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27.05.2013 09:40
when the mind is very confused. antworten

"Cousin,Nike Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, how should I do? I was banished, love, love, ah! The remotest corners of the globe, a wilderness, a to......" Back to the Judge Institute, Xun will cry and shed bitter tears come to always Junchen bitter lawsuit, when the mind is very confused. Handsome princes, even a track: "you don't panic, you have to believe me, if I fail, even if you sent to far, I can take you back! Understand?" "Cousin, that is love, ah, the emperor sent me so far, is clearly......" Lai Junchen said: "love, what? You're just a Shi Yu, the emperor would put your life in the eye? But you need to know, because the emperor doesn't care if you live or die, so, to R ì brothers want to get you back, also easy, the emperor was afraid you'd forget!" Handsome Chenhao a comfort, finally way: "you hurry back, gold and silver jewelry are packed, the long road, love, life is poor, with more and more money is always right. You may rest assured, more than a year, less than half a year, maybe you just love, I'll send someone to pick you back!" He reminded to sub Xun, thought the emperor will, I'm afraid Sima will send someone to escort him to banish, according to the rules, the criminal family to exile, all people, there are a lot of property not disposed of...... ,oakley sunglasses, this want to also sit not to live, but to believe to CSL minister commitment, hurry home to do the housework. Come out of the door Zi Xun forefoot, handsome princes who foot put Suizhong summoned his sign real, y ī n calm face s è to Zi Xun was sent by said again, again way: "the son of man you Xun difference dot. Such a love, Xun, let him have a 'disease'!" Wei Suizhong ate a surprised, lose a track: "Cheng, this matter he has a shoulder, would never......" You know what. Lai Junchen cheek twitching a few, low voice: "do you think, but there is a possible. I would not want to save him? It is not save him, not only to save him, this thing will be the next big trouble. You to arrange the matter. Also, our files are clean, safe to his head. Do some hands, don't reveal flaws!" Wei Suizhong knew this was really a big trouble, I am afraid even to CSL minister is in deep trouble, now can only be forsaken baoshuai, this is to be used to Zi Xun a forsaken to save everyone, now dare not neglect, quickly agreed to a sound, a brisk walk out. Wei Suizhong out sign real, the heart will some regret: "if I had not received the rites, save Yang Fan x ì ng life....... .com never mind,Oakley Monster Dog Online, Zhongcheng hormone by the emperor trusted, material to also can pass. And I take for me to handle the case, on arrival Zi Xun head say, dead friends. Mo dead I ah...... Lai Junchen in the room to ponder a long time, also called waiting in the penthouse boy go to find Wan Guojun. The handsome princes to his cronies of officials, Wan Guojun's fame is not significant, if not because of his handsome princes, a "set" or "cruel pass by," could not mention him, because he is the specific cases have no several pieces. However. The man in the handsome princes to his class to learn is the highest, quite >

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