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27.05.2013 09:46
because at the time of the snitch system antworten

Music Sihui this son was little, because of the small, so it does not form a reverence for the emperor, also has not formed to the untouchables fear. He remembered his father and brother is that the big bad wolf to kill, if he can convince the emperor, so the big bad wolf will be punished, he and his mother and sister, sister will be separated from the Nu book, "from" the body recovery. The question of the emperor, it is prepared in ready to rescue him and his family the officials of the twelve question of the sentence, which he breathed a sigh of relief, he does not need to adjust to changing circumstances. His reply the female emperor, he then replied: "I did not come to!" This word is no, because at the time of the snitch system, including a censor impeach officials system, can be heard playing. As long as you have heard, you can tell, the thing is it right? So, let the government department to apricot, you do not need to provide evidence, which is one of the reasons Wu Zetian was no longer valued copper GUI informer. Your house roof occupied my house space, you set up a stall the car for me where stall...... As long as people have a little privacy, cause personal animosity, will be fabricated charges on a letter, at sixes and sevens,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, shape of s è s è "case" law department yamen spent a lot of manpower and material resources, investment and too disproportionate effect. But his second words is not so good, he put the pubic region of the gas, and said: "Buddha Junchen accused the minister, also there is no evidence!" The face of Wu Zetian s è suddenly sink down, pretend Nu way: "baby, you know deliberately framed minister, should what crime?" Roca boy Koushou loudly: "I heard the report, no credentials, but it is not false, as for the charges, according to your rules, hearsay report, though not real, not punished, so" --, minister without sin!" "Ha ha ha,......" Wu Zetian smiled, turned to Li Zhaode and said: "Roca children, it is a good bile s è." Li Zhaode's beard to say with smile: "a child, what can the bile s è. Presumably, he heard of your mind like the sea, take that Yin, heart somewhat depend on, so I do not know fear." Wu Zetian turned his head, smiling to Roca this surviving son: "well, you say, why do you want to tell to CSL minister framed, those people but has confessed to the crime." The child was very heavily Ke head, said: "Your Majesty don't know, case usually Junchen trial origin, no one dare not guilty? His majesty can think, these years, your majesty to handsome princes to hear cases, one case is composed of his trial of innocence?" Wu Zetian's smile gradually solidified. She suddenly thought of, so far, to the innocent body and out of the magistrate school, it seems that only Yang Fan one, Yang Fan "is because the Princess Taiping make judgment and forgiven, he had also to death. The child again way: "Your Majesty may choose any one keep faithful and true person from the side, including the present prime minister, or his Majesty's most trusted officer to be made, as long as your majesty handed him over to the handsome princes,Air Jordan 2 UK, that you suspect him of treason, within ten days R ì,Air Jordan 12 UK, be certain to CSL minister that he really rebellion!" Shangguan Wan'er and >

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