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27.05.2013 10:13
of grief to vent to the antworten

> Tong Yuan! "Liu Qi exclaimed, and then because they were fighting with hanging ring Joan just can not see emperor relentless way,Kristin Coach Sale, but they know that Liu Qi Tong Yuan very young. WWw. QuANBEn. Com" Ha ha! Someone actually did not expect the world GUNNER namesake, not just the same gun, but strength is not so powerful! "Liu Qi back laughing a few times, his voice with a trace of sarcasm, ridicule Tong Yuan overconfident dare to master the same name." When do I have the world GUNNER title. I do not know how! "Tong Yuan cold smile. Obsidian spear with the hot breath stabbing Liu Qi, Tong Yuan air war is a fire, just to restrain Liu Qi's blood gas warfare." You're the one Tong Yuan? "Liu Qi avoid obsidian gun attack, his eyes flashed a little surprised:" You Posuixukong up? Right! You are not so powerful! You deceive me! ! "" Roar! "Liu Qi self-serving that a pass, the eyes look more intense anger, saw Liu Qi roar was heard, the rest of the right hand palm hit, a sprinkling of Tong Xue Wu Yuan." Ha ha! I just disdain deceive you this beast too! "Tong Yuan earlier in the hearing room door early one regiment anger, and disgust against Liu Qi such offal is to the extreme! Can decide to come here today. Tong Yuan think it is wise, he totally forgot one start to the end, not only because he refused Liu argued chips out of it. Tong Yuan Yao gun in the hands of black like a storm hit to the Liu Qi, Liu Qi filled the gun shadow make constant back because Liu Qi know , if the child deep in the words of a spear, their losses do not think small! "Linger. Let him go and a sub! , Liu argued commanding his own air war avatar approached to join the battle, while also grabbed Linger waist, requiring use of gas warfare avatar Linger also launched. "It can not stand my brother!" Linger Jiaochen a cry, fight off the body out of gas, holding an imaginary toward the red Xiao Liu Qi. Air war avatar while also holding red Xiao Jian, but only specious, itself does not have the blessing of red Xiao Jian capabilities. "This is not stay, we must find opportunities to escape, or so many experts besieged me, surely there is no dead students." Liu Qi while braving the cold sweat to escape the attack. Simply can not do a little set back and resist. Because Liu debate and Linger air war avatar is not hit. Tong Yuan gun; Liu argued halberd, Linger bad "is almost the same time, respectively, from three directions and headed towards the Liu Qi. Appeared to be killed when Liu Qi, Liu Qi momentum instantly soared to the extreme." Bloody . "Liu Qi big Heleyisheng body carnage Sheng, was supposed to be unable to hit two air war avatar actually been driven back a few steps, even Tong Yuan can not stand this pomp, a little step back. Liu Qi seeing eyes flashed joy, and ran quickly again to the Shimen, just let his body that move air war almost consumed, if we do not leave here, we should try any confessed. "etc. I absorbed the morrow all the blood, I will come to you afterwards! "Liu Qi fiercely thought, he did not think his comeback last glimmer of hope in the neck head, Liu argued Scarlet universe still ring in ice go again!" Wants to go not so easy! "A voice sounded full of majesty, a powerful uprightness rolled down Liu Qi. Liu Qi was this strong momentum repressed, somewhat anxious, desperate to rush out Shimen., But has appeared in front of a black figure. blocking Liu Qi's path! come precisely Liu argued ambush last pound small Sha Zhao, Wang Yue! "subject go die! "Wang Yue want to escape the cold look of Liu Qi, the body gently flash they came to Liu Qi's side, in the hands of blue wind sword rapid Zhanxia." Ah! ! "Liu Qi at this time is spent force Where to hide the full opening of Wang Yue attack just listen to the screams of pain uttered Liu Qi, Wang Yue Siegen right knee was cut off, the body fell to the thump is heard on this Second World War gas not been able to help Liu Qi to stop bleeding. lot of blood flowing out, covered with a ground. Liu Qi is not Heaven, there are no special skills and equipment. simply can not float, after single-handedly broken , where also able to stabilize. "bulk! "Liu Qi Wang Yue looked cold, like a little strength infused into the right toe, fiercely point hole in the cavity Liu Qi, which is in the martial arts in the pubic region.'s Kicked Liu as Wang Yue Odd, I saw Liu Qi shuddered, blood from the air war began to disperse, the kind of sickening smell of blood suddenly dispersed a lot. "Had to leave your life lord, a kill now You! "Wang Yue Liu Qi, a cold look at the wind sword thrusts fast and accurate stab Liu Qi at the wrists and ankles, and then gently a pick, two blood flower splash ** out. "vomit ah! . "Liu Qi face painful shrieking was Wang Yue went to pick tesujis and hamstring, he can now say that all limbs waste?" Babble. You do people really dislike it? Was beaten into this yet to be Tiaoduan tesujis and hamstring Liu argued grinning hug Linger came over, he has been fighting gas spare received back, Tong Yuan also recovered with gas warfare in the back,Oakley M FRAME Sale, but