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27.05.2013 09:24
my physical condition is very bad antworten

I since the conference and Guangzhou will return this book for two days, to my present physical condition, update or very awesome, so pleased with oneself to get a monthly ticket, recommended! Do not know how to engage in, probably travel a total of seven days, the physical wear and tear is too large, it is a feeling, tired! Think also, for seven days, there are all kinds of social activities and activities during the day, night, drink and chat, and at nine ten points back to the hotel, others can be drunk, to lay on the bed, sleeping. And I no matter drink more sleepy, go tired, when the body needs rest, must hold to the codeword, who let I didn't save draft. Until late at night, the morning after one or two o'clock, code, check,Coach Classic USA, upload, see book review, and then take a shower and sleep, this will be after two thirty, and wonderfully incomparable biological clock, and at six a.m. so I wake up on time, physical strength overdraft too much. The two day, my physical condition is very bad, here will sit, heartbeat shortness of breath, straight sweating, last night I was very sleepy, the midnight suddenly woke up, and began to sleep, toss about for a long time to sleep. Just in this chapter, is the last three hundred or four hundred words, is actually the code does not come out, the brain doesn't turn, I intermediate lie down and rest, do chest, went to the balcony to smoke, use all sorts of methods, that when the brain senses, barely awake, it seems this time j ī ng power consumption it is too big, I this physical, a little bear. Tomorrow morning, I should go to the hospital for a check-up, estimation was fastest at noon to come back, update will be late, to give everyone a sound. However I will like steel, as long as I am in, there will be updated,Jordan 12 Sale, go out in the outside,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, do not stop, and at home. Monthly ticket what recommendation, we support what! For the monthly ticket, recommended!

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