhaode very angry, the anger is not directed at Yang Fanfa, he had to put the anger out on Hou Sizhi body. "Hou Si, you as the censorate Shi Yu Shi, Zhifafanfa, doubly guilty, this fell to the hands, no light Rao li. Somebody help me. He gave me down, with the Meridian Gate external staff,Satchels Coach UK, beaten to death, think its officials J ng ring!" Hall listening to people of all a surprised, ministers could not help persuade: "Lee, Hou Si check is the official, although illegal, should deliver a division of punishment, saint will only benefit was dead, so now......" Li Zhaode was filled with rage, listening to his exhortations, can not help but perverseness tunnel: "saints grace, Zhao de dare not to serve the country? This is ultimately the doings, die not atone, is the Meridian Gate of death, J ng followed suit with its. Is the first newspaper and Saint, Hou Si check also doomed. As long as the Zhaode one for the nation to plan, but please. The sage does not have not to report after report, and why? This situation in the country on the verge of death or destruction, brook no delay to release themselves, because Shi Shi and make the world Ju collapse,Oakley M FRAME Cheap, get out of hand? Hou Sizhi but the censorate only one five official, but I for the following Friday officials he can when rod die, Akide, the prime minister, will not be able to stick to kill him this little Shi Yu Shi?" Farmers, workers,Coach Online Bags, soldiers three Shang see him so strong. A perverse heart words, cold, all dare not to say. Li Zhaode put the table a beat, shouted: "in front of the hall of warriors, will Hou Sizhi scored, immediately adjourned to the Meridian Gate rod die!" Hou Si only stunned, such a domineering style, Zhou Xing in the Ministry of penalty, punishment; to CSL minister in Yushitai Yushitai; when, when the high God performance to local business. The high God performance; but he never thought, this R ì of politics class. Li Zhaode also has. Until the two samurai to withhold his arm, Hou Si just awake, horror and shouted: "Li Zhaode, you dare! I think only Hou somehow is also the official, you dare to, corrupt law?" Li Zhaode one face rage to wave the hand way: "pull out, stick to kill!" In front of the hall warrior just to do. You is it legal, pull people go. This palace Samurai all a fighting skill, sixty or seventy pounds to >

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