face some pale. Using the war at the expense of gas will be weak for some time. No matter how long you use are the same, but Liu argued and Linger these two do not have this defect of metamorphosis! After all, there is the inverse of this modifier is another debate at Chau artifact since only an idiot will not let outside one thousand weak state it "quack. Decrepit really look down on you!" Liu Qi grim smile, mocking face looked Liu argued: "If it was decrepit caught that guy today, and today is that you die!" "Ah! then netted the fish you want is my kid really is a pleasure ah!" Liu argued contemptuous smile Even if Liu Qi prepared completely, he could get himself how? Liu Qi on the defeat in white, he should not come here with Liu argued. "Humph!" Liu Qi Liu argued smile watching feel uncomfortable. Snorted,Coach Online Bags, turned round and looked at Wang Yue: "This must be why your side bodyguard ghost face, right? Or decrepit Wang Yue should call you!" "True loss you guess out of it!" Liu argued casual smile laughing, went to Wang Yue's side took off his mask. Liu Qi looked shocked look, Liu argued smiled: "I am surprised is not it? Did not I say I would point Xianshu Mody? Rejuvenated but it is a mere trifle." So he really is spear Grandmaster Tong Yuan? "Liu Qi beginning indeed shocked, but think of the Tong Yuan young faces, suddenly relieved." You keep decrepit old life, what want what? Seven sarcophagus you have evacuated six, do you still want? "Liu Qi Liu argued laugh watching, his eyes told Liu argued, do not think any of my stuff to get here." What I want is this stacks! You just put all the secrets between stacks told me on the line, I do not believe it so here kilograms, organs! "Liu argued loosened Linger body, went to Liu Qi's side squat straight face looked into his eyes:" say it, I can give you a little catty happy! "" Ha ha! Authorities point then kilograms little, love Believe it or not, as to what kind of happy, decrepit does not matter! Haha! ! "Liu Qi crazy laughing, he is in the use of gas warfare in the aftermath, with so much blood flow should have been very arrogant laughter, but at the moment it is very feeble." Alas! I knew you would not say! "Liu Liu Qi debate compassion Heaven watching, one I am helpless expression, remove the pound from the sleeves, ruby-like ants." This is my meal prepared for you, Soul Eater ants! But I carry one baby, although the reasons for this because this matrix can not play the greatest effect, but also enough for you to bear it! "Liu argued grinning loosened Eater ants, throw it in the Liu Qi's clothes." I almost forgot to give you the bleeding! "Soul Eater ant a climb Liu Qi of the body, Liu argued Woon Daigo-like shot under head, facing Liu Qi uses a healing spell, and soon stopped Liu Qi wound continuous outflow of blood. Watching Wang Yue and Tong Yuan puzzled expression, Liu argued shrugged: "If not for him to stop bleeding, can not stand tortured to death, then it is harder to resolve! "Liu argued voice just fall. Liu Qi began piercing howl up. Sounded grim, but his limbs are simply waste unable to struggle, only with cries of grief to vent to the soul the pain. "Soul Eater ants are chewing ability, if you agree tell the secret here, then I'll give you a happy! "Liu argued gentle smile, but that smile made Wang Yue and Tong Yuan shudder, but think of the object of torture Liu Qi, the two will have relieved, but also taste some trouble Xing disaster." To do! ! Dream! "Liu Qi exhausted body strength spit out the words, then began to howl up, but because Eater ants slightly toxic! Liu Qi calls are increasingly frail in his eyes, is more and more painful, one pair of muddy old eyes became bloodshot, seemed to have burst out at any time generally. "I does not matter! Anyway, have got so much gold, I meet a little bit of the debate grinning Liu stood up, one foot stepped on the grim old head Liu Qi: "but you can not stand the torture if the elderly, do not blame the child a mountain" vomit ah! ! "Liu Qi Si Liu argued two just blindly ignoring howling, trying to alleviate the suffering of the soul." Cut! "See Liu Qi so fooling, Liu argued deflated deflated mouth. Come from Liu Qi enjoy watching them is painful howling look. Appreciation for a while, Liu argued bored quickly, though, when Eater ant torture bring each other pain really is superb, but the object was tortured screams will come and go, then, naturally easily bored. "Tell me about it! Otherwise you will be eating the light of the soul, oh! "Liu argued bored playing pounds small yawn and looked painful moaning Liu Qi:" You know, if your soul was eaten to death, and you will wits, when there is no afterlife this to say! "" Dreaming Liu Qi frail spit out the words, eyes are pernicious, today is his life experienced the most painful time. "It Bushitaiju!" Liu argued snorted and gave up the idea of ​​interrogation, he tried to get up to let him become a bloody universe evolved fertilizer ring when a weak voice sounded behind Liu debate. "I can tell you!" (People subscribe to ten to one, my subscription thirty to one. Ashamed to see people) () <

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