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27.05.2013 10:22
For this plan to the queen antworten

"Mo SIP intrusion spirit?" Yang Fan's turn to react, can not help but strange way: "Mo SIP intrusion spiritual state, and Luo Xiong and Xue Shi and what to do......" Yang Fan words just say half, suddenly remind of a Cimo SIP intrusion, the court is to worship xuehuaiyi is handsome, Prime Minister Li Zhaode Shuai to suppression, is once again going to send Xue Huaiyi go? Come to think of it, Yang Fan frowned at. Hu Thurow saw him frown, then ordered to nod, way: "is! This time, majesty, still let Xue division command!" For this plan to the queen,Oakley Flak Jacket, Yang Fan quite like. She ascended the throne as emperor, the brutal massacre of the Li Tang clan can be said to be a not eligible to become the emperor wanted to become emperor people had to use the means of. She was intended to fight against her support the cruel reign opponents, ascended the throne after sitting in the nine heavy palaces, official who was blinded, made a series of miscarriages of justice, make the change of precious prime ministers such as lantern general, toward the bureau that instability is just, this can also explain for her to women's body and the emperor, the people do not agree with, so too J its ng vigilant, some state of extreme nervousness. But the military such a trifling, but why? The Xue Shi had much ability, who don't know? He was square, a dance gun lane is great sell bone-setting medicine man, although not without the true heroes of uncultivated land, but the Xue division except majestic-looking between the sheets, was commander of the army of the qualifications? What can be false, soldiers fighting system such as not false, war once lost, sacrifice is not only tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the battlefield that x ì ng life, let hundreds of thousands of family be reduced to fragments, it will affect the country's rise and fall, affect the innumerable people's fate. But from the age of fourteen in the house of her Majesty the queen seemed hardly aware of this point, or in her eyes, thousands on thousands of casualties is just a meaningless number. She was again and again by a rash decision, has never been a soldier, never fought a battle of the first to be commander in chief. Of course,Jordan UK sale, to be on the safe side. Every time Wu Zetian sent Xue Huaiyi off, will be sent to levy Shanzhan generals and a number of experienced and steady Wenchen composition staff team to assist Xue Huaiyi to succeed, but to Xue Huaiyi's x ì ng lattice, if he want to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the staff is a decoration. Imagine in the battlefield the last incompetence and arbitrary Jianjun, can let a wise not know what course to take. Moreover, Xue Huaiyi is commander in chief. If he made decision. Life and death of hundreds of thousands of troops, key national rise and fall, will be destroyed on one day. The military affairs,Coach Poppy Collection Sale, but as a matter of! What a wise master would do such a thing? The last sip, silent fear Datang force strong, and the internal political instability, to avoid war strategy, Xue Huaiyi into the air waving a sword, then towards the victory. This time he can be so lucky? Hu Thurow see he pondered unceasingly, can not help but smile: "on this point by Xue division command, the emperor has been decided. Erlang to teacher concerns, this is the pupil feeling. But the emperor heart a, >

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