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27.05.2013 09:47
If the owner have to do so antworten

> "I do not know sir inform, exactly how it was destroyed to Harlingen? I really can not think what people shot so vicious,Air Jordan 11 Sale, but also put your hurt to the point!" Liu argued casual sitting seats will be in the hands of a good warm wine delivery has been hot in the past. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM hesitated, Wang Yue, or the result of warm wine, "grunt" is heard, a drank the wine, "Bang!" bang, Wang Yue will hold wine wooden bowls on the matter on several . Smiling face looked Liu argued, Wang Yue feel really terrible in front of the Prince, although he has been bare smile, but do know Wang Yue, Liu argued such good throws deadly bait fish bait, like now their own. Wang Yue Liu argued pretending to read a calm, softly said: "Compared to this, I am also very curious to know why I'm Highness Harlingen destroyed! According knowledge even more superb master can not see and perceive spiritual roots, I am afraid the more rude, His Highness level up in three streams, but also unable to play this force! "Wang Yue will once again filling the bowls in front of the wine, Liu argued puzzled and asked:" super class? three streams ? specifically how to divide it? "" Your Highness does not know today on the strength of the Warrior division do? "Wang Yue Liu argued looked surprised, he saw Liu argued a fairly good strength, he would know that these common sense of too! Liu argued against Wang Yue smiled apologetically, waving gently said: "I am not good at most of these common sense! Mention the first son had won some rì Lost Souls of the disease, many things are forgotten!" "So So! "Wang Yuehuan Dawu, then the expression on his face teaching Liu argued, explains:" Today on the strength of the Warrior division,Outlet Oakley Flak Jacket, can be divided into mediocre overall, third, second-rate, first-class and finally superb! then after that Posuixukong, it is not I can understand that! "mentioned Posuixukong Wang Yue's face become somewhat bitter, apparently because the reasons for the destruction of spiritual roots, resulting in not sprint the highest level of martial arts it! "Oh? There is such a classification method, really make a big eye-opener ah!" Said Liu debate pretending to be surprised. Wang Yue Liu argued stared for a moment, opening continued: "These strengths detailed classification can be divided into physical, realm, skills like three streams Warrior must fitness, skill level, and have reached a three stream level, can be regarded as three streams Warrior! "" These are the key to winning code? "Liu heard this debate has been exhaustively clear that he is called the body has three streams, as well as the realm of mediocre skills of the people. The thought that Wang Yue would nod, but he decided not shook his head and said: "failure is the key to winning and Battle experience, equipment, weapons, topography, climate, and so forth! Said earlier today but the Warrior, the distinction between the strength of the general approach it. "" This ah! "Liu argued silently nodded his head, thinking to myself:" It seems to get equipment and mounts to get hold of the options, after all, according to Wang Yue's tone seems, weapons, equipment , the horse should be very important to these! "" Master! "Linger voice in the ears Liu debate, this time the tone a bit naughty, appears to be changed again a xìng grid. "What do you want to prompt?" Liu Linger debate have become accustomed to sudden loud, but also used every time he appeared xìng grid will be different. Besides Linger every unexpected appearance, will give yourself some unexpected benefits. In order not to Wang Yuehuai suspect, Liu argued chin, pretending to be thinking about Wang Yue said common sense in general. "Physical fitness level and master basic xìng comparison of the data are as follows: 150 points more than the equivalent 'three streams'; 200 points is equivalent to 'second-rate'; 255 points is equivalent to 'class'; 300 points equivalent of 'super' exceeded 333 points, Posuixukong. generals need to upgrade genus xìng as, physical and force; warlock is to be promoted as a physical and intellectual xìng; constitution which is very important is xìng, than the use of force and wisdom more important, because it is the key to Posuixukong! "Linger said, grinning a laundry list, and regardless of Liu argued hear their have to understand. Fortunately, Liu debate the wisdom of not low, still remember these things, but his mind was more than a few doubts: "Warlock?" See Liu argued puzzled look, naughty doubts Linger chuckled and said: "This the world has a mysterious occupation, Warlock! can cast spells, magic matrix arrangement, but because too many spells injury days, plus destructive too, was distrusted by successive emperors, so this world warlock has gradually fade out of sight! "" There is a problem, I direct all belong xìng tune into 334, then I can not Posuixukong up? "Liu asked the puzzled debate hearts. "If the owner have to do so, then only the body of another and then another!" Linger said, grinning, just listen to her voice, she certainly knew Liu argued in mind Xiaofan days. Liu debate can be whatever they have been ridiculed for their own personal safety or 打破沙锅问到底 good: "Why?" May be seen askew puzzled twas, Linger almost exploded belly laugh: "Ha ha, of course, is because your body can not bear the results explode it! "" shrimp!? "Liu debate completely shocked, have popped up a dialect. "Ha ha!" This naughty xìng grid Linger can argue whether Liu's face, Liu argued in mind guffawing, half the fishes Liu argued, explains: "To Posuixukong to be step by step, Tips For First Posuixukong is not important, only the realm and physical! "Liu argued not wait to react, Linger language artillery attacks come again:" The best is in the physical realm and are super hit peak, again break! Otherwise blew up 99.99 percent probability.. "After saying that, Linger sound disappeared again, so Liu argued complete reaction, however, only in the mind lamented the sentence: "diving king ah! diving king!" "get on it! Highness know why my spiritual roots destroyed?" Wang Yue face serious debate interrupted Liu sigh. Liu argued suddenly awakened, a slight chuckle: "previously really rude!" Liu argued that an apology for their own path of God, after all, it is very rude behavior, and others when talking Events distracted. Wang Yue itself to be very concerned about,Oakley Fast Jacket, after all, he was a quack Ranger, no scholar so much about: "No harm! Highness just have not answered the question more.." "Oh, the reason is very simple!" Liu argued faint smile a laugh that he picked up the wine bowl, gently sip warm wine. "Good acid! Which Han really difficult to drink wine!" Liu argued gently frowned thinking to myself. But Liu debate on this issue without delay a long time, because he saw Wang Yue expect God sè. Liu argued pointing to his deep eyes, Yiziyizi said: "Because! Was! Me! Look! Too! See!" <

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