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Wenchou these people here antworten

> "At this point, despite its equinox periods. WwW. QUanbEN. COm but few drizzle down. Seoul cut road good farmland is rarely smoke. Originally fertile land became very dry, even the wing of the state This and other rich fertile land, can not help but drought. "That's definitely a big surnamed Zhao corrupt little pound, the county has more than ten million money actually the property, do not know exactly how much the closing tongue flesh and blood! "Wade unbearable load of horse riding, Liu argued behind the chatter with, this is his thirty-third in the shouting." Dian Wei Liu argued black face turn too far, keeping a close eye this first Not TIPS big black bear: "Go back to me alone!" spider enlightened see Liu argued angry, helpless counseling Wade retreated behind his head, came to the sheets beside jaw, ear, jaw chatter Zhang yell up. Wade noisy sound crude expansion, get just a small jaw Dian Wei Zhang lieutenant miserable, tears, secretly regret his early promise of invited Liu debate. "Fair, you see the strength of my two guards how?" Wade left, Liu argued suddenly relieved, then turned to look behind the cold Jushou asked. State death. Jushou cold spit out the words, they no longer speak, but the hearts of the shock to now has not subsided, "they were not strong enough. Liu debate and the number is not much regret shook his head, requires a lot of thought to create Reiki arms, suddenly helpless sigh. "This is not strong enough it? These soldiers to one when one hundred is not a problem, does he want to do? "Liu argued sigh Jushou Listen discourse, heart suddenly shouts up, but the surface is still a cold look. Actually had a real Jushou not knowledgeable elite, in the era of the Three Kingdoms of this star-studded, not inferior to Long Wei I wonder if there are several forces that can par with the Iron Guard is a good soldier of several kilograms, Cao Cao's Butch ride, Riboud trapping camp, Liu Bei's army without when flying, Zan righteousness from Whitehorse, Yuan Shao's spurge disabilities, etc. etc., which are not the average strength of the second-rate above? especially Butch riding and trapping camp. That was known as the Three Kingdoms era, the most elite, the most terrifying special forces ah! Liu argued why sigh. because of these three top arms level. modifier is the equivalent of up to come up with the three arms. Liu argued, though capable of making a thousand times more than the terror of the arms, but they suffer less in Reiki, only playing forty-five arms of the idea. three below the rank of arms, Liu debate has disdain. Liu argued goal now is to create a number in the thousands or more. six and even seven super arms! saw Jushou doubts and shocked, Liu argued Then called haha: "Fair do not have to think too much, just a just a temporary sigh! "Logically speaking Liu debate can now claim to be solitary, Guaren like the word, but Liu argued that to change, however, like to use me, a sort of claim, and occasionally serious, it will claim the king in fact, plainly a Not because Liu argued not like a loner, so they do not need those who profess Zhang jaw with Jushou has not recognized Liu argued based, so the brigade also seems out of place, but the two are also cold face, so pretty no one wants to close. Wade because Zhang jaw own lieutenant, so occasionally find him to talk, learn to know Zhang jaw ability. Wade This is a mild-mannered fellow, Zhang jaw is forthright man, touched each other A few days later, they became very good friends. Dian Wei Liu argued from time to time be exposed respectful way, telling Liu argued the benefits and owed, Chang and Liu argued jaw on the ill feelings have dissipated a lot of small icy incidental Jushou expression. many also have some temperature and this can be considered a small pleasant surprise journey pound it! seeing the letters are in front, in front of an Iron Guard has come Pathfinder informed. "Qibing lord! In front of three miles, about the number of eight hundred, well-equipped soldiers highway! They cut down a tree. Official Road Iron Guard intercepted dismounted, knelt respectfully Liu argued in front, looking for their own poor eyeing odd, as if afraid of the Iron Guard! After all, playing at home are mixed so familiar. "But that is where the troops? Led several people, how