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27.05.2013 10:10
you have a unique beauty antworten

Yang Fan sees her one face Meng ran, then for example: "this behavior, and your mother Wu togeher and do anything different? Probably...... You didn't use it, just a cup of wine? Your dignity, beauty beauty, so all the time, even in my heart, never think you the doings anything hateful, I have a kind of...... Be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour feeling, until I saw the son of God in tears......" "Your Highness, your noble identity, you have a unique beauty, so you favour me, should I be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour? If you and I are upside down can be what kind of? If I am you, you are me, I am young royal nobles,Cheap Oakley Sport, imperial prince, I have the identity, status, I love the have a partner you, I want you to give up your love into together with me, I feel when I'm with you don't care about the name, has been a great pity, I promise toward a R ì marry you, give you my name, you should shed tears of gratitude, right? What is the difference between this and those who take away by force or trickery,oakley sunglasses outlet, women raped dandyism? You last night I see the pan into if not only want to play the belle, but really love her, she should be grateful for, desertion?" Princess Taiping slow tunnel: "that...... It is different......" Yang Fan eyebrows pick, said: "what is the difference? If that woman a married woman, because an identity, status, in smart clothes, looks great and she love your brother son seduce her, she's desertion, willing to do the mistress, the results are Yao into scolded for water x ì ng flowering shameless. Conversely, if this is a man, is an identity status said of a woman or maiden. Tenderness thousands of ladies in favor, he refused to throw his wife and children and fornications, became the heart of stone not to know good from bad?" Princess Taiping dazed, she felt Yang Fan said it seems reasonable, but strange seems no reason. For thousands of years are think that women are inferior to men of the world, even she is superior princess, the bones can not be completely unaffected by this idea, so she never felt anything wrong with myself, so Yang Fan quite a lot of resentment, but now hear the words of Yang Fan, and think that really is a truth. Princess Taiping vacant tunnel: "that...... What should I do. "I hope you can solve Wan son heart this knot. No matter how you my results, I do not want to use coercion to let me bow to you. Like Yang Fan,oakley sunglasses online, believe that is not the man you want into the!" Yang Fan said: "no matter how you my results, I do not want to use coercion to let me bow to you." A great deal, but the Princess Taiping is the mind is very confused., did not pay attention to, she just stammer tunnel: "but...... But how can I to her heart, the oath......" Yang Fandao: "I don't believe that the spirit will go to care about each and any oath. Vow this thing, the magic in the heart!" Princess Taiping silence. Yang Fan looking at her, said nothing. She is a smart girl, and clever into don't need much effort, if she want to understand, these words have been enough. If she wanted to do not understand, so that more can be of no avail. "When dangdang...... , Dong Dong dong... >

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