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and WuHuan Xianbei diplomatic antworten

> In order to avoid the convoy too was thinking about the culprits, Liu argued will drive most of the shy one, "a complex into several storage ring, these storage ring heap is full, no longer fit any things. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM This saves manpower and resources, will also be reduced fleet, avoiding thinking about the culprits this time Liu argued all the family property, but have brought out, in addition to leaving a guard guarding Hills outside Qianlong Liu debate took a total of two thousand phoenix Wei, two Qianlong Wei and the most elite one thousand Tiewei road. harem of all members of the Liu argued all put on, how this burden Rui, Liu Xian Xian Nizi Debate broke the day before departure, you can also team with peers. counterparts generals have Tong Yuan, Zhao Yun, Xu Huang, because the state has to go through the wing, so the Fan Juan also peers on the road, ready to deal Liu debate when they go Youzhou , back to the village Zhao lived for some time, give parents grave, by the way she and Zhao things. watching Gong Juan corner with spring appearance, Liu argued, we know that during this time Zhao Juan Fan has won, but Why would Zhao big win against greed unusual in premarital Juan red pill. Liu argued that it is not able to guess the. "Perhaps through it! "Liu argued think of bad taste, but he knew it was impossible, because Zhao loyalty does not change if the congregation is possessed through the words, Zhao loyalty and favorability would certainly have been changed. Way Liu Yan Fu may argue that not shallow, every day, right at your fingertips so that Liu Feng Wei argued Kaibao. daughters see Liu argued lust, though still the same as before, but it will not be too absurd, also let Liu argued commit a sin ? Liu argued that 16 of this year, logically speaking should also married, but he has not found Luoyang too confusing and daughters married a good time, so the wedding also dragged As for children's issues, although a boy, a girl, when students are in the Liu argued fingertips,Coach Online Outlet, but he do not intend to have children. wait over twenty, the day history will again stabilized, Pat! Liu argued this is a decision they performed a than 20 days before to the often let "Zhao first went really set with greed Juan County Zhao village, while Liu argued his party is to Yuanshi County Xiangfu (Changshan is no prefect gun, only Changshan phase, previously made a mistake.) find drama Zhi-Cai. Zhi Liu debate show only met after the big spit a lot of grievances, nothing to do in this position is very tired, and Liu Xun Yu debate and come to him not to send wine to engage in labor and the like? Liu Zhi was elaborate debate and a lot of drama, this fully aware of the current situation Changshan, after all, he had not received soon have six months Changshan news. Play Zhi-Cai et al Huangpu Song's help. Has Changshan country rests in the hands of those Nobles is even a little more strength to resist at all. Changshan States troops over twenty thousand. All by Malone command, as the thousand or by the Iron Guards Wade guide. Yuanshi lived in for three days, Zhao was beaming back Yuanshi, according to his words reveal between he and greed Juan is engaged, because the Fan Juan won the lottery! Zhao Juan greed sent back on the road, she was vomiting and vomiting, and Zhao worried that she was sick, got back to the village after a doctor diagnosed quickly, to realize that a pound pregnant Fan Juan has little more than a month. Zhao and Fan Juan done only once, and that was a month a half ago. That Zhao drunk, greed Juan went to take care of him, Needing, and Lang affectionate, concubine intentional, they kiss and then quite naturally fell on the bed. Liu debate say it is still a problem, because that day is the drunk Zhao Liu argued himself. Zhao surprise artillery on the Cross, although he has not done ZhongLangJiang of a set, but if you do not at Fanjuan Cheng married, then later on she was ashamed to see people. Therefore, under a Zhao very decisive decision, contrary to his promise. Juan engagement with Fan! Marriage is the end of this mission, located at Zhao village! Zhao learned of the wedding, and everyone is very happy for him, especially ZHAO Yu this unruly little girl is elated because she is about an aunt. Liu argued capitalism do not want to carry the family's reputation, then the wing of the state recently downtown bandit Zhao village is not very security reasons, will be back to the Zhao Zhao village. Liu argued, and the location of the two communities transaction set at Youzhou Fan Yang County, safety is absolutely no problem. Less Zhao a war would not be any difference. Besides, there is a little inferior Zhao Dian Wei, and a lot of children than Zhaoyun Jiang Yuan. There are these two super warrior to follow, even if there is any accident is enough to deal with. Zhao though reluctantly, but this is Liu argued commands can only look back touched Zhao village went. Liu argued that's indeed justified, wing of the state recently did some not at peace, banditry again and again, the whole it also kill kill endless! Will be driven back after Zhao Yun, Liu argued a pedestrian on the supply of some food went,oakley sunglasses cheap, accompanied by one less Zhao, more than one and one thousand iron Wade Guards. The parade alone just to trade, is one of the Xianbei ethnic WuHuan or crippled no problem to! Of course, even crippled them, Liu argued here also casualties half. Changshan distance Youzhou Fan Yang is very near. Coupled with the way the road is flat, although occasionally there are small groups of thieves highway robbery, but are Long Wei, Feng Wei easily solved. Long Wei, Feng Wei had only received training, did not go to war, killed a man, this time with these thieves to experience, is better than this! Such circumstances bon voyage, everyone spent ten days time to the destination, because ventilation and Liu degrees, so the collapse Dayton, who is not directly leave, but ready to go visit with Liu Liu Yu