the strength?" Liu debate suddenly frowned, and he thought it was that side fed nothing guy. Learn Zhang jaw, like the granting of these two Lengtou Qing, playing some kind of trick assassination. "Did not play under the banner of the two headed man, a look coarse expanded Tahan, a text is masked if the scholar!" Tetsuei head down, return on his own judgment respectful intelligence, and finally also added sentence: "The man seemed to look coarse expanded commanding slightly stronger than iron, gold, that masks scholar, subordinate to see out!" "ah! Wade to inform you cry, so exceedingly alert, protect womenfolk! we continue Forward! "Liu argued nodded his head, the hearts of some rough idea, that guy better said crude expansion, then let the mask scholar Liu argued very concerned about, Tetsuei see his strength, then, is not the frail scholar Lu Lu inaction , is hidden the peerless master! "I never thought coming fields, had been able to run into this kind of thing, do not know if I wanted to learn fair and Jun Yi ah! Haha Liu argued a laugh, ignore Jushou become liver-colored face, gently patted poor Church, poor Church issued a roar, turned into a red light to the front bolted away, leaving only a sentence and then all ears echoed: "I go to play, and you try to walk slower ! "" This is Xiongshou poor Church? Leng Leng looked really extraordinary Jushou odd disappearance poor direction, the first time I saw the poor running at full speed Jushou odd, not surprisingly, was fool to live. "You are not going to help it?" Jushou pale face looked calm Wang Yue and Tong Yuan, somewhat puzzled and asked, of course, Liu argued contempt also increased the number of grounds, as the monarch alone guilty of insurance. "If it was last year, we'll worry about, and would not hesitate to go now, now Well ...... hey!" Tong Yuan strange smile, Tong Yuan said so not because he lost the debate on Liu's loyalty, Liu argued compared to last year because of strong do not know how many times. Liu argued there is poor plus the odd companion, security problem is not that they worry about. After a Heaven. Tong Yuan more cheerful than before, like a small young general. But Wang Yue was more silence, if not take the initiative to talk to him, basically said nothing, with the fortitude of a handsome face. Absolutely generation super cool man. Looked Tong Yuan Guixiao expression, Liu argued Jushou immediately remembered the time in Quang Binh, arise, Scatter look, suddenly put away the hearts of contempt. I do not know for friend and foe in front of troops,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, but also began to pray silently up. Liu argued do not want to slaughter, but also come up with the kind of wide County when the disgusting scenes out. Three miles to the poor in terms of odd, but just a very short a distance, less than one minute, Liu argued to have seen Iron Guard said that eight hundred men that blocking and Guan Dao Xuan trees that eight one hundred well-armed soldier, solemn pending before the standing trees, seemed to be waiting for something. Eight hundred Bingjia extraordinary momentum. All of them holding a sword, a quick look at, are all actually been mediocre Warrior! "What are you people, dare to intercept Guandao!?" Liu argued pulled poor Church, condescending looked forward to this eight hundred. Led by two people, one face rough expansion, eight feet six inches tall, wearing a blue suit and holding a knife Jiro. Momentum is compelling, a martial arts class direct pinnacle! Another face with a pound, Spike mask, can not see what he looks like sheets, eight feet tall. Wearing a blue gown, hands carrying a gun pointed rod fireworks, unfathomable strength is estimated to be superb master. "But you are the king Liu argued wing of the state?" With Spike mask Qingshan Ke, Liu argued looked up and down a bit after the crotch of the poor Church, muffled asked. Liu argued there Xiongshou poor Church as mounts issue, already has spread to the world, and now the poor Church has become a symbol of Liu debate. "Yes!" Liu argued in the eyes of a condensate, the hearts of some curiosity, this Qingshan Ke actually want to do. Were it not for the odd poor. Liu argued categorically not so great care, a person faces eight hundred magnificent Bingjia, there is a strength in the superb peerless master. "Then I do not got the wrong guy Qingshan Ke face