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27.05.2013 10:29
dare to challenge government authority antworten

The 465th chapter can not avoid, then war! Wan son put Yao eye a warped, hum a way: "what had just. Wan son does not get angry, he also when I was sick cats!" Yang Fan looked at her eyes, Jiao Qie body, snow and greasy skin, to the couch on, there was a romantic figure, can not help but laugh: "you are not like a tiger, a full nine points, but not the sick cat, but a pupil who charming cat." Wan son to eat a laugh, tender face floating a touch of blush, she jiaochen hit Yang Fan's arm, said: "the word tiger made taboo, you can not say in the presence of others." She also lifted a corner window,Oakley Store, looking out, casually said: "I am really being attacked, mobilizing support I return, this is be in the right and self-confident thing, what's the big deal." She turned to Yang Fan, with a wink, smiled and said: "just use like this and that they look at, they think of you, will have to weigh." The army is divided into North and south two Nan Ya Ya, twelve Wei to Prime Minister jurisdiction, is actually to the court jurisdiction,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, not the emperor edict, Prime Minister of India, Jin, KANHE, all formalities complete, who will not move them, this is the army. The Beiya soldiers, such as Yu Lin, Long Wu, Kami Take, Wei, although is the same with the rates, even than Ya forbidden army treatment are many, but it is actually the emperor's private army. Don't need those restrictions, as long as the emperor a will, at any time be able to mobilize. The Beiya imperial although directly to the commander of the emperor emperor, but could not personally goes out, so he wants to put the Beiya soldiers to his most trusted General Commander, also give the right side in the soldiers those closest, to deal with unexpected events. For example, the emperor out surrounded by rebel soldiers, Nan Ya forbidden army mobilization procedures cumbersome,Coach Bags Outlet, and if politics hall or military officials also have secretly in rebellion, deliberately place obstacles in the way of words, so want to troop movements it is even more difficult, and only the Beiya soldiers is the biggest security. But if only the emperor a person can troop movements, the emperor was around, what shall I do? Therefore, the emperor will be authorized to her most trusted people, mobilize the power of military forces in a certain range or a certain number, while Wu Zetian is one of the side closest people, equivalent to the emperor's chief secretary, natural right to act according to circumstances, to mobilize troops. This is the first use of this power tong. She is really Lu Boyan despised government officials, brazenly assassination moves to hot, she was brought up in the palace, do the emperor, when seen such reckless, dare to challenge government authority? Carriage by army escorted back to Luoyang City, direct drive to Princess Taiping palace, gate open, clear car March into. The Princess Taiping still do not know, Wan son may have to discuss it with her, lest turn the emperor asked, in front of her away. Since the use of forces, it is hiding from the emperor. Princess Taiping and Waner Shangguan, the two one is the emperor's favorite daughter, one of the emperor's most trusted female officer, two people in the eastern suburbs outing was assassinated, this great. Wu >

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