debate. Up to the gate, when Liu argued Fan Yang, who was shut out of the gates. Whether or Dragon Wei iron Guards are well-equipped, "five" ting troops. All Rui Wei compelling, beyond the control of the defenders of the generals is not a small one, "You wait who? Why with army arrives!" One middle-aged generals went to the edge of the wall, looked straight ahead and look headed by Liu argued. "Han Hongnong Wang Liu argued, there are events come to Meet You state animal husbandry and Liu Yu Liu adults!" Liu argued from the ring to go out a yellow bag to hand to the wall blows, which is equipped with his Indian fish can prove his identity. That generals see a yellow shadow to his flying. Suddenly startled, quickly reaching Qudang, but found that officials as representatives of India filled with dignitaries barrier commonly used small bag. "Royal Highness Please wait! Weekend'll go please confirm mok adult Indian look. Liu argued it would know the identity of ten with ** is true, humble tone a lot of regret towards Liu made a debate series, holding the seal barrier Liu debate ran to the city. did not take long,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, and the gates were opened sailed, a face keep clover Hu middle-aged man, wearing a bright red Chinese clothes, behind a few dozen a civil and military, smiling face to greet over. middle-aged man is Liu Yu, Liu poison face, such as crowns, quite gentle place, a city, the people will feel a breath of fresh air. Xiaozhi see Guo uncle! "Liu Yu Liu debate once and had one side of the edge, natural or recognize the three most distinguished statesmen early. "Fair niece do not have much ceremony, you rarely come to my trip here, you can let me entertain you do a good uncle ah!" Liu Yu Liu debate took the hand, and a look of joy. For this superior ability of the younger generation, Liu Yu appreciate, like most people, Liu Yu also believes that Liu argued that the best person to ascend the throne. But Liu Yu do not want to participate in this throne of the dispute. So there is no clear support for Liu argued. Xiao Zhi nagging happen here at some time uncle, uncle can not complain Xiao Zhi is noisy! "Liu argued for Liu Yu is also very good impression, but also determined to draw him. Liu Yu, but the three most distinguished statesmen early, if he helps take care of internal affairs, the day after Liu debate will naturally easily without multiples With Liu Yu Youzhou large concave in this, Liu argued that six thousand people naturally want to enter the city is a breeze, but the next question on the troubled Liu argued, Liu Yu mansion although big enough, but many people do not make six thousand live in. Liu Yu Liu debate saw troubled, and said he barracks, there are many open space, allowing Liu argued troops stationed in this way, Wardens and Long Wei accommodation problem is solved. Feng Wei their residence harder to resolve, and they can not be stationed in the barracks, where there are all kept man. Feng Wei beauty of these prettily live in. Why not Yangruhukou? Liu Yu this is quite helpless, and only suggested Liu argued that these beauties bodyguard to the inn to live. But Liu debate considering he or his subordinates may later be used to come, we think Fan Yang have their own sites better, then asks me for a moment Liu Yu. Coincidentally, Liu Yu mansion next door to a seat attached mansion to sell, Feng Wei who lived enough to buy the mansion nor his acquaintances, if Liu argued buy it, let him come forward, so you can offer a lot. Liu argued heard overjoyed, Liu Yu's prestige in Youzhou high, he came forward, he was tall mansion Liu argued with a very low price to buy down. arrangements daughters and renovated mansion Feng Wei, Liu argued she took alien messenger went to Liu Yu in Fuchu a feast. "fair niece overwhelmed to Youzhou called anything? Could not be ready to settle? Even mansion to buy down. "Banquet Liu Yu Liu debate with Syria for a old Liu Yu suddenly asked. Liu argued heard pointing collapse Dayton and Xianbei three angels said:" I desire and WuHuan Xianbei diplomatic relations. This time is come to deal with them horses! If all goes well, people naturally want to come here every year. There is a place to live is always good! The point of the transaction set at Fan Yang, is to ask uncle to be a witness! So rest assured each other. "Haha, so you can trust me I am naturally very happy! This witness thing to say! Say!" Liu Yu suddenly heard nod, he advocated the policy of appeasement yield interracial, Liu argued if the same aliens transactions, to promote the construction of the development between the Han and the alien is very favorable! At this time Liu Yu Liu argued eyes looked more pleasing to the eye, and he thought Liu argued, and he maintained the same view, if Liu Yu Liu argued that this is just the first step in the planned genocide, I do not know what he would do thoughts? (Recently recommended the pitiful it, subscribe also very bleak. Subscribe stood before we do not say and I believe there are many inadequate conditions, at other sites to see much! Your reading, you be good enough to hit how? Although dragons guaranteed to be the end of this, whatever the outcome, but you give me some motivation, let me codeword to improve the quality and speed are Well! Then talk about subscription problems, hey dragons bit cheeky is not it? But even then shamelessly I have to talk about ah! bed song a month. Results Subscribe mention broken thousands, and even six hundred flowers to say no breakthrough dragons who are ashamed ah! dragons on the shameless one back here, you will like this book greatly Subscribe about it! fattened if you want it, it should now be enough fat? Implying to one million and we have to be butchered? said so much nonsense kind dragons also a back tomorrow, four more outbreaks! everyone would respond to me. ! times are accounted for: Strong, Hang four old: 2 four! everyone smashing votes, subscribe now! respond dragons enthusiasm, after the outbreak of the time you want, but also a little power is not?) () <

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