under the mask can not see what is expression, but slowly raised his hand gun pointed fireworks, said coldly:" hit it! "" Oh, fight also give a reason for it? "Liu argued scratched his head, helpless sigh, he would also like to say a few good to see these group of people can do it your own! Not to mention that eight hundred elite Dragon Guards under and that is the Qingshan Ke Ching A handheld Kenjiro knife man, he deserves to win over Liu debate. "talk nonsense. Played a say! "That's OK little guy look rough expansion, roared one, carrying a knife Bianxiang Jiro Liu argued kill over. Han reckless move, see Qingshan Ke repeatedly shook his head." I do not take advantage of you! "Liu Fang Tianji debate readily move out, jump off the back of the poor and the odd tiger, a halberd Looking up Tahan Jiro sword Clang! Sound spark flashed. Han shoved to the back a few steps, to stabilize the body then laughed proudly: "fun! Fun! Again! Again! "Then they wielded Han Jiro knife, Pixiang Liu debate." Your martial arts is good, there is no interest to my arm effect? "Liu argued ocean smile, Fang Tianji successive thrusts. Halberd body turned into three, push back the Han back." Won I say! Whirlwind! "Liu debate was driven back, Han rose again outdone, Jiro knife sent a burst of glaucoma, fiercely pixia few strong Daoqi around the four weeks, the formation of a strong coercion." Then so you admit defeat! "Martial arts also slightly better than Zhang Han jaw, one chip, Liu argued to beat him, still with only one move is enough! Previously just want to play with him, so much to play two strokes only, since the Han dynasty to its own beat him again Tan, naturally, is a move to get him. "pierced! ! "Find the correspondence turned into a halberd strokes, while gray light flashed, five killer shadow stabbed Han. Han Liu debate actually did not expect a sudden outbreak of sudden is not urgent, the Erlang knives are an enormous force blow fly, tiger's mouth suddenly split Dahan just felt his body being pierced several vital under shuddered, thump bang, awkward dividing line fell to the ground dividing line "younger brother! "See Han Liu argued easily be knocked down, dead or alive. Qingshan Ke anxious big Heliaoyisheng, carrying fireworks Bianxiang Liu pointed the gun debate stabbed. Qingshan Ke is indeed super expert, pointed the gun at Pathetic fireworks off hands. turned into a red light, as if torn open space, with a surge of hot breath, blow to the side door of Liu debate. sonorous! Liu argued in Huben Fangtian Ji nor vegetarian, Qingshan Ke an attack came and went struggling Liu debate, gun killer hit two of the three-step back. "Well do not be so excited! I have mercy, in addition to the tiger's mouth split, but even a not rub into skin Oh! "Liu argued a lot with a look of curiosity Qingshan Ke, according to the grips of a trick just look. Liu argued already know, this Qingshan Ke was not long into the super-class, the foundation is not very skilled. Compared to the same strength into super near Zhao also slightly inferior, but also almost the same although the Qingshan Ke Liu argued the case with similar, but Liu argued, but the battle consciousness blend of past life, practice is the supreme Guards to the extreme obscurity decision if if you want to win Qingshan Ke, Liu argued very confident, Wu Shizhao, the Qingshan Ke doomed to failure! "ah! ? "Qingshan Ke heard quickly swept volume a bit, three measures were defeated Han Liu debate, and indeed there is breath, breathing very smooth, and also a look of embarrassment towards his smile." Big Brother. I'm fine! Just some body numb, stand it! "Han awkward smile, watching Liu argued eyes full of delight, three strategies will be able to beat him, how did this boy practicing ah!" Whew! Nothing like! "Qingshan Ke suddenly relieved. Then turned to look at the Liu argued, serious tone, said:" Please princes with me for a showdown! As long as I win, I'm his brother, there is this eight hundred army, despite the princes dispatch! "" Do you really mean! ? "Liu argued eyes flashed a naked, sounded delighted asked, originally thought it was just more powerful assassin, never thought would return the result." Real man speak, kept their promises! "Qingshan Ke nodded without hesitation, fireworks again pointed the gun raised, Yao Zhi Liu debate faces a firelight shining on the gun." Come, then! "Liu Qi debate