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27.05.2013 09:33
so just let officials progressive one antworten

The prime minister and the government official has been convicted, tomorrow is the third day before the execution, need to be formally awarded purpose, proclaimed. The rebellion of major dust has been set, the officials involved vacant positions also need to appoint arrangement a, as a matter of fact six of official also relatively easy to handle, unless those vacancies below the rank of officer Wu Zetian had looked at my, so just let officials progressive one, can easily to complete the transfer of power. Wu Zetian's difficult is the prime minister candidate, suddenly vacated by three places, while the prime minister is not casually can be promoted,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, which were the first to Wu Zetian's mind, but also a credible ability, at the same time, to enjoy a high prestige and status, once the worship to suppress scenes otherwise, just like the original Fu entertainment, the isometric s è once transferred to the central, it is only a decoration. Wu Zetian carefully pondering for several days, still can't decide, had to put the matter aside, go back and consider. However, no matter who is promoted to be appointed premier, now Li Zhaode has clearly is one of the oldest, Wu Zetian will add him as calibration history, promote as the first prime minister. In Wu Zetian's mind, in addition to the prime minister candidate is most important, there is an important candidate is division three, she would like to use this opportunity, also an adjustment to the division three. Wu Zetian took the husband woman, mother and son, many world disgruntled people, "the Y ī n plans", "many people inverse Festival", can not prevent more. But, she to the lady for the emperor, it was never seen in past history of wonders. Against the public attitude for or against the world, she wanted to sit in the seat, need more than a male emperor also strong ten times to shock the world. Her deep within the palace,oakley sunglasses cheap, to deter the officials, to control the world, it needs. Her eyes and ears is Xingbu, Yushitai and Dali temple. Dali temple was originally used to check the case, judge's power in the Ministry of justice. When she came to power, but also improve the censorate power. The censorate into second Ministry of penalty, so in the three division, Ministry of penalty and Dali Temple position is especially important. This is her watch,Crossbodys Coach Online, a pair of eyes, a pair of ears to listen to her voice. Now, her eyes and ears are only half the battle. The Xing Department now she looked not too satisfactory. At least give her a less powerful feeling. The original Shang Xing Bu Zhang Chujin originally with is very easy, but Zhou Xing want this job, between Zhang Chujin and Zhou Xing, she chose Zhou xing. Who knows I was rampant in Zhou Xing, Chu wins, and wuchengsi hook clique, she resolutely removed. But this punishment is no heir. Now the Xingbu Shilang Cui Yuanzong, Shang vacancies. A real Cui Yuanzong from the Zhengzhou Qinghe Cui cui. Although the relationship between his family and Qinghe Cui is not so close, but Wu Zetian still some fear, whether Shandong Guanlong aristocratic nobles or. Are always against her queen and always opposed her to do the emperor. However, family force of complicated and difficult to deal with, is not so easy to wipe out. Ministry of justice has now no one available, no Cui yuan heald, more difficult to find a good man to take this important yamen. Dali temple now >

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