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27.05.2013 09:43
almost into the Land of antworten

> "General! Respect, not even Don weeks informant, Peace Avenue at most, for the destruction of the world according to some more, it has accelerated the demise of the Han Dynasty, the Yellow Turbans inherently doomed ending!" Liu Debate is not unreasonable to say, nor is baseless. Www, quanBEn, cOM First, the ability to say angle together these Yellow Turban rebellion was okay, but on the far turn to mobilize armies to die. Are fighting each other over the Yellow Turbans, even if the fellow next door counties under attack would not go rescue, which allows the government troops seized the opportunity to break one by one. This is the first flaw, can not be unified mobilization! Secondly, the Yellow Turbans is what people are after closing in, whether it is brigands, ruffians, bandits, criminals, or the elderly, women, children. Although a substantial absorption of staff led to a massive, pre-trails are almost unbeatable and invincible, but also relative to discipline corrupt. With the Yellow Turban army constantly burning and looting, to the later and even ordinary people are left off, resulting in lost popular support. This is the flaw two, the uprising is to rely on the support of the people, the people lost, doomed uprising would fail! Third, under Royal inadequate cronyism. Originally these people are quite capable people, everything is going well, but these people have occupied the identity of lawless angle, so these people using them is also quite troublesome. Like Zhang Liang, Zhang Bao mutual compliments, but the angle was no way to stop, back of the hand palm meat is meat. This is the flaw three, his men are not at liberty to mobilize, and even then talented coach can not win the war! Fourth, Peace Avenue only knew looting, I wonder if the production! While relying on religious uprising angle so that the soldiers fear death, but to play down a place on the destruction of a place, there is no rule of attentive care. Even if the destruction of the Han Dynasty, the world starve to death is not far away from the crowd, even hungry aliens also took the opportunity to play all in, all were either killed or slaves! This is the flaw of four,Coach Handbags Sale, although encroaching looks very fierce, but if no one is engaged in the production, even if the world is to play down the ruins! Liu argued these four major failing eleven are analyzed to explain the inclination to listen, hear angle suddenly realized: "So!" "Well .. it seems that I was so wrong! Instead of the country and people, instead of pushing them to misery ah! "angle voice filled with chagrin and remorse, at this moment he knew he was wrong in how powerful! "Generals do not upset! At least you point this fire, but also gave me an opportunity to bring peace and prosperity!" Liu argued see angle pair of facial expressions, although it is not sure whether he only made, but it still won a preliminary Liu argued trust. "Oh? Appreciate further details." Angle this time is teachable, Liu argued, and he said four deep flaw wake up to fight him. Angle always thought that, if the words of Don weeks without informants, Peace Avenue would not get the current situation. But now, come to the root cause of this situation, it is because he himself making mistakes ah! "In fact, I was frantic, I Fu Huang Liu incompetence, although there are severing of the heart, but he was another one and bring disaster on the world's cancer 'patriarch forces' have a headache with! Nowadays general point of this first fire, lit the princes ambitions, but also a golden opportunity to wipe out patriarch ah! when only ... "Liu argued part of his plan to disclose to the angle know, after all, can not fully trust angle, so on to deal with alien plan did not eleven tells Liu debate, even patriarch's plan to deal with just uttered a small part. "Well! Good! Bowen is indeed favored by the world respected, so I can throw you peace of mind to deal with the mess up!" Angle listening to the debate of the plan Lau also a look of excitement, quickly got up to Liu argued pulled his side to sit down together. "These are just preliminary plan to implement these plans must have absolute power! Otherwise, it is just empty talk.." Liu argued spread his hands helplessly Yaotouhuangnao forward. "This is indeed a problem! I have three thousand under the command of the Yellow Turbans Lux can pay with Bowen guide, they are all my training slain, as long as I have commanded you to go and fight in absolutely swear! There are those believers who surrendered property, estimated value there are about one billion of money, and I give all to Bowen! Bowen I can help only so much... "angle has been called the Liu argued the Biaozi, the implication is told Liu argued, I helped the Liu debate Liu Bowen instead Dahan Hongnong king! Angle, although an expert, after all, still can pull no less than face their own anti-Han caused this situation! Today this mess actually want to pick up the Han Dynasty royalty back their natural feel ashamed, so will play these word games. This statement moves angle, let Liu argued against the fear of much lower angle, even if the strength of another strong angle is also only human! Their identity should be able to see through it as he said, was already concerned about their own! As for what went wrong there Mayuan Yi, Liu argued also vaguely aware of the reason. "Thank you, general love! But I need to ask a general thing!" Liu argued against the angle for editing, then do not take peace to surgery now, when! "What things?" Angle was not surprised, after all, Liu argued adventure to say a few words this is definitely not for the success of PEACE arguments come. "Too.." Liu argued just say a word too much, he was suddenly hit the beat angle hit fly, fell out of the door, rolled several meters stopped down. "Poof!" Liu argued Kuangpen a blood went flying Liu argued before seen angle grim, Liu argued suddenly knew that this old madman actually mad at the crucial moment. Liu argued hearts sad shouting: "flaw five! Being a boss, something nothing crazy, so go and who will fight in with you ah!" But the words are not said so, because he has won the sheets under normal circumstances angle trust. "Bowen! '" Bowen brother! "See Liu argued fell out of the door, has been at the door of Wang Yue and Mayuan Yi are shocked, and quickly ran forward propped Liu argued. "Nothing! Moment like this hurt!" Liu angle shot in the debate, when it has been opened modifier healed injury, fear of slow for a while hung up. Inclination of this beat, but extraordinary, almost into the Land of the Dead will be Liu argued. "How it was!?" Wang Yue, tugging at the collar Mayuan Yi asked. "No Guan Yuan Yi thing, I'm afraid they crazy right angle!" Liu argued Listen Chamber issued a roar, for Mayuan Yi to the rescue. Boom! Liu argued, then just say it,Oakley Fast Jacket Cheap, the roof of the Chamber was a five-meter long three-meter-high rock penetrated, and then uttered a loud explosion, Connaught large Chamber are destroyed less than half went into the ruins. "Good strong destructive power ah!" Liu argued sigh a sigh, angle Zhefan strength is really very scary,Cheap Oakley Sport, actually be able to prompt such a surgery method, be sure to use the modifier back to school! Even when the top generals to eat this trick, but also steal sheep! Not long two looks and angle phase, as some priests hurried over, looked Liu and Wang Yue glances debate, facing Mayuan Yi said: "Yuan Yi, stunned with what to do! Do not come and help!" Two a priest should be the angle of the brothers, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang! An angle similar to the left and a beard, but only a foot long, is estimated brother Zhang. Another one is no beard, his face clean, it is estimated that his brother Zhang Liang. "Tenda! You to help, not hurt, General Chang!" Liu argued against Wang Yue told a bit, although the two may be Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao strength guy looks good, but to say that fall upon Zhang I'm afraid some weaker corner. "Well!" Wang Yue Liu argued against holding the Baoquan, the whole body exudes a fierce momentum, took the lead into the Chamber. (More to send a second, a third and more half an hour after tomorrow two more today, because the mortar for a long time, no how codeword, earlier today, want to rest! Acquired is a three-shift, three shifts of time and this Like a few days!) <

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