waved toward the poor, indicating it back farther, Huben Fangtian Ji flat lifted up the body of the momentum and murderous all released out, blowing dust flying in the sky, a black robe issued a flap sound by air blowing drum up. Qingshan Ke Huanguo two whole genus, will temporarily paralyzed Han lift down, Liu argued that he did not have any kind of murderous body. momentum and some only very strange, kind of Liu argued feel so think of a word, demon! "drink! "Qingshan Ke anger Heleyisheng big hand flick, Guns N 'Roses Jiduo shining like fireworks fire headed toward general Liu argued. Qingshan Ke gun potential brave, but surprisingly no one the slightest sound, extremely strange, is obviously wise to the extreme tips! master a run for, glance there! Qingshan Ke strength, although less Zhao a chip, but more than the sheets jaw, Xu Huang and his ilk,Jordan 13 Shoes, but many of the stronger. between super-class and first-class After all, there are still large gaps! "to well! "Liu Qingshan Ke debate see menacing, exciting big Heliaoyisheng, very halberd went. Huben Fangtian Ji tiger blade seems to live on in general, opened his bloody mouth, bitter bite to the Pathetic off fireworks gun pointed the gun killer staggered, you come to me, thugs,Air Jordan 1, dry one's mind began to hold fun with Qingshan Ke fight with, and Qing Shanke the wing, to deal with Liu argued strongly offensive. While on the surface it seems, regardless of the outcome than fighting two, in fact, Qingshan Ke have fallen under the wind, some shortness of breath becomes. contrast Liu debate still spirited, offensive not only not diminished, but became stronger, Yuezhanyueyong, Qingshan Ke forced to retreat again and again, defeat has been exposed! that is how they come to me to fight you more than thirty strokes, Qingshan Ke knew licked, even if you can hold on a dozen strokes , but it still can not change the defeat! moment Qingshan Ke a skillful spin cherry resorted to remember, fireworks group pointed the gun turned into a ring of fire, blocking the line of sight for a while Liu argued Taking advantage of Liu argued distracting effort. Qingshan Ke decisive battle out of the ring in the look of consternation Liu debate in Qingshan Ke put down the gun pointed fireworks, took off his mask, revealing a chapter handsome handsome face, one knee toward Liu debate , respectful Baoquan said: "Royal Highness superior martial arts. Wen Chou is not a rival! Do not give up, such as Mongolia, Wen Chou willing to worship the prince dominated! "" You is Wenchou! ? "Liu Qingshan Ke debate see the name of self-reported, is naturally very pleased, although Kingdoms, Guan Yu Yan Liang and Wen Chou became a stepping stone to one of the famous, but their valor is undeniable!" It Caomin ! "Wen Chou see Liu argued for their name so surprised, delighted the hearts of some, according to Liu debate performance view, his two brothers can be reused the possibility of very big ah!" Yan Liang previously have offended many of the Department, Please forgive me princes! "Liu argued three measures previously defeated Han came forward. Learning to defend one knee DPRK Liu Wen Chou said:" If you do not mind princes, Yan Liang willing to worship the prince dominated! "" I would like to serve other princes dominated! ! "Yan Liangwen ugly eight hundred army, followed the footsteps of Yan Liang. Liu debate on the former bow road." Ha ha! Hebei four Tingzhu I have lent three, do not worry-wing states firmly in their hands! "Liu argue away the Fangtian Ji, proud, laughing, propped Yan Liang and Wen Chou. Wenchou after take off the mask is very young, yet Yan Liang looks great, but Liu argued before the conversation from their point of view Yan Liang Wen Chou should be smaller than. Yan Liang Wen Chou force as being the first to advance a superb Wen Chou, Yan Liang wonder kingdoms Chinese ugly than to be arrogant lot. either off brother good luck, plus the usual raid tactics, I'm afraid It was not so easy to kill Wen Chou. "Hebei four Tingzhu? "Questioning not Yan Liang Wen Chou, but do not know when to Wang Yue Wang Yue also followed behind two or three thousand, Liu defense forces has come. Liu argued let them go slowly. Really is slow enough, Liu Wen Chou are playing defense with more than half an hour, they just go through these three miles. "Hebei four Tingzhu, is the height of the four-wing state fame Budo master. Namely, Wen Chou, Yan Liang, Zhang jaw, high table! Tenda not heard of it? "Liu argued smiling turned around and asked, because there are many foreigners around, so do not call Liu debate, it seems not much younger than he is the father of Wang Yue." Never heard of! "Wang Yue faint shook his head, turned to look at the Tong Yuan thugs, in the eyes with an inquiring look. Changed back, is Tong Yuan faint shaking his head, living in the wing of the state, he did not know there Hebei four Tingzhu This catty little title. "My lord, have never heard of this title ugly, I question is what people call? "The new defense-oriented worship Liu Wen Chou. Cautiously asked, handsome face somewhat reddish." Haha, previously encountered a tour Fangdao Shi, heard him say; would put down! "Liu argued dawned, this time they have not completely famous Wen Chou, naturally no Hebei four pillars of the title, and quickly called haha ​​fooled in the past. See Liu argued not want to say, everyone is not good questioning, Yan Liang to be with their two brothers eponymous Zhang jaw, high table curious, then respectfully asked: "My lord. Do not know your mouth four Tingzhu there which column in your arm? "The" third pillar. Zhang jaw! "Liu pointed debate hand, are bitter face. Been poisoned Dian Wei Zhang jaw mouth, smiled:" That is Zhang jaw, Zhang Jun righteous! Now my iron Guards are under the command of Lieutenant system! "" Momentum really extraordinary! "Zhang Yan Liang swept volume a bit jaw, nodded with satisfaction. As Zhang jaw around Wade, Yan Liang saw a longer looked after, because Wade sturdy momentum, forcing Yan Liang did not dare to look. heart secretly hit the tongue: "My lord's arm is really no shortage of expert ah! "" Well, do not say! To move away those obstacles. Always before dark, looking for a place to camp! "Liu Yan Liang debate patted on the shoulder, pointed to his skill that a highway trees. Distances hundred letters are there in the road, because there are girls of the family, and mostly on foot, in order to arrive within a day letters are somewhat unrealistic. Wen Chou and Yan Liang plus I have been a delay, the weather has changed some of the dark, and we naturally have to hurry to find a bar to create a square meal. "Hey, obeyed! "Yan Liang some ferocious face, Han Han smiled, somewhat funny. Rapid command of eight hundred army, San Liangxia to move away the sinking of the giant trees. Had to say. Wenchou these people here highwaymen for a long time, knowing that some nearby camp where appropriate in Yan Liang Wen Chou led these snakes, and finally before the sun goes down, tied up camp, ready for dinner. everyone used the same meal, Liu Yan Liang Wen Chou debate will chat up with , but also know their own reasons to intercept intercept Guandao The original Han Liu debate became three hundred years, only one state king after the news spread, Wen Chou and Yan Liang also shocked the world is one of them most surprised that Liu debate is actually wing of the state's territory! their homes as a wing of the state rebellious master, Yan Liang Wen Chou and Liu argued played a tentative idea of ​​strength, if you do have the ability to rule Liu debate wing of the state, they we decided to defend his assistant Liu. Liu argued only illusory if the generation that did not qualify domination wing of the state, is naturally kill for the last! Zhixing Zi Wen Chou and Yan Liang are people who hide their Actually, I'm of the mind, which makes Liu Debate greatly appreciate, but Liu was not prepared to debate fully trust them, after all, are worried that their allegiance is to sneak into their camp, pregnant Janus-faced and the like. moment, Liu argued temptation two words, let They accept the transformation of the modifier, convenient Liu argued view their loyalty. had to admit. Liu argued charm is very high, coupled with his gorgeous language arts, Yan Liang Wen very crisp edges and agrees to accept changes, and smooth read the characters, their lives will be handed the hands of Liu debate ...... (two chapters together in together, that we will subscribe to up to facilitate dragons upload is also convenient. uniform update at ten o'clock, and if there is two more will provide advance notice, update time to the old point, this would not have dragons nonsense, right?